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View from MD-88 airplane, leaving Tampa. Notice the distinct lack of snow on the ground.
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Universal, the everglades, and Sarasota.

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Colin is fantastic. Can't wait to see him again. 

The Doctor is IN for #CONsoleRoom 2015...and it seems not a moment too soon! The Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, will be joining us! Colin is best known to Doctor Who fans from his time as the Sixth Doctor (1984-1986), though you may also recognize him as Commander Maxil, the role he played in the Fifth Doctor story Arc of Infinity. In addition to Doctor Who, Colin has had a long and varied career in theatre, television, film, and writing and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him to CONsole Room 2015: The Twin Cities Dilemma.

We’re just getting started with our guest list, so head over to our Registration page to pick up your membership now before prices go up next Sunday (16 Nov). And of course, keep up the conversation here on Facebook and on Twitter and Google+ as well.

See you in May!

Is "timeless design" a positive description for a watch?

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A generic commercial ... every inspiring gimmick ever used ... could be any product or company ... hysterical (and somehow sadly, realistically depressing).

Crap!!! I just fried my USB keyboard (and mouse). I guess plugging a 12V transformer into a 5V USB hub was not such a good idea.

Any suggestions on a good WIRED ergonomic keyboard for use with OS/X?

(Oddly enough, the USB hub survived just fine).

Google posts guacamole instruction on Gmail help menu...

avacodo_count = Math.max(person_count, 4)
tomato_count = Math.ceil(avacado_count / 3)
... etcetera

1. Instantiate a large bowl
... etcetera

Check out gmail help for the rest of the instructions.

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#AFAAWalk Nona and the walk ambassadors (Shoshi is on the far right)

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This is a really great explanation of the significance of the recent BICEP2 discovery confirming gravitational waves. If you are interested in cosmology, READ IT!

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Matzi got it the garbage this weekend; this was the result.
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