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miniature painting wiki wargaming minipainting model

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Fancy Winning a Mega Paint Set from Army Painter? Simply share or like this status or our Facebook page. We will pick a winner at random to receive the set. the more pages you share and like the more chance you have of winning! All our social media pages are eligible.
Our pages include Wamp, Portal Magazine, Mini Painting Wiki and The Wampstore

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The new look Portal is here!

We have had a complete re-design and we have some new features for you.

Issue 30 features:

Guide To Contrast Tutorial
Kabuki,Reaper and Studio 38 Reviews
The Wamp Awards 2012 Results
Army Painter give-away
Studio McVey Contest Details
Red Box Games winners
News,new releases,and gallery
Mini Radar and Socialise
Romance inspired minis
Random Musings
Interview with Alex Huntley from Warploque Miniatures

As always Portal is COMPLETELY FREE to download for everyone

Download your free copy here:


We have now set up the Wiki so it tweets new content to Wamp's Twitter account, making it even easier to access the wiki content.
You can follow us @wampforum

Have a great idea for an article bouncing around in your head? Wish there was somewhere to read an unbiased, fact based article on a game system or company? Look no further! Submit your ideas and suggestions to We'll do the work for you!

If you dont want to edit the wiki direct you can email content to us at Any content is welcomed on any subject related to miniatures

Welcome to Minipainting Wiki's new Google+ page. Please help spread the word and enable us to build the wiki. We also have a facebook page too @
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