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Perdigões Enclosure

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0036 - New paper on the social role of molluscs and shells at Perdigões
New paper
on Perdigões enclosure. This one about the social role of molluscs and mollusc shells
in the site. The main conclusion is that the consumption of molluscs and shells
is mainly an issue of ideology, rather than subsistence, in the context of

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0034 - Collaboration with project of archaeogenetics
Aurich horn from Neolithic pit 48 of Perdigões The project
Perdigões PTDC/EPH-ARQ/0798/2014 – MOBINTER - "Mobility and interaction in
South Portugal Recent Prehistory: the role of aggregation centers” is
collaborating with the project ARCHAIC. The archaeoge...

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0033 - New master thesis on Perdigões
In October
18th, a new master thesis on Perdigões enclosures was presented:  “Exploring
Chalcolithic diet and mobility of humans and animals from Perdigões site”, by Indre
Zalaite. It was
presented at University of Évora, in ARCHMAT program (ERASMUS MUNDUS ...

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0032 - Perdigões and mobility research
enclosures, namely the large ones, are some of the best contexts to developed
research on mobility, for they congregate numerous evidences of interaction and
movement of people, animals and objects. At an
Iberian scale, Perdigões is now one of the m...

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0030 - Perdigões at Wood Conference
In a very profitable collaboration
with Hercules Laboratory of Évora University, several archaeometric projects
are being developed in order to provide answers to the main problems that are
being researched at Perdigões by the Nia team. In the present case ...

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0029 - New collaborations
is still enlarging its range of scientific collaborations. We are now starting
a partnership with the project “Beaker origins: Testing the hypothesis of late
Neolithic dispersals from Iberia using both ancient and contemporary
mitochondrial genome...

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0027 Ehxibition about Perdigões: the posters
For those who cannot visit the exhibition fo Perdigões in Évora here are the poster that go along with the archaeological materials.

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0026 - Perdigões: Conference, Workshop, Exhibition
  A conference
about de global research program of Perdigões, followed by a workshop about that
research and public display strategies and the inauguration of an archaeological
exhibition will be occur in February 11 th in Évora, in the Direcção
Regional de...
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