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Creating a custom Firmware for the Parrot ASTEROID
Creating a custom Firmware for the Parrot ASTEROID

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Parrot seems to kill support for the ASTEROID slowly...the forum moderators are not even announcing new software versions anymore. E-Mail notifications don't get sent in time and we're left here with our slowly outdating units.

THIS is what Parrot developers are doing now.

The ASTEROID Smart....a "go cry ASTEROID Classic users here is the next 550€ Car Stereo you have to buy to be happy"

Should existing ASTEROID owners get the new one? I've got a 2DIN slot in my car and would like to fill the whole space with an Android device. But Parrots idea of support and Android (the Smart ships with 2.3) just is nothing I want to deal with for my next device. I want support, documentation and hackability! If this is not given by Parrot I'm going to build my own Android Car Stereo...the Nexus 7 fits in the hole quite nice...;)

ASTEROID support by me will not be dropped in the near future, when not in my car the unit will reside indoors and be used as a home stereo.

Please comment...

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Mockup of my Home Screen Idea. Pressing the center button performs the action displayed in blue ("Open Notifications"). Notifications might be triggered by events on the device or events on your phone (Client Application). What do you think?

Finally found some time to work on Custom ASTEROID again.
Using the custom launcher every day I thought there had to be a better way to do a "Home Screen" for the ASTEROID.
I'd like to share my thoughts and get some feedback:

- Home Screen not animated anymore (we simply don't have the power to do this pleasing fast)

- The Home Screen is divided into cards (I like Google-Now on Jelly Bean)

- A card is full-screen and contains a title, a subtitle, a content area (filled with content like maps. weather symbols, text etc.) and an action (performed when you press the select/center key)

- Third-Party apps will be shown as a card with the icon as their content (ASTEROID specific apps could pack an extra large one for this purpose), the action is starting the application

- Apps can Add a card on their own (by registering themselves with an Android Service) effectively hiding their "App-Card" replacing it with a widget like Card controlled by the App itself

- A "Start" card contains the information shown on Parrots Standby Screen

What do you think? Please comment!

Working on Custom ASTEROID Launcher VC-5.

Current features:
- Hiding Items works for Sources
- Tested 1.6.1 compatibility
- Optional Wallpaper support (Toggle in Menu)

Planned features:
- Better Source handling (Performance increase)

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Released Custom ASTEROID Launcher VC-4.
Fixed the Tuner not appearing issue reported by +Joris Vandalon.

Get it while it's hot:

What do you think of the current Launcher Version (VC-3)? I'd like to get some feedback!

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Don't develop and drive!

New release of the custom launcher. Blacklisted some more unnecessary items and added support for the media listing of SD-Cards, USB and iDevices. (iDevices and USB untested...).

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Released preview downloads of launcher and Cloud Connect UI demo.
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