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Dear google,
wtf? Why can I not purchase a movie in the play store which has both Swedish and English audio? DVD's from 1998, support multiple audio streams, bluerays supports it and now Netflix does. How the hell can it be, that 2016 you still cannot?!?

And furthermore, if you are going to continue to be lacking behind in the technology and only make one audio track available, at least let me have the choice of Swedish or English.

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I can't really see/imagine Donald Drumpf on stage at TED... And if he was invited would he have anything else then..."I have the best words" to say? I so wish he does not become the next president.

Al Gore: The case for optimism on climate change #TED :

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Running ZFSonLinux is usually a joy. However the latest release doesn't work on my production server (Fedora21) zfs- Before you go how the hell can you use F21 as production... It's my server at home.

There seems as if I am not the only one having this problem so I thought I'd share how I fixed it after an upgrade and reboot. Then finding out that none of my KVM's are running due to zfs not being in a functional state.

First: Nothing will happen to your data as long as you don't touch or alter partitions etc. It is still there.

This is what I did:
yum remove libzfs2 libzpool2 libuutil1 libnvpair1 zfs-dkms- spl-dkms- zfs spl

Now you have removed all the previous packages and dependencies.

yum install zfs-dkms- spl-dkms- spl- zfs- (the other dependencies will automatically be added)

Now you have zfs support again. You can just run /sbin/modprobe zfs to get the support you need.
#> zpool import "name of pool"
#> zfs list
You'll now see your pool

If you are running a fedora/centos installation I recommend that you also do this:
yum -y install yum-versionlock
yum versionlock zfs zfs-dkms spl spl-dkms libzfs2 libuutil1 libzpool2 libnvpair1

This will ensure that you don't get into the same situation the next time you do yum update.

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Detta är ju riktigt coolt.

"You Can Take this Little Wind and Solar Powered Home Anywhere" #data #feedly 

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This is for a good cause. I don't use it very often, rarely as a first tier of information. But always enjoy being able to get information. To ensure that it remains free to use and abuse. Donate a small token of appreciation. Have a nice day!

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This is a great way of motivating a change in users behavior.

"“Pavlovian password management” aims to change sloppy habits"

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"The Life-Saving Science Behind Sunscreen"

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Amiga-klassikern Defender of the Crown släpps för Android - Något som är trevligt för lite äldre spelare som växte upp med Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari och konsoler från Sega och Nintendo är att många klassiska spel ges ut för mobila plattformar. Det senaste i raden är strategispelet Defender of the Crown som kom till Amiga år 1986. Defender of the Crown prisades bland annat [] Inlägget Amiga-klassikern Defender of the Crown släpps för Android dök först upp på Swedroid.
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