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Wishing You a Wonderful Weekend from Philadelphia! (

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

We hope you have been enjoying our posts over the past few months and we wanted to thank everyone for your plusses, comments, and shares! Since we have had a bunch of new followers recently, we thought it was time to reintroduce ourselves and our area!

For over four decades, the lawyers at Cohen, Placitella & Roth have brought an unwavering commitment and dedication to the legal representation of individuals and families devastated by injury or death caused by unsafe products, professional malpractice or negligent and reckless misconduct.

LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell® annually reports C/P/R’s peer rating-the highest AV®-—”a testament to professional excellence.” Since the inaugural U.S. News & World Report ‘Best Law Firms’ edition in 2010, C/P/R has been rated by its peers as one of the top tier class action, personal injury and mass tort law firms in the country.

C/P/R represents the families of infants who suffer with cerebral palsy as a result of negligence during delivery, retired workers and their families suffering from #mesothelioma and other diseases caused by their exposure to asbestos, #braininjury victims of every age, and investors or consumers who have been harmed through securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, or consumer fraud. C/P/R are advocates for those injured through no fault of their own and their families.

Our goal here on Google Plus is to educate and inform the Greater Philadelphia Area and the public at large about these topics and the results of C/P/R's cases.

The law firm of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. only provides legal advice after it has entered into an attorney-client relationship, which this social media site specifically does not create. Only after having entered into a written, signed agreement with the law firm of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. will an attorney-client relationship have been created. It is imperative that any action taken be done on the advice of counsel. Because every case is different, the descriptions of awards and cases previously handled are not meant to be a guarantee of success.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers (

Have you been injured by a medical professional? If so, you will need to prove several things for your case.

For example, you will need to show evidence that the doctor/nurses were negligent, and proof that that is in fact what caused your injury.

There are many cases where injury could have been prevented if the medical staff had provided proper care.

At Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., we work hard to provide clients with the representation they deserve to get a successful resolution to their medical malpractice claims. We work closely with medical experts, highly trained doctors and nursing specialists to build a strong case and have the resources to collect good evidence in support of your claim.

Contact us (888) 572-7388) for your consultation.

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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

There are around 12,500 new people each year who experience spinal cord injuries. Some spinal cord injuries are very severe, while others are more minor.

Spinal cord injuries can stem from a variety of causes: car accidents, sports injuries, workplace accidents, and more.

We've been helping spinal cord injury victims for over 40 years get the financial compensation they deserve from whoever is responsible.

On average, victims of spinal cord injuries spend about 11 days in the hospital and another month recovering.

If you've been affected by a spinal cord injury, don't wait to contact us. You can also learn more about our firm and how we handle these cases here:

Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. has over four decades of experience in helping victims recover the compensation they deserve for their unique situation. Contact us (888-973-0072) to learn more.

#spinalcord #injury #lawyer #Philadelphia

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Is There Such a Thing as a Traffic “Accident”? (

Safety advocates are pushing to have the word "accident" removed when talking about car accidents because it leads to a lack of concern in drivers.

According to a New York Times article, the word accident implies an occurrence that is both unavoidable and unforeseeable – something that the at-fault driver could not prevent.

However, many of the causes of car accidents are due to distracted driving, drunk driving, or violating traffic laws, which are things a driver can control.

There are such things as traffic accidents, but they're not as common as you might think.

An example of an accident could be an animal jumping out in front of a car on a poorly-lit road. In order to determine if something is an "accident", an investigation is done.

If you've been injured in a Philadelphia car crash, contact our firm.

Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C. has over four decades of experience in helping car crash victims recover the compensation they need from at-fault drivers. Contact us (888-973-0072) to learn more.

#caraccident #lawyer #Philadelphia

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Your Birth Injury Lawyers (

About 1 of every 9,700 babies is born with a birth injury.

Every family wants a perfect delivery, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Many of the babies born in Philadelphia each year suffer from brain-related injuries, muscle & physical injuries, and infections, and more.

We have over 40 years of experience helping Philadelphia clients get the compensation they deserve after birth injuries.

Here is what one client had to say about our firm:
"The commitment of these lawyers and the firm should be noted as one of the most professional, compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable litigation experts throughout the country. We are grateful to Cohen, Placitella & Roth, specifically Rachel and Chris for their never-ending support of the victims as we battle against the sins of corporate negligence and destruction of human life." -Michael P

If your family has been affected by a birth injury, don't hesitate to contact us (888-973-0072) or visit to learn more. We can work together to build a strong case for your birth injury claim.

#birthinjury #lawyer #Philadelphia

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Connection Between Sports & Brain Injury (

Sports are very common for people of all ages in America, and while they're great for exercise, they can also be dangerous.

A Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, happens when a blunt force hits the head and injures the brain. A common type of TBI is a concussion, and about 22% of people who get a mild concussion don't recover fully.

After receiving multiple concussions, a person can develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which has no cure and can cause memory loss, aggression, etc.

If you've sustained a TBI, you may have a case against coaches, leagues, schools, and more. In many of these situations, the lawsuit may say the defendant isn't liable for the injury itself, but for allowing the player to return too early.

At the law offices of Cohen, Placitella & Roth, P.C., our brain injury attorneys have handled of number of TBI cases successfully, and understand that these case types require skill and knowledge. If you or your loved one has suffered a TBI from a sports injury, let us help you – contact us today (888-973-0072) for your free consultation.

#braininjury #lawyer #Philadelphia

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The death rate amongst newborn heart surgery patients at St. Christopher’s in Philadelphia is nearly triple the national average, and yet no one seems to know why. (

The reasons for the high rate of birth injury and death at Philadelphia's St. Christopher hospital are unclear, and the hospital has been accused of failing to properly investigate the causes of birth injury and death.

Further, the hospital has also refused to admit fault, instead, repeating its goals of consistent and accurate data collection.

We strongly feel that the high rate of childhood death and birth injury at St. Christopher’s hospital, as well as the fact that the hospital has not taken proper steps to fully investigate deaths and make meaningful changes to protect against similar incidents in the future, is unacceptable.

Read More:

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Do you know which common types of personal injuries often result in lawsuits? (

Injury law covers a wide array of sources of personal injury that result from the negligence of others, and they are the most common type of lawsuit filed in the United States each year.

Some of the sources of personal injuries are listed below, and some of them may surprise you.

Medical Malpractice
If a doctor or healthcare provider acts negligently when providing you with care, and an injury results, it constitutes medical malpractice.

Product Liability
Personal injuries can be sustained when a product fails unexpectedly, causing injury, or is designed in such a way that the consumer who purchased the product suffers an injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Personal injuries are very common in accidents involving motorized vehicles, including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, boats, aircraft, buses, trains, subways, and taxis.

Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and fall accidents are common at places of business. For instance, a person may slip on a puddle of water or an icy patch on the property of a business and suffer injuries.

Bicycle Accidents
Bicyclists are often involved in accidents that can result in personal injuries. The most common accidents involving bicycles result from improper maintenance of a bike pathway or instances where the cyclist is hit by a motorized vehicle.

Defective Drugs
Defective drugs are responsible for a number of personal injury cases each year. Improper labeling and undisclosed health risks are two of the main reasons these defective drugs cause harm to those unsuspecting victims they are intended to help.

Have any of these happened to you? The professionals at Cohen, Placitella & Roth, PC provide clients with a free initial consultation at absolutely no charge. Do not hesitate. Contact our team today to discuss your personal injury claim. Our Philadelphia office can be reached at 866-291-7088.

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Questions Raised About Safety and Laws for Uber, Lyft, and Other Rideshare Companies (

You are probably aware of Uber and other ride-share companies that are popping up all over the country; however, you probably aren't clear (as many are not) on issues of liability and insurance in the event that something goes wrong.

The Insurance Questions – Who Is Liable in an Accident?

Perhaps the biggest concern with ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft is the issue of insurance. While both companies provide $1 million in liability coverage for each of their drivers in the event of negligence, the coverage only applies when the driver is transporting a passenger from the pickup point to the drop-off point. As such, three gray areas of potential non-coverage exist:

1) When the driver is using the app, but has not connected with nor picked up a passenger;

2) When the driver is using the app and has connected with a passenger on the app and is en route to pick them up, but the passenger is not yet in the vehicle; and

3) When the passenger is within the driver’s vehicle, but the vehicle is not en route.

Another looming concern is whether or not the drivers, and the vehicles that they drive, are safe. The system fails to adequately investigate drivers’ histories of safety (breaches) behind the wheel or any vehicle defects that may exist.

Read More:

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Hospital-acquired bacterial infections can be extremely dangerous for patients who are already immune and health-compromised. (

These infections become even more worrisome when the type of bacterial infection is one that is antibiotic-resistant, making the outbreak hard to treat and control. Sadly, in recent months several states have reported outbreaks of Burkholderia cepacia in healthcare facilities; the outbreak is being linked to the use of a prefilled syringe.

The state of Pennsylvania alone recently announced that it has identified 20 cases of the bacterial outbreak, according to an article in Amongst the 20 cases, all of the patients affected by the bacterial infection were residents of facilities that used prefilled saline flush syringes. After testing syringes and discovering that they were infected with Burkholderia cepacia, the facilities have ceased using them.

New Jersey has identified at least two cases of the bacteria associated with syringe use.

Read More:

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