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Mirror Android to Chromecast

Everyone keeps asking about this, and I thought I'd get to it sooner, but I just haven't had the time.

So, I updated the Mirror beta on the play store to include the Chrome and Chromecast mirroring. (v1.0.0.8, will take a bit to roll out)

Chromecast support is super beta. Only works on Nexus 5. This is because Nexus 5 is the only phone on the market that has a hardware vp8 encoder.

At some point I'll get Mirror wrapped up for a proper Play store release. Got a bunch of other stuff I need to fix first.

This requires root.
Mirror for Android (beta)

Screencast your Android!

Mirror lets you:
 * Create a video recording of your Android
 * Mirror your Android screen to Chromecast (Nexus 5 only)
 * Mirror your Android Screen to Chrome (Nexus 5 only)
 * Mirror your Android screen to an Apple TV

To try Mirror beta, you need to do the following:

Root your Android 4.4.2 phone (not necessary in the future).

Join the ClockworkMod community:

Join the beta:

Then download from Google Play:
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That's what a nexus is!!!!! Nexus 5👌👍
Will this always require root or just for now?
Mirror could not be downloaded due to an error(940)
Awesome, I'm trying this out tonight on my Nexus 5! 
Missed the part about only working with Nexus 5. Damn. What about G2?
Can't wait for updates. Moto x needs some love
Thanks for the update. Is sound working yet while mirroring to AppleTV? (Nexus 7 4.4.2 Root Stock ROM - happy to load CM if it works in that?)
Is there significant lag? I remember evaluating wifi direct at my old company when it was just coming out and was pretty shocked. 
I both love this and hate it at the same time . It's because I'm not rooted . And I dont want to wipe the phone just to try it out. I have it setup the way I want it. :-( 
N5 here. Left chromecast on for about 15 mins, no dice seeing it in the listed devices. 
Having some issues with the crome mirroring: When trying to connect, chrome complains about:"Duplicate headers received from server"
So I clicked the links but nothing is working... I have a rooted Nexus 5 and I'm ready to test this 😃
Erik Dv
Me too. Links don't won't for me either. Please don't tell me it's not available for my country :(
For a beta it's very impressive with huge potential. Latency isn't a problem using my chromecast, the biggest drawback is the picture quality, it's a bit choppy and pixilated at times but looking forward to future updates. 
It's possible make this app compatible for the D802?
Works great but will there be any way to add audio streaming and audio only mode?
I can't seem to Join the beta, the page won't load. Is this US restricted?
+Jose Quiroz Did you join the ClockworkMod community first? It's a requirement to join the beta
It's sluggish using with my Apple TV 2nd gen, and quite a bit of latency. Chromecast works, but it keeps freezing up.
I was hopeful it would work on my xbox one, but sadly, it does not recognize it. Maybe a future update...either way, pretty cool. Did work well though with the chromecast. Only comments are similar to those of others...screen quality, and a bit of latency. Thanks for the hard work!
Love it! This is awesome!!!!!
If you use the necuw root makes it totally easy...and has a backup utility built in. Takes 2 minutes. 
I love it.  Like others, picture quality isnt top notch, but this is still an awesome app and a huge step forward. Thank you dev!
To get Apple tv to show up as a device, I have to first choose mirror to computer then disconnect. After that Apple tv shows up as an available device
+Koushik Dutta just for kicks installed on nexus10 to see what happens.

The mirror app opens Cast Screen and I see a new option {chromecastname}: Mirror Chromecast via Mirror (click this one)". Did you expect all of this?

Clicking the mirror option, actually takes control of the chromecast it seems, but does not display anything (this was expected) on tv. I can see haptic touch enabled when I chose this option.

Fyi only.

Wasnt expectecting it work on n10 anyways. 
A little rough around the edged but REALLY cool. I can't wait for future refinements.
Can anyone tell me how to mirror Android to "chrome"? 
Will it ever be able to work on older devices?
Where is the apk, the market link doesnt work
getting a url not found error on both the signup and app store.
Figured it out. First become a member of the community then join beta then download. In that order as is listed.
Great job. have been waiting for this. wow great job. Justin TV with it crashes my phone. With in a few minutes if that. But normal play is working fine.
Do I need to be on the stock kernel? I am currently using Franco kernel r33 and my device reboots when I try and chromecast.
Never mind, after joining community and beta and still getting the error I closed everything and tried again now link working properly. 😂
How do you uninstall it after it's been installed on the system partition?
Come on ! all cast is not working properly for choremecast and this?
+Koushik Dutta This. Is. Awesome.  The mirroring to my PC browser is excellent, not  much latency at all.

Is there any way other playback devices could connect directly to the stream url?  
VLC, +XBMC  etc?  
it seems to lock up my chromecast after disconnecting from mirroring. anyone else running into this problem?
Ahh, I see. The community has the same name as the one for AllCast, but it's a different one I needed to join.
Since the update, mirror no longer See's my aTV even after reinstalling & reboot. While All cast can detect it instantaneously - so something's changed.
For some reason reboots the phone every time I start the app up. On nexus 5 rooted, stock ROM, with Franco kernal.
+Koushik Dutta I didn't bother reading either. But it works on my lg g2 (vzw). Latency was worse than what was depicted in your video but no other problems. and it really wasnt that bad. should say I was mirroring to my ATV on Wi-Fi. Cm 11 1/31 nightly, xposed framework, stock kernel.
Nexus 5, stock, xposed framework, franco kernel. reboot when i press stop. and still showing touches after reboot.
+Koushik Dutta is the chromecast lag because of Wifi latency? Apple TV has Ethernet port i think? By the way: nice work once again!!
Awesome work, +Koushik Dutta, just tested this on my n5 running pa4.1beta, with bricked kernel. On first start, it caused a reboot, after that, it's working much better than I expected. Played a bit of pac man championship edition, latency was low enough to survive the first 2 minutes, as the game sped up, I had to look at the phone to not die so easily. Audio started getting out of sync about a minute in, about 3 secs late by the 3 minute mark on the game. Also tried cyclone 2000 (tempest 2000 clone), much lower latency on this one, can see myself playing comfortably for quite a while. For this being the first chromecast ready release, I'm really impressed. Congrats!
+John Doe im same setup besides I'm running stock kernel. can't it it to see either of my chromecasts
+Martin Berlanga  If u google "Mirror Clockworkmod" It should come up with the Google+ community to join. Links were failing on me as well on the desktop
+Koushik Dutta  the speed is incredible, but could it be faster? Do you see any ways?
Does it need router?
Thank you - it works! But the quality is not very good. 
Can't join the beta because the link won't work for me.
Is it because I am not from the US?

EDIT: nvm, I waited a few minutes and tried again, then it worked.
im getting frustrated with it. it won't see any of my chromecasts. the play store says it is installed on my device from the web but i uninstalled it with titanium 
Hey great job with this app! Using nexus 5, I can tell you that this works with stock kernel but not Franco kernel. I've tried both and Franco keeps rebooting when connecting.
Ugh, can't wait for vanilla phones first taste of this! 
mirror is crashing after a playstore update...
It's pretty choppy on my TV. It's just a start, though, and I'm excited about this potential! 
Working great on a N5 with CM11. But I have scrollbars on the right and bottom, is that expected?
I've a rooted 4.11 Device. But the Playstore dont allow me to install it.
Is it possible to get the apk direktly?
Ah ok. just  Nexus 5 :(
Thanks for your constant work, Koushik ;) I really hope I'll be able to mirror my Nvidia Shield to Chromecast in the future, it would be crazy :)
Another no go with Franco kernel. No crashes on stock kernel. edit: thanks! This is cool!
+Koushik Dutta Do you need the hardware vp8 encoder in order running Mirror properly? How are the chances of mirroring my N4 on a chromecast? 
Thanks buddy, can't wait to get home and test 
Works really good for a beta!

The one thing I really love is viewing a #photosphere
It looks so good on a big screen.
For me trying to mirror to Chromecast switches on black screen on tv and reeboots the Nexus 5. 
Fresh load of CM11 & installed mirror & Apple TV is still not showing up (was working fine in old version) Allcast shows aTV fine. So something has definitely changed in this build. Can anyone else conform if airplay mirror is still working for them? Thanks Rob.
4.4.2 Nexus 5 with latest Franko Kernel can mirror to Chromecast but the TV is showing scroll bars on the right and bottom edge. The video being mirrored on TV is also compressed very heavily with noticeable artifacts. Tried playing some music app and the sound is expectedly horrible. It did stop mirroring by itself a couple times. Looking forward for more polished beta versions!
I don't seem to be able to download it in the UK?
Can't download ? :( Aus here. Not sure if that would make a difference
+Richard Major I've downloaded it in the UK. Give it a few minutes to sync with your account. I had to wait about 10mins to be able to. 
V1.0.0.9 is out & airplay is back for me. Its still sluggish & no sound. I wonder if this will get HLS support like all cast?
Yea I can't access it through the links :-( 
I Wish that it works for nexus 4 too :)
Any work around for non-rooted devices? 
Maybe it's just me, but I fail to see the point of mirroring my phone to my TV.
+Koushik Dutta Resolution is poor on chromecast, but I have less latency using it rather than using web browser or Apple tv
+Gareth Headland 
Thats exactly what i was thinking, in what sceneario is this useful? Why would I mirror my phone to TV?
+Gareth Headland +Rainer Baun Mirroring any device to AirPlay (Apple TV, AirServer, Reflector) is HUGE in education. Being able to do so WITHOUT root is critical. If +Koushik Dutta gets Mirror working without root, with support beyond the Nexus devices, educators and schools will be all over it. Why mirror? Well, a teacher can use any tool untethered from the front of the class. Some things can be done without mirror (just use AllCast for local videos, pictures, and music), but if the teacher wants to demo an app to students in the class, you have to have mirroring.
It would be useful to mirror your spreadsheet when you are visiting customers talking digits in business. 
+Kyle Tuck +Roy Morris  I can see there are some scenarios where it is really useful, but it seems the whole android community is driving crazy about it, i dont think they are all in education ;-) For me as private person i just cant see the real benefit...
Great job on this App, Koushik.  Set up was very easy and mirror seems to work well  I tested mirroring my Vulkano Flow app through the Mirror App. Mirroring worked fine; however there appeared to be some additional pixilation/artificating such that the quality of the video mirrored was less than what I was viewing on my Nexus 5.  Overall, a great app, though. 
+Koushik Dutta I have nexus 4.By your statement n4 has no vp8 encoder...
But when Google released android 4.3 jelly bean..its states that..
" — A modular DRM framework enables media application developers to more easily integrate DRM into their own streaming protocols such as MPEG DASH. Apps can also access a built-in VP8 encoder from framework or native APIs for high-quality video capture"

Is there any hope for users of n4?

+Raziel Ruelas Same setup and same result here. Eventually I got it working though. Don't know why, just kept trying.
What's with the scroll bars on the Chromecast?

Crashes phone when pressing Stop.

How do you undo the changes made to the /system partition?
Do you think that the LG G2 would work? It's incredibly similar to the N5
The links not work, please shared the apk

First you join the clockworknod comunity

There's a lot of questions in this thread for just one developer. Maybe we should let him work instead of asking for so much. Especially my device requests.
Ken Lo
whoops! Sons of Anarchy S06E13 HDTV x264-2HD..............
doesnt work with FrancoKernel R33. reboots all the time
So I'm running the latest nightly of Omnirom and with the app installed, I noticed that it messes up the quick settings pulldown. I have it set whee if I pull the right side of it down, it goes straight to quick settings but when I do that, the notification shade will either come all the way down and then shoot back up halfway and then get stuck or it'll only come half way down and then bobble up and down. I rebooted and it still occurs. tried uninstalling and everything is fine. Installed it and it happens again. I know it's an early beta but just a heads up +Koushik Dutta 
Live it
I have a n5, but I'm not root aggghhh. 
Works great... Better resolution would be nice
froze phone and rebooted when i went to the web address it said to
Messes up wifi on sgs3 att.. Tried on aosp, and PA 4.0... After installation,  can't connect to any wifi networks.  Get a toast message that says failed to connect to network.  <sad>
How can Koush screencast  without root? Seems like the kind of thing you'd need high privs for
Mr +Koushik Dutta, because of you I had no alternative but order a Nexus 5... Hope you can sleep well knowing you are making descent people to lost the sleep with that freaking features you keep realeasing... My N5 arrives next week! o.O
File missing. Cannot join beta nor download file.
Play store link not working... Bummer EDIT: fixed - thanks! 
Link isn't working for me either. :(
+Clayton Ball keep trying. It worked for me after a while and a dozen failed attempts... 
I'm on nexus 5 ... and really looking forward to when this is generally available - without rooting.  Good luck.
I get an error when I try to join the beta :( I'm on my nexus 5 on 4.4.2
This was posted in the clockwork mod group nearly 3 months ago
J Hodge
Play store link not working, cannot wait to try. Keep up the great work Koush!
Seria bueno tambien para tabletas Android ademas de incluir los idiomas principales, Ingles, español, portugues, italiano, frances y Aleman tanto a Mirror como Allcast, thank
Links for downloading/joining beta both seem broken?
J Hodge
I was able to get the dl to work, took a couple times but it works.
Anyone else get a 404 error on the second link? 
It takes a few minutes after joining the clockwordmod G+ group for the second link to stop showing a 404. Patience, Grasshopper. 
Somehow tricked it into working on my Nexus 4. The video is incredibly smooth but my latency varies between 3 and 10 seconds. Is there any chance that we might see VNC type functionality through this? I'm desperate for some kind of remote access that doesn't stutter along at 5fps
+Nick Ordonez This happens on stock as well, with Gravity Box quick settings pulldown enabled, both Nexus 5 and 7 (2013)
Hey Koush.. Do you think this would be possible on other phones? Moto X, for instance?
Can someone please upload the apk to Dropbox or some file storage and link it here. Both the links won't work for me. Has Google pulled the app from the store?
+Nethir Osman Try reading Koushes post before trying anything. You have to join the Clockwork community first on G+ then Join the beta before the app shows up in the Play Store.
+Douglas Harry Sorry. I was using a browser to access G+ that wouldn't load that page to join yesterday.

Now i used G+app and it worked
Thanks for the help
I'm getting an error when trying to install it.  I've joined the community.  Joined the beta.  I'm getting the error message "Couldn't find the details page for the item you requested."

Edit:  Nevermind.  I wasn't able to install it from my laptop via Chrome/Play Store.  But was able to install it from my phone.
Thats weird Ive never had any problems.
Chromecast is going for $50-60 here in Aus. I don't know if I should order it. 
Hmmm, getting "item not found" on play store. And yep, I joined beta 
You joined clockworkmod community too?
Yeah. It appeared soon after I posted, all good 
Should I buy ChromeCast for $60 au?
Casting to web browsers stopped working for me at some point; I was always getting blank screens on mobile and PC browsers, but oddly, Airplay mirroring to my PC's Airserver still worked. Cleaning the app's data and cache got everything back in order
Nice job^^ Latency is too high to play games, but i think you'll fix this ;-) Great work!!!
+Mohammed Al-Sherif you have to join the community (first link) and then join the beta (second link)... Than you can download (3rd link)
Please update this app, I want to use it on my Moto G to mirror to my Chromecast
Does this mean other devices (i9505 here) won't ever be able to mirror or could this change?
I'd like use it on my Moto G to mirror to my Chromecast! Thanks for your work
Por favor vuelve a subir mirror
How do I mirror to chrome? Not chromecast.
+Koushik Dutta How much lag is there with Nexus5/Chromecast and in your setup, is the network as fast as possible? Chromecast only has 802.11n 2.4GHz so I think maximum is 65/65 Mbps. And basically, do you think that the current generation of Chromecast will ever be fast enough receiver to be able to do gaming? Or maybe we will have to wait for next generation for that kind of usage.
Works for me! Thank you sooo much!!!!!
The second and hte third links are not working anymore. Is the beta over?
No working link here either
No working link here either
Hoping my Samsung tab 2 with cm 11 will end up being able to work with chromecast. 
Awesome work dude. Thanks for all the time your donating to this. 
When is the version without rooted devices coming 
Change the GPlay link?
This one is not working
Nice job for reactivity, but poor quality on nexus 5 and wifi ok
It doesn't work for a note2? I thought it was an android program not a phone program
He says in the introduction that it doesn't support other phones then Nexus 5 at the moment. Read.
Aha OK hope you don't take too much time on it I got 1 of those hdmi s to micro USB but that shits annoying
Great app, one problem it adds a tile to the quick settings and it does this seemingly on the fly which means that it causes a hiccup everytime I open the quick settings pull down. It would be nice to be able to turn this off, since I don't need the quick settings tile.
I can access the beta mirror apk on play store anyone else?
For those with issues joining the beta. For me it helped to join it on a pc. I couldn't get the page opening on my phone but it worked on a laptop. Give it a try ;-) 
This app is the bomb!
For you guys that get the not found message, don't use the play store app, use a browser instead
+Koushik Dutta Your amazing man, it is just amazing to see developers like you achieve to do something others didn't even think about it. Casting your screen to a Chromecast now who would have though about that!
+Koushik Dutta is it save to be installed on an (for now) unsupported device? (Galaxy Nexus) and will there be support for other devices sometimes, also for devices without hardware vp8 encoder?
I cant seem to find the download help guys
VS980 Verizon LG G2. 4.4.2 Stock, Rooted. App installs but when you try to run it you just get "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped"  Could it have something to do with the G2 having modified quick settings?
link not found on google play
Is there a setting for quality or is it my connect
Now to uninstall it??

I uninstalled it through the Store, rebooted and still have an icon showing up. Why would I uninstall it? It's causing issues with Wi-Fi (keeping it on, searching for networks, etc)...

Fixing those issues isn't the only reason for uninstalling, but I'm finding I don't use it/ can't find a use for it (except to impress?)
Guys, the link it's not dead at all. First you must join the Clockworldmod community, then in the second link you I'll be able to become a beta tester, then finally in the last link you can download the app from Play Store. Tested on Moto G 4.4.2 Rooted. Bye.
Great work op. This is good but my quality is really bad. That my fault?
I just installed normally on my Moto G UK ROM Stock, everything went fine. Installation completed, connected to my PC, a TV icon showed up on notification bar, and said ScreenCast was ON and it said to go to a URL where my phone was connected to. The Chrome browser found my phone, but it only shows a black screen. That's the only problem, cause it's connecting just fine. Can you tell me what's going on?! Thanks.
Links are dead, anyone have an alternative? 
There not. Join the community then the beta
I was trying to open the link to join. Am I missing something? 
I just tested them both and they are working
please provide the link for download, unable to get it , having a nexus 5
Samsung S5 "Phone not rooted'  ok, sooooo.....
+Koushik Dutta  Testing Galaxy Nexus with Cyanogenmod  to Xiaomi TV Box via airplay. Detects but Mirror crashed as soon as touch "mirror your android" to connect.
App just FC's straight away when I mirror to Chromecast... :/
I'd gladly pay for this app, but it doesn't work on Tegra 3 well. My M7 and Ouya won't broadcast to chromecast at all on lastest CM11 nightlies.
On the nexus 7 2013, running CM11, I see the "....Chromecast: Mirror" in the cast screen list. However, when I press it, my TV screen goes black, but the nexus 7 still thinks it is sharing the screen.
That's what used to happen on my HTC M7. This hasn't ever worked for me. I think it might be exclusive to the Nexus 5.
How do we reinstall. It shows that it is installed, but since nightly 20140506 it has disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.
For those with my same problem, if you go to this page on your phone using our mobile browser, click the play store link at the top and choose "Play store" option.
Anything is shown in the play store. Where is the app?

Also I'm correct by reading I need a rooted phone?
Is this app for LG TV too? I'm searching for days for a mirror app who work with lg smart tv. TV have wireless data etc... If anybody can help my, please send a message. Thank you. 
The app it's still on market. 
Join the beta. And you must hage nexus 5.
Can somebody list specifically what phones this works on? I see The nexus phones and a MotoG, but what about others? Will it ever/never work on other phones? I have an HTC One M8.
Icant join the beta. A page appears telling a broken link or no app available.
And I have a nexus 5.
Any help on this?
It's totally awesome! !!!
Can't wait for it to be complete and available for more than just rooted nexus 5 and Android 4.4.2
It would be mind blowing if you could use it on a 4.3 galaxy s3
Thanks, I am rooted already running Cyanogenmod, and it's great.
The sgs5 has vp8 for video files. So does that mean that it would work for it. 
I do not recommend it, don;t bother. The quality of displayed image is very poor.
Loving the work but downloaded the mirror app onto my Note 2 running 4.4.2 and trying to connect to my Apple TV or Xbox 1 but says no devices found, allcast works but wanted the mirroring, any ideas why? :)
Works great, little or no noticeable latency on Nexus 7. No sound though, is there a setting or config to enable this feature. Great work Koushik.
Not working for mirroring on N7 2013 to chromecast.  Chromecast reacts, but just a black screen.  I know the instructions say N5 only, but figured I'd give it a try and let you know.  Using the latest PA build atm, will test with CM and stock later (Multirom, one of my favorite apps).
I have the problem too, that my chromecast is not found by this app.
Any clues on this ?
Tengo un S3 con android 4.3... Por favor necesito que tenga soporte !!! Muchas gracias
Working fine on my N7 2013 to AppleTv, but no sound though.

Best Regards
This was working awesomely for weeks until this morning when the app now opens and closes immediately. I've tried everything- including restoring from my recovery partition over again. Is anyone else having this issue?
Now working with new update but does not find my apple TV 
won't find my apple tv. does this work only on nexus? I am using amsung galaxy s5
amazing app but there's no sound or any audio whatsoever being recorded whole Screencast is on, did I do something wrong? or is it the app 
Unfortunately is only providing a black screen on the Chromecast, moto g cyanogenmod
Galaxy Nexus With CM Modo 11 with 4.4.3 dont work
no funciona con Galaxy s4 con el Chromcast....
Not available on Google Play anymore?
I can't seem to get it on the play store either. I tried the 3 steps from this post to join CWM community(worked), join beta(broken link), download from google play (no app found). I'm guessing the app was removed for development but should return? Can't wait to try this! 
I also was unable to download the app but after trying a couple of times the broken second link finally worked randomly
is out from the app store?? any way to get this app ?
Just follow the instructions people! You need to sign up for the beta program before you will find the app in the Play Store.
Whats the quality on this supposed to be to chrome cast? I tried it last night and it was horrendous.
Damn, still works great though! WiFi is full bar, I'm right next to my router 
Namastey, Koushik, I have Nexus 10, a little search and reading your blog gave me an idea that Nexus 10 also has on board vp8 encoder, i cannot find this mirror app on play store, please help
Any workaround for using this without root on Nexus 5?
i can not find my aplle tv on my galaxy s4 and where is the screen cast settings
I can't find or connect to my apple tv using an galaxy s4
Great app but in Xperia Z1 compact dont cast my Phone, Just show a Black screen, I have a 4.4.2 and root 
Still no other devices supported? :(
How can i uninstall it? I want to uninstall it because it is making my notification bar lag
I hope it'll be out for other phones at some point as well (:
Any plans for app updates now that mirroring has been established for Chromecast app?
How I can dowload to test this app?...I can't join Playstore's beta tester says that it's disabled or i'm not allowed to join it.
Nervermind it was my fault...even i bought AllCast...i didn't join Clockworkmod group. Thanks!
Tested on my rooted Droid Maxx. Does not work. After granting superuser the app closes and does not re open like shown in the video. 
Van Le
Just tried this for the Sprint LG G2, doesn't seem to work.  Installs fine, but crashes on loading, get the "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped." erorr message.
Just installed this on my Android TV box (K-R42) RK3188 but upon starting the app there is a flash on the screen and then nothing. My device is rooted and I was not prompted to grant superuser access.
Hi guys. I can't find the app on Google Play
Sorry, I was to fast. i found it now. Took some minutes after joining the group
Force closes never starts and doesn't ask for superuser permission. Am on nvidia shield portable. Did work nicely before last update. When is next release? Looking forward to it.
I have samsung s4 Gt i9505 Kitkat 4.4.2, rooted. I followed the instructions and install the mirror beta app properly. But everytime i tried to open the app, it crashes. 
Richard and William, the mirror for android is only fully supported for the Nexus 5. This explains why it is not working on your device.
Dor Rud
Well I have nexus 5 and it worked for about 3 days and then from some reason it crashes now.

Well it was fun while lasted :)
Thank you for the app
on my S5, mirror closes immediately after the launch of the application
Hey +Jacob Hammond , I forgot to mention that my device is actually a Nexus 5, fully rooted using Towerroot, yet it crashes as soon as I open the app. Any ideas why?
+William Ukoh  I believe you must have write protection off for this to work. You may want to check to make sure that superuser is allowing this app to access superuser permissions. After running the app you should go into your phone settings and the display settings and selecting cast screen. You may see your chromecast device show up there.
How do you turn off write protection?
Nexus 5, 4.4.4 rooted with SuperSU, stock rom. App crashes immediately on startup. Doesn't ask for root. Anything I can try to fix that?
Experienced same. Any probable fixes?
Same problem with Andrei Puskin, on Samsung Note 3 4.4.2, any suggestion?
How do you fix the mirror app from crashing every time?  
Does this work for the Samsung s5?
when we will have the final version of the extension of chromecast for laptops?
Immediately crashes everytime I open it.
Nexus 5, stock rom, rooted.
When I open for the first time it crashes HTC One m7att Nightly 9112014
Same problem at boot-up. Seems there's a problem with VM and registering libraries, if I didn't read wrong from logcats.
+Koushik Dutta , already sent an email to CWM support, if you wish/need something more straight, I can send you logcats directly.
Works perfectly on my Nexus 5 running Android 5.0, but Is it possible to remove the mirror stamp.
Not compatible with my Xperia L :'(
Hello. This is a great start. On my oneplus one, mirroring only mirrors the bottom left quarter of the screen. Does anyone else experience this issue? How can I resolve it?

Never mind. Just figured it out. I am projecting on a 720p projector and the Apple TV was on auto resolution. It was probably sending a 1080p signal to the projector so the projector was only showing one quarter of the image. I've now set the Apple TV to 720p and the streaming from my phone is full screen. I imagine if I were on a 1080p screen it would work equally well. Thanks for this! Great work! Now get the sound working! 
This is a great project. Has anyone been been able to get the sound working? I'm using the Note 10.1 2014 and apple TV. The sound only plays on my table but not thru the apple tv. 

Also, even thought my device is rooted I normally use no root firewall which mask my IP behind a vpn connection. When No Root Firewall is enabled I am not able to do a screen cast.
First start with ape tv3 was ok under 4.4.4. Than picture become zoomed.
Install 5.0.1 nothing has changed. Still zoomed. Can't fix it.

Mirror Beta mostly works great on my S4 running GPE Lollipop 5.01, though I've only tested mirroring to an AppleTV.

A few suggestions though:
-  It sometimes stops working for no apparent reason AND gives no indication that this has happened... ideally the app should detect this and reconnect automatically, or at least display an overlay that lets the user choose between reconnecting manually or stopping
- And predictably, +1 for removing the Mirror icon...

What's the status of your work on Mirror anyway, are you still developing it / intending to release it to the Play Store? I'd happily pay for it...

Or perhaps you could integrate Mirror into AllCast as an AllCast Premium feature?
smthg wrong with ATV3. It's ok with Nexus 7, another ATV works fine with both Nexus 5 and 7.
any ideas? 
Yes. It was fine on atv2 and now after atv3 update it also fine. 
+Dm. Sabath how did you  do it? I have an LG and an Apple TV 3, but my mirrored screen its small and it's on the corner -_-
+Dm. Sabath oh, besides, the sound stays on the phone... So, how did you do it?
Yes. Sound goes from phone. Actualy i did nothing. Or everything as prescribed. 
Works great with Huawei mate 7 Android 4.4.2 and french freebox, but no sound exceptionnel from the smartphone 
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