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Good reminder!

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Awesome job +Virgin America !!  It pays to listen to not only what your customers are saying but what your competitors' customers are saying. Just one of the reasons I think +Richard Branson is brilliant!!

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Brilliant ad!

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"Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul."
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Who doesn't want to be a keyboard ninja?

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I find it very disturbing that military dogs used abroad are not guaranteed a safe return to the US when they retire.  They risk their lives and deserve to be brought home, not abandoned in conflict zones!
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"The next time you see someone who is different than you, think about what their day might be like...and think about what part of their day you want to be?"
Well said +Jonathan Novick , well said!  A lesson for us all!

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Breakin' it down...

via +Content Officers 

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5 Preferred Types of Google+ Content ✚

Looking to improve your engagement here on Google+? More specifically, are you looking to increase the number of +1s your posts get? Well, it all starts with the types of content you're sharing.

Here are some quick stats on the 5 most preferred types of content by Google+ users...

Videos receive 28.6% more +1s

Animated GIFs receive 39% more +1s

Quotes receive 16% more +1s

? Questions receive 188% more comments

📷 Images receive 9.4% more +1s


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Good tips for those Facebook posts!

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Good to know...

via +Avtar Ram Singh 
The Differences Between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager

Okay - so I've always had this question asked each time anyone in the agency describes what they do (so everyone now just calls themselves Digital Strategists). But that's besides the point.

I'll admit, when I first started out - I always thought that unless you're an absolutely massive brand that needs someone to do customer service / be responsive 24x7 on social media - you don't need a community manager. For smaller brands, a social media manager can double up and do that task.

However - I've lately seen community managers spilling over into the social media manager's role, without actually being given that title. This for me - falls into the category of the company just getting them to do something "more" without actually paying them for it. :P

Regardless - I think it moreover comes down to the company's interpretation, and eventually - what's in the title? But it's still interesting to see what the industry thinks the "differences" are.

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