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Tiling window manager for gnome-shell
Tiling window manager for gnome-shell


Shellshape 0.13 is here!

Featuring bug fixes, and (better) compatibility with gnome 3.18. I'm not on 3.18 myself yet, but I've tested it in a VM and it seems to work well enough. Please report specific issues on the github issue tracker if you find them:

Also in terms of ongoing development, I've added this to the readme:


I love shellshape, and I love using it. But to be honest, I hate working in gnome-shell these days. It's poorly documented, breaks occasionally, and generally a pain in the ass to hack on (which I do in my spare time). So my main aim in ongoing development is to make sure shellshape keeps working for new gnome releases, and to fix bugs. I may not run the latest gnome version for a while after it's released, because I'm lazy, and being on the cutting edge is not as exciting as it used to be.

I will probably not implement your feature suggestion unless it's brilliant or simple (or both!). It's nothing personal. That's not to say that shellshape will see no new features - if you want to add a new feature, I'll do what I can to get it merged. Please file an issue with your idea first though, so I can let you know how likely it is to (a) be possible, and (b) get merged.

To reflect this, most issues will be tagged with wishlist - I am not planning to implement them, but I have no issue with others doing so. I'll try to fix non-wishlist issues myself (eventually), especially those tagged "bug". But please feel free to help fix those too, if you can!

Shellshape 0.12 is here! (it should appear on shortly).

*Breaking changes:*

Due to incompatibilities with other (more belligerent) software, shellshape had to abandon a few of its classic keyboard shortcuts. I know it sucks when keyboard shortcuts change, but I don't have much choice when gnome itself starts stealing shortcuts :/

See for details.

Other than that, gnome-shell 3.16 is now supported. That happened in version 0.11, but it looks like I forgot to announce that version.

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Hey there Shellshape fans! I'm planning to change some default keybindings in the next version to avoid clashes with other software.

Please take a look and give feedback, particularly if you know of more clashes or better alternatives to the new shortcuts I've picked:

Shellshape 0.10 is finally up on (after an extended delay), and supports gnome-shell 3.14.

This version was ported to TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript with optional static typing), which uncovered a number of minor bugs and general opportunities for cleanup. But otherwise there aren't many new features.

Shellshape 0.9 is here, with support for gnome-shell 3.12!

Sorry this one took so long - I've been pretty busy, and the gnome-shell review process took nearly a month.

Shellshape 0.8 is out, featuring initial support for multiple monitors!

I don't have multiple monitors myself, so if there are bugs or issues please get involved on github - patches most welcome, as I'm unlikely to notice or be able to fix issues with multi-monitor support myself:

For those eagerly installing the new Fedora 20 beta, shellshape 0.7 is out! The only change is compatibility with the API changes in gnome-shell 3.10.

It should be flowing though shortly (once it passes review).

Shellshape 0.6 is out!

 - Support for gnome 3.8 (keybinding API changes)
 - Localization support, with an initial German translation (thanks to @jonnius).

Get in touch (hopefully with a github pull request) if you'd like to add your favourite (or even least favourite) language:

Shellshape 0.5.3 is out, fixing a bug that prevented some people from customising keyboard shortcuts (which can be done by following the instructions in shellshape's panel in the `gnome-shell-extension-prefs` tool).

Also, some users have created some keyboard shortcut graphics for shellshape:

The 0.5.2 release had no user-visible changes, so it was not announced here.

Shellshape 0.5.1 is out, including:

- Added blacklist to prevent "Conky" windows from being tiled.
- Fixed a number of bugs to do with tracking window movement and sizes.
- Switched the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" layouts. You may need to adjust your keyboard shortcuts if you've set them to anything non-default, as the gsettings keys have swapped as well (if you haven't customised shortcuts, the defaults will still do the right thing)..
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