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Kay Rush
Half Japanese, half American woman, living between Chamonix, France, and Rishikesh, India
Half Japanese, half American woman, living between Chamonix, France, and Rishikesh, India

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A Fleeting (aren't they all?) Thought on Consciousness
If we use a metaphor to describe consciousness, can we not say that it is the light whose rays when reflected upon the processes of the mind 'bring them to life'? In the same way, literally and not metaphorically, the reflection of the sun's rays on all obj...

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Detachment and Non-Attachment are not the same
Detachment is non non-attachment. I have noticed that the word ‘detachment’ is often used when referring to vairagya. Personally, I feel that it is not the right translation, in fact, I feel it is the exact opposite of what vairagya means. Detachment gives ...

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2016 New Year Thoughts
Some new year thoughts. It has become very clear to me from my yoga asana practice that what my body could do yesterday, it will not be able to do tomorrow. And that is fine with me. There comes a time when one has to realise the difference between maintain...

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Why Was I Born in the Place in Which I Was Born?
Why was I born where I was born? I have been looking at, and not judging, the Karmic influence on people of countries where religion molds their every thought and emotion in contrast to countries where this depth of history is not present. It has nothing to...

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Sri Adi Shankaracharya Sadācārānusandhānam Verses 31
It is a beautiful, rainy day here in Chamonix. Rain puts me in an introspective mood (more than the usual reflective mood in which I seem to be abiding lately.) This Adi Shankara​ verse of the day is quite appropriate. Thanks again to Vidyabhaskar(aka Rents...

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Hastamalakiyam - Sri Shankaracharya
Shankarcharya’s lesser known verses. An incredible Sanskrit scholar from Switzerland, Rentsch Bhaskar (Vidyabhaskarji), whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, thanks to Siddharthaji has been translating some of Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s lesser k...

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Eka Shloka Shankaracharya - Omkarananda Ashram Switerzerland
As suggested to me by my vedanta teacher, Siddharthaji, a couple weeks ago I went with a friend of mine to visit the Omkarananda Ashram in Winterthur, Switzerland. It is a beautiful place with some of the most amazing statues I have ever seen. Such a perfec...

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Mahabharata and me, 2
Mahabharata (and me, two) This is one of my favourites stories. In the great Indian epic the Mahabharata, of the five Pandav brother, Yudhishthir, is the embodiment of all good qualities. One day while living in exile in the forest, Yudhisthir finds that wh...

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Expect the Unexpected 2
Eliminating expectations: As is everything in this Path we have chosen, it is difficult and simple at the same time. It has nothing to do with 'reaching a certain level of understanding' although at times, the metaphor of climbing to the top of a mountain d...

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Expect the Unexpected
Expectation inevitably leads to disappointment. Better not to expect anything but to take what arrives with an open heart and gratitude. And if you must expect something, expect the unexpected. Hari Om.
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