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what's making me happy :: 164 ::
// 1 // These illustrated gifs of Harry Potter locations are pretty amazing. // 2 // Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of Star Wars s ing the Star Wars melody and IT. IS. EVERYTHING. // 3 // Oh my gosh guys I CAN HAVE A PLAID CAKE? ! // 4 // This faux t...

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Tattoosday :: Succulents
It’s been a good long while since
I’ve done a tattoosday post, but its winter now y’all and you know what that
means….prime tattoo season! (Because there’s nothing worse than getting a
tattoo and immediate goosebumps because it’s 12 degrees…) That being sai...

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whats making me happy # 162
// 1 // You can buy Mulder's poster from the X-Files guys! I can't believe I didn't know this before, but now that I do, I'm so buying it. // 2 // Shelly März has so many great Big Lebowski enamel pins to choose from, but I'm pretty sure this one is my favo...

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my fitness story
I’ve wanted to share my health and wellness story for a
really long time on this blog, but honestly, I have always been pretty scared
to do so. Throughout my teens and twenties, I really struggled with my weight
and overall body image, and have dealt with b...

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Exploring Little Rock
I spent two weekends last month exploring Little Rock,
Arkansas and helping one of my oldest and bestest friends prepare for her
wedding, (and celebrate the wedding itself.) I wanted to share a few little
bits and pieces of my trip because I really found my...

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whats making me happy #161 etsy love
As I've been seeking out the final finishing touches for my new place, I've become even more obsessed with scouring Etsy for unique handmade pieces to include in my decor. So instead of doing a regular wmmh post this week, I decided to show y'all some of my...

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whats making me happy #160
// 1 // There aren't many things that I love more than a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup... except for a recipe for a  GIANT peanut butter cup ! // 2 // I picked up the new Apartment Therapy book Complete + Happy Home and have been referencing it SO much as I deco...

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fall to-do's
Driving down my new street today, I saw the first beginning blushes of red on the trees and got SO excited. I think that we all have a season that just kind of suits us and fall is 100% mine. I love everything about it. (Except PSL's. I think the obsession ...

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What's Making Me Happy #159
// 1 // Margaret Cho is one of my all time favorites. So you should read her advice . Especially this one. " If you’re going to block equality…then you shouldn’t get to have equality, with your ears!" // 2 // I am wishing so hard for this golden cactus tuni...

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IKEA faves
My entire life, I’ve been cursed to not live near a city that had the ultimate Swedish big box store nearby. That’s right y’all, I’m talking IKEA. I’ve always felt cheated, not knowing the joy of hard to pronounce furniture, home décor, and meatballs. So yo...
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