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Software developer, technology enthusiast


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Finally got the Android TB box launcher that I developed up on the Play store!  This was one of my most ambitious projects and I'm really happy with how it's turned out.
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Just finished up a blog post with some details showing how easy it is to develop a plugin for your Android app to integrate your content (or someone elses) with the CodeRed launcher that I've been building this summer.  It's not finished yet, but I'm getting very close and hoping to get some interest drummed up for integrating apps with the filmstrip control.

I'll be presenting this project at the Ottawa Android (@ottawaandroid) developers meeting this Wednesday (July 16th) at the Shopify Lounge at 6:30pm.  I'll demo the launcher on an Android TV Box and talk a bit about how easy it is to integrate your app with the launcher to have your content displayed in the filmstrip.
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Awesome Quinoa, spinach, kale and Avacado salad I made last week.  Slotting this one into the main rotation for a while.
+flax seed
+red wine vinegar
+lemon juice
+fresh ginger
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This morning trucks dumped a pile of sand in the street where i work. Then they setup volleyball nets. Then they cranked up the music. Now theres a full on beach party going on outside my work. #lovemyjob
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I'm selling my 32gig Xoom tablet if anyone is interested.  It's in perfect condition and I'll include the extras I bought for it along the way.

32gig Motorola Xoom Wifi
Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) US Firmware (gets latest updates first)
Executive Folio Case/Stand
Desktop dock/charger

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#io2012 The Nexus 7 might be my next ebook reader.  I've been waiting for a tablet to weigh in as light as possible and the Nexus 7 looks to be pretty close to ideal.  My Kobo weights 221 grams, that's perfect, but as a general device very limited.  My Playbook is too heavy for prolonged reading (in bed) at 425 grams.  The Nexus 7 weighs in at 340 grams.  That's a lot of functionality at a surprisingly light weight.

For reference a Kindle fire weighs 413 grams and a Nook tablet weighs 400 grams.
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Post by +Juhani Lehtimäki 

UEFA recently released an official Euro 2012 app. Unfortunately, they also fell into the cross-platform trap and released the same design for iOS and Android. This app is a bit different from the previous ones. The app seems to be a bit closer to Android than iOS. iOS users have big difficulties navigating in the app (some screens are missing the back button) as it doesn't feel right. Tabs on the app look like Android tabs on iOS.

That is not to say that the app is right on Android either. The app is very unstable, has an iOS top bar, talks about "push notifications" and feels very strange. It does have some good parts like swiping between tabs etc. 

When will companies learn that same design does not work cross-platform! Trying to save time by "reusing" the design is not a good idea. You will just destroy the app user experience on all platforms. Don't do this!

See the iOS and Android screenshots bellow.

Market link
Itunes link

Here are comments from an iOS user about the app:
*the tabs on top feel wrong on iOS

*List views feel totally wrong. Clicking on a list item should open the item by sliding in the next screen to the right. This app open content right below where u clicked. Sure it does work, but it feels wrong on iOS

*No back button, forces user to tap like crazy to figure out how to go back
i noticed now that u can actually swipe to go to another sub-tab, but only in some cases, wtf?! ony for sub-tabs? 

*Apps sems uses different UI patterns in different places. Sometimes they do get the open item in list right, sometimes not, this leads to taht you have to guess all the time what to do next. Something that you dont want an user to feel

*Some sections have buttons that look wrong on iOS, maybe good for a web-app, but this is supposed to be a native app

"this app pisses me off, since it makes me feel stupid. I dont want to learn how to use an app that does so simple things such as listing things. probably the worst app i tried in a while"
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Just finished the 24 hour coding competition. :) Well... afterwards I crashed on the couch for like five hours but still.

Our App is called "Robo DJ", the way it works is you host a party by plugging some good speakers into your device and leave the app running. It accesses your Last.FM playlist to find songs you like and starts playing. As your friends arrive and they join your party the app fetches their playlists too and the next song that gets picked should be something that everyone at the party likes.

Heres a screenshot from my testing. The album art spins around like a record player. The album art of the previous songs shows up underneath. Controls during the party are minimal cause really if you spend the whole party staring at your phone then you're doing something wrong ;)

Technical Stuff
The client side was built using PhoneGap, JQuery, Knockout JS, and the experimental Youtube IFrame player

The server was built using Heroku, Java, Last.Fm's Java API, and Google's Youtube Java API.

Design Time: 3 Hours
Coding Time: 21 Hours

Team: +Nathan Stehr +Alex Marcon +Jake Tober
Also thanks for lots of UX help from +Jane Marusaik :-)
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