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The unofficial google pages.
The unofficial google pages.

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I have taken some time this morning to look at what improvments have been made to google+ business pages.
As far as I can see not much has changed, seems you can use your company google account to create a google page now.. Although you do have to set yourself up as a personal individual within it first before you can manage any google+ business pages.
Anyhow moving onto what was once know as "google places" for your business, seems to have changed to google+ local for you business. This was done by google automatically and has no connection with any google+ business pages you may have had to set up in the past under your personal profile.
Im not sure if there is a way of merging your google+ business page with your recently changed google+ local page. This is classed a separate thing.

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Use this link below to visit the official google+ business pages.

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Use google pages to advertise your website and create high quality links just like this one for Oak Furniture

Share you thoughts about google pages on here. Leave a comment good or bad, let others share and also comment on your information. This page is not a Google hype page, it's here just to let others know what you think about google pages in it's early days and the improvments that you think should be made. So come on and leave a comment and see just how popular this page becomes. Don't forget to also add it to your circles.

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Some simple info that may help.

This is not a official google page. It was one just created as an example and to leave comments on.
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