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Alan Strauss
Director, UA Science Mount Lemmon SkyCenter and Sky School ; amateur astronomer and juggler
Director, UA Science Mount Lemmon SkyCenter and Sky School ; amateur astronomer and juggler

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A picture (or several) is worth a thousand words
I just returned from 3 nights attending to my favorite dark-sky astronomy activity...a new moon trip to Portal, AZ hosted by my good friend Jerry.  Accompanied by several other great friends- and most importantly my son, Ian, this trip was just what the doc...

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Venus-Jupiter conjunction
2065.  That is the number running around in my head this morning...or to be clear, the year 2065.  In 2065, should I still be kicking and screaming, I'll be in my 96th year here on the 3rd rock from the Sun...and that is the next time that Earth, Venus, and...

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Perseid Meteor Shower
This week saw the Earth swing through the debris trail left by comet Swift-Tuttle, producing the annual Perseid meteor shower.  Prognosticators and Astronomers alike were suggesting that due to perturbations of the comet by Jupiter, we would be plowing thro...

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Rattle and Hum
We have lived in our house for over a dozen years and in that time have had all manner of wildlife remind us that we are simply squatters.  We have the daily rabbits, ground squirrels, hawks, coyotes...we commonly see and her packrats, owls, bats, and taran...

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Transit of Mercury
Yesterday saw the planet Mercury transit the face of the Sun from our unique perspective here on earth.  Slightly more common than a Venus transit which will not happen again in our lifetimes ( see this post  and this one as well ), Mercury transits the Sun...

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Springtime at the UA Sky School
I have the kind of job where I frequently look around and have to remind myself I am getting paid to do this work.  Serving as Director of the UA Sky School is rewarding every single day...from interacting with an amazing group of staff, to all the students...

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Payette Lake, McCall, Idaho
This week I traveled to McCall, Idaho to spend time visiting with the faculty and staff of the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS).  MOSS is an immersive, residential science school for middle and high school students affiliated with the University of Idah...

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Spring Portal trip attempt 1
As we say, a bad night in Portal is better than a good night most other places.  I just returned from 3 nights camping with friends in Portal- and while we packed along all our telescopes and other observing gear, we only experienced about 2 hours of observ...

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More proof I am not an astrophotographer
I think I need to make a T-shirt that says "I am not an astrophotographer" mostly to poke fun at myself.  I have no desire to devote time to either data acquisition (hours per image) or learning the processing skills to create beautiful images of space (hun...

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A shadow grows in the east
A shout out to Lady Galadriel for the reference in my post title.  Tuesday night I was up at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter (where I am the Director) assisting some folks with a filming project and took the image below at sunset. Watching the shadow of Mount Le...
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