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Crystal Wings, Episode 6:
Hello everyone! I might stop posting this here and on my wattpad instead. I just feel it's better. So, whenever I update, I'll post a link here with a weekly drawing or something. I felt this blog will be better with my articles of various stuff, short stor...

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Hide & Seek: A short horror story
Happy Halloween! C:  This is my first horror short story so I hope I did well. Be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts! Age Rating: +13 (because of some sentences here and there) ----------------------------------------------------> My name is Jane Fr...

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A grain of sand: Extra story of 'Under the same sun'
Some stuff to know before you start:  "Talking" 'Thought' "When Leia is talking in her head" "When the little girl in talking with Leia (in her head)" Enjoy! -----------------------------------------------------------> Ice cold winds that drifted from the...

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Crystal Wings, Episode 5: An odd new friend
It was a peaceful morning. Undisturbed were
the birds as they chirped to the beautiful morning that awoke and greeted them.
Mother nature has always been gentle when she’s happy. But even the gentlest of
greetings could never have prepared the birds and sma...

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Crystal Wings: Episode 4 - Friendly Reminder
"English" "Japanese"   "Through the phone" Emphasis -------------------------------------------------------------->   ‘What
does she mean…?’ It lingered, that single thought. My feet walked and carried
the weight of my whole body as my thoughts wandered e...

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Episode 3 of Crystal Wings: Unexpected answers
'Move, Maria, What is wrong with you all of a sudden?' Christine cursed at my stupid self silently as she stood beside me; the human statue who was stuck to her place. I tried to move but every time I tried to, I stopped in my tracks fearing that I would fa...

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Crystal Wings Episode 2: A new life.
Hello Everyone~!! I'm so sorry for the late update but this is because I wanted to post this, UTSS (Under the same sun) and an Easter special on the exact same day. So here is what you wanted, folks! And, Christine's full name is Christine Roussell. Sorry f...

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Crystal Wings Episode 1: A familiar Aura
The first chapter/episode of "Crystal Wings"! claps I hope you all enjoy this! Genres: Drama, Mystery and slight Comedy. Age rating: 13+ --------------------------------------------------------------------> It was a sunny morning. The birds were chirpin...

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Chapter 8: Preparation in process (Part 1)
After an awful long time, here is the 8th chapter! exhales I'm so sorry! I'm now in 9th grade but don't worry, I'm more determined than ever now. And I will update all my novels. So now, See you next week! Hope you guys enjoy~ scurries off -----------...

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