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Mirror Android to Chromecast

Everyone keeps asking about this, and I thought I'd get to it sooner, but I just haven't had the time.

So, I updated the Mirror beta on the play store to include the Chrome and Chromecast mirroring. (v1.0.0.8, will take a bit to roll out)

Chromecast support is super beta. Only works on Nexus 5. This is because Nexus 5 is the only phone on the market that has a hardware vp8 encoder.

At some point I'll get Mirror wrapped up for a proper Play store release. Got a bunch of other stuff I need to fix first.

This requires root.
Mirror for Android (beta)

Screencast your Android!

Mirror lets you:
 * Create a video recording of your Android
 * Mirror your Android screen to Chromecast (Nexus 5 only)
 * Mirror your Android Screen to Chrome (Nexus 5 only)
 * Mirror your Android screen to an Apple TV

To try Mirror beta, you need to do the following:

Root your Android 4.4.2 phone (not necessary in the future).

Join the ClockworkMod community:

Join the beta:

Then download from Google Play: