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Kennedy Pittman
I've almost read the entire internet!
I've almost read the entire internet!

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What A Responsive Facebook Could Look Like
For some reason it really bugs me when major websites display content in a tiny little margin, while leaving large areas of unused space. Here's the "new" Facebook as of today: But here's the same page with a few html tweaks. With chat: And without chat: Ma...

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Copy is just like Dropbox, starts at 15GB. We both get an EXTRA 5GB if you sign up using my link: 

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So, here is how you control the new #XboxOne 
Animated Photo

I like the new G+ layout so much, I decided to actually post to G+ for once just to say so.

Google+ is NUTS. 2100px cover photo!? Followed by a centered stream of my updates. Home feed is left aligned with 700px of white margin!??!

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Well if I can't be #1 position yet, I guess this will do! We weren't even in top 100 last year. #seo  

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New Blog Post! Spectacle, Alfred, and More of My Favorite (Free) Mac Productivity Apps

I started working on a website last weekend just for fun. It turned into a "real" project though. 

It's part review-site with comments and star ratings for multiple categories, part wiki that designated editors can edit simply by typing right onto the page, part forums, and part social network (everyone can build a profile page, message each other, join groups). 

Also, any site member can add new items through a form, and it automatically creates a new webpage for it. 

It's pretty awesome what you can do with Wordpress and some hacking and plugins.
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