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I'm glad they finally did this. There will be an AllCast update soon.
Chromecast is now open to developers

Starting today, the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for developers who want to build Chromecast support into their apps and websites. 

For the non-developers, that means even more of your favorite movies, TV shows and music will become available on Chromecast over time. Just be on the lookout for the cast button in your favorite apps and websites, and stay up to date about apps that work with Chromecast at
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I'd been biting my tongue for a while :) Looking forward to it. Should be a very simple implementation for you since you're already using Mediarouter API.
I did expect this reshare from you... ;) congrats! 
Will you be able to cast the entire screen with this?
+Koushik Dutta Do you plan on adding support for casting local media from a pc as well?
Yes, I can do mirroring and casting local media from PC, etc. Mirroring will require root until I implement the Helium style tethered privilege escalation into Mirror.
Finally I've been waiting a long time for this to happen! 
Rich S
Damn, man.  All the tech nerds are tagging you in their posts.

I own a couple chromecasts already, mainly for youtube on the big screen.  This should result in a blast of new capabilities.
I thought they promised to do this, like, 2 months ago, no?
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Bring on the awesomeness!!!!
+Koushik Dutta Can you please, please, please do a write-up for the rest of us on the capabilities (with and without root) and answer some popular scenarios possibilities that people have been waiting for, for e.g.:

1. Does it support ANY mobile app or website to use the TV as a second screen to send, say game maps to the TV or stats?
2. Can we send local media without root from mobile and laptop? What about, say a shared drive (NAS, cloud) through the mobile?
Click to Buy....clicked.
This should have been the case from the beginning.
REALLY looking forward to finally get more usage from my Chromecast. It has been cool but there is so much more that will be able to be done with it now
Get Crackin Koush! was waiting to purchase premium for this alone.

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Will that allow media streaming from a network server? That would be huge to add. Thanks.
+Randy Dyck PLEX. But they better get their act together now that the playing field is open!
Google should of released the SDK before they released chromecast.
+Andrew Jacobs plex doesnt help with a terastation. It doesnt have an operating system but the file directory can be seen from any network explorer.
The very first thing came cross my mind after hearing this news was checking here to see if you are going to update the all cast soon :P .
Thank you.
So any chance on a celebration discount? :-D I'll be picking it up regardless but it would be nice. 
+Randy Dyck buffalo Nas actually do have an operating system ;) I use mine to host a voip server as well as a media streaming server 
Fantastic! I haven't had much use of the AllCast app, aside from using it with Apple TV's at friends' places and so on. I can't wait to attempt hooking this up to my Chromecast!
Señor +Koushik Dutta tengo una pregunta para usted, es posible con allcast reproducir un contenido externo? Algo así como la reproducción de contenido web que tiene VLC.
Ósea poder reproducir el Link de un video alojado en una página web y así poder retransmitir en video desde allcast a mi televisor...

Mucha gracia.
Seems like the best improvement to all cast after this would be to define the directory you want it to scan for media, thus avoiding tons of junk media all over the 2cents
I haven't touched Chromecast since Miracast on the PTV3000 started working so well.
+Steven Caravella Me too. It would be great to stream from NAS and use the phone as remote. And also streaming from a share PC drive to chromecast for those without NAS
From what I read, this requires Google Play Services 4.2 to be fully rolled out which could take a few days.  After that, they'll add it do the SDK manager for download.
I wonder what impact this'll have. Does this mean any developer can easily implement Chromecast support and make it work or does Google need to act like Apple and say "not this, not this, not this, maybe this, not this, not this..." when sloooowly whitelisting apps?
Once +Koushik Dutta gets this working, does anyone know if there's a way to cast content with AllCast through another app (i.e. Slingplayer)? I'm trying to cast my Slingbox feed to my TV via my Chromecast. Suggestions anyone??
WOOT! pops the wine Chromecast code for everybody!
I want my Nexus 5 Cast Screen to work with Chromecast
Yay, going to purchase one now :)
Dude you posted that version with the chromecast commented out so I expect prompt results. ;)
So how's that going to work? I just read that https is required, but a local server can't possibly have a valid ssl cert...
+Jeff Simpson from what I read only the receiver needs to be hosted via HTTPS and in most cases you can just use the one hosted by Google. If you want to customise it with CSS the CSS files must be hosted on a HTTPS server - OR - Google Drive..... The actual streaming content can be served over standard HTTP
+Jakob Gwosdz ur right it does. But not like you can install plex on it. I stream media to a WD TV live box and a WiFi TV. But really looking at an app that allows from android to chromecast because would like to get rid of wires and boxes
+Koushik Dutta A pioneer in the AOSP World... and still the Leader!

Taking a line from Eric B and Rakim.. Follow the Leader
I will gladly buy premium once the update hits. Own two chromecast. =]
Bought it just to support him. Anything extra is called a bonus
My Chromecast is showing up as a playback device now, but it doesn't look like the functionality is there yet. My body is ready. 
Wow, that was easy! I downloaded the JavaScript video cast sample, changed a url, and I was casting video to my Chromecast just like that.
Chromecast for xbmc would be sweet. Would this be difficult? 
Well enjoy your $5.  Can't wait for the update :o
Awesome.  looking forward to it. +Koushik Dutta   does this mean you'll also make the 'cast screen' option in cyanogenmod 11 (android 4.4.2) pick up our chromecast as a device?
hopefully we'll be able to fully mirror android into our chromecast.... 
Am doing backflips in my mind.(to fat for the real thing)
Does Allcast work with any streaming apps like the Showtime app or Starz? 
Not regretting for purchasing chromecast...
Now if I had play services updated so I could use it
Couple of questions +Koushik Dutta 
1)can i send my local videos which are in Nexus 7 to my chromecast?
2)can screen mirroring happen without root access?
+Koushik Dutta Hi Koush, After I tried Allcast on my chromecast. My chromecast cannot be found be other apps any more, even youtube. But allcast can still find it. Maybe the signal got jammed by allcast somehow. Any idea how to fix it? Thx.
+Yin Wang did you try force closing allcast, or rebooting your phone?
+Tim Thomas I cannot even cast from my laptop. It's not the phone. It is something with chromecast end. 
Interesting. Is your chromecast rooted?
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