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The Digital Dollar - Sustainable Strategies for Online Success
The Digital Dollar - Sustainable Strategies for Online Success

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Post has attachment With all the discussions about "Fred" (Google changes), Alex from Concentric wrote this article on 7 Current SEO Trends to Watch. I like the article since it provides some practical advice. It also ties into the Dwell Time article in the Spring Edition of Digital Dollars and Sense and how new measurements are beginning to change our perception of what's important in #SEO. #digitaldollar #digitalmarketing

Post has attachment What do Consumers Think of Online Ads - Likes/Dislikes. I looked at the charts and explanations in this report and found it very interesting that sentiment toward ads is not as bad as people make it out to me. Ads do server a purpose but when companies stray from this purpose/intent both B2B and B2C viewers do not like it. Focus Your Ad Programs #advertising #digitalmarketing

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Post has attachment I liked this short articles from Digital Dollars and Sense since it made the advertising opportunity in #Instagram stories clear for me. Suggest you give it a quick read. Thanks to Cheryl from Concentric. #digitalmarketing #advertising

Post has attachment I became interested in Chatbots after I used a few and realized that for a specialize task (currently) they are quite helpful. This brief article discusses examples of where they are being used and gives some insights into what to consider when building your own. #chatbots #digitalmarketing #business

Post has attachment Conversion Rates & Your Landing Pages. I like the research on this topic since imperial evidence is much better than lost of the "insights" I've seen recently in marketing seminars and blogs on this topic. Where you can use this Research is in reviewing how your landing pages compare in your industry and for formatting/content development of the pages themselves. #digitalmarketing #digitaladvertising #seo #contentmarketing

Post has attachment SERP could be an important part of your marketing Mix. Check your top ranked pages to see if they take Google's engagement measurements into consideration. This short article explains what to look for. It's from the Spring Edition of Digital Dollars and Sense. Don't forget to subscribe. #SEO #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing

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Digital Dollars and Sense Spring 2017 Edition is available.

In this edition the focus is on the “Engaged Customer” and your digital success!

Here's the link

Please enjoy and share freely.

Post has attachment Digital Marketing Loop - Great read for those working with #digitaltransformation and #digitalmarketing

Post has attachment Facebook will be launching more city guides. It's a logical progression to their business and a good use for Social Graph. There also could be targeted opportunities to #advertise for local business, events ... #digitalmarketing
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