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Energise your business through marketing.
Energise your business through marketing.

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+MENTA Suffolk  is running a subsided marketing course on 24th June, in Ipswich for £25.  It's all about writing a marketing strategy and developing a tactical marketing plan for a growing business.  Ideally this is aimed at those beyond the start up phase who have been trading for three years +.  Oh, and our very own Selina Noton is the trainer...! More info here 

Did you know there are email integration tools that will allow you to match contacts in your email database with their corresponding Twitter accounts.  This is a great way to identify already 'warm' leads and build relationships further.  Hopefully, this will turn existing contacts into new customers!

We just want to say congratulations to a couple of clients who have been short-listed or have already won some industry awards recently.  Pace Plc is short-listed in the Best Estate Agent category at the ESTAS.  Midas Production has won two awards at the Suffolk Coastal Business and community awards:  The great and green category and also innovation.  Well deserved!  Congratulations from us all at Business Vitamins.

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Why I love my parents, Gordon Ramsay and Joanna Lumley.  Read our latest blog post here; 

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Yep, we think this is pretty much spot on...

Here's a link to our latest blog post which gives some advice about how to use humour successfully in your marketing campaigns.  We've even included some links to our favourite 80s TV adverts.  When you've got a spare 5 minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy a nostalgic moment! 

Normal service resumes after returning from the annual Business Vitamins holiday to re-charge the batteries.  Full of energy and raring to go!

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3 Underused Social Marketing Tactics That Build Relationships: New Research
By +Patricia Redsicker 

Are you looking for new ways to improve engagement with your audience?

Do you want to know the most effective, yet rarely used social tactics?

In this article we’ll share research findings that reveal three widely underused tactics you can use to build a long-term interested audience.  -Kim

#socialtactics   #socialmediastrategy  

Thank you to #AngliaBusinessMag  for featuring Business Vitamins in the latest issue and mentioning our fixed fee digital marketing packages!  #smileyfaces

We are looking to work with a UK manufacturing company that needs a business development plan, marketing strategy and then a campaign plan written to grow their business.  All of our costs would be covered by a MAS grant, no cost to the company we work with .  Any takers?
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