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Gan, mohon bantuannya dong. HH ane MITO Impact, tiba-tiba kok gak bisa berfungsi touch screennya ya? Jadi tadi pulang kuliah tiba-tiba gak bisa dipake lagi.

Udah ane restart, copot baterai, diemin berapa jam, gak bisa juga gan.

Kondisi masih baik-baik aja, gak kebentur atau jatuh atau apapun, tapi ya itu, tiba-tiba gak berfungsi.

mohon bantuannya gan, thanks. 

Gan, pengguna Infinix Hot 2 nih. Mau nanya kenapa ya Internal Storage ane didetectnya sebagai SD Card sementara SD card nya sebagai Internal Storage? Ane sempet curiga soalnya ane nyimpen backup Nova Launcher di SD Card, tapi Nova launcher detect nya tuh sebagai Internal, dan pas ganti wallpaper juga yang di file explorernya pas show SD card bukannya SD cardnya yang keluar malah Internalnya. Mohon bantuannya gan, Thanks. 

Could you implement "album artist" support in the future? Thanks!

Kyle, if you still remember the bug on my xiaomi redmi 2, I have tried it on another phone and I guess I know the real cause (yeah, even the custom ROM method still encounters this bug).

I don't know why, the cut at the beginning of the song is still there with the custom ROM, both on my redmi 2 and another phone (this phone uses Google official ROM though, it's an android one phone). But, with custom ROM and Google ROM, the cut is just too little to notice, but still there, while with MIUI ROM, the cut was almost a second and noticeable.

So, I tried to check sound setting, and something weird going on there.

If I chose to enable "Touch Sound", the bug would not appear unless I chose to turn down the ringtone volume (not muting it, but moving the slider all the way to zero). And If I chose to disable "Touch Sound", no matter how big or small my ringtone volume, the bug will appear again.

And almost forgot, the bug happened if I played a song from speaker > paused it > rewind it to the beginning > and play it again but with headset.

It also happened to any other media that uses speaker. in my case, I played a YouTube video from speaker, and then came back to Gone Mad to start a song but with headset on, and that bug appeared again.

I was still unsure if it that only happened with GoneMad. So I tried Google Play Music and some other players. They didn't exhibit the same bug.

If I remember and am not mistaken, the bug wasn't there in earlier version (But I guess I need to check again, trying to find the apk on my old backup archive). So, perhaps you could give me some... insight on what really happened?

Thanks, Kyle! 

Will you implement "Album Artist" support in the future? Thanks!

Kyle, want to ask something. I've been wondering about where GMMP actually puts the setting backup. And because of Lollipop limitation, I want to transfer that file to my SD Card with a file manager, but I don't even know where it is on my Internal Storage. Perhaps you could guide me and tell me where it is?

Thanks, Kyle! 

I have a question regarding a bug.

Well, I don't know if it's my SD Card, or my Xiaomi Redmi 2, or the app itself, but every time I choose a song, it will skip for a few milliseconds in the beginning. So, it won't start right from zero second.

Maybe you can tell me what is really going on and who's the culprit in this case :D

Thanks, Kyle. 

Gan, mau nanya nih ane tentang Infinix Hot 2. Kalo buat dengerin musik pake IEM yang sensitive banget (ane pake ATH IM70, cuman 10 ohm impedancenya), kira-kira bakalan hissing gak ya?

Ane rencana beli dan ane jadikan DAP aja (karena bisa baterai 3000 mah). Tapi, takutnya tidak sejernih Android One generasi pertama (yang ajaibnya gak ada hissing sama sekali!). Mohon reviewnya gan, thanks. 

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