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Upcoming release of the Google Cast SDK. Moment of truth, this should be interesting.
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I hope it goes well, I want to be able to use my Chromecast for more than just YouTube and Netflix.
Why do I feel like they will come up with some reason why you can't go Koush?
+Koushik Dutta do you think they'll actually open it up more? It's getting mighty old to have it only be useful for play music (at least that's all I use it for currently). 
i want video streaming from my pc back dammit!
The guy that makes it stream glass content will be a zillionaire
They should have made the Gallery app make use of Chromecast by now. But I think they're trying to show their partners that paid streaming content on Chromecast is Google's priority. Hopefully after that is settled, they will unbreak the feature they intentionally broke, which disabled the ability to play anything directly from the smartphone to Chromecast, locally.
Awesome! Hopefully XBMC and many other things finally come to Chromecast!
The cool thing is, though, you probably have some neat shit to drop day one. 
i wish they'd just add in Miracast support.
A little off topic but I want the cable companies to stop throttling fcking YouTube so its not damn near useless unless you are watching it at 3 am..

*Ads play perfectly at 720, video buffers continuously at standard*
+Mark Lastiwka I understand perfectly well how Chromecast works it sends media streams from the internet to the Chromecast or it mirrors from a local device like mirroring a Chrome tab. I don't actually want to run XBMC on the Chromecast I want XBMC running on my Android Tablet, Phone, or PC to be able to send streams from XBMC to the Chromecast to play on my TV which should be possible.
+Mark Lastiwka Yep this would be awesome since I can essentially fulfill all my media streaming needs with XBMC. XBMC has addons that let me stream from many websites and also I have a couple hundred VHS tapes I'm going to convert to digital format to a hard drive for my mom that she could watch on the Chromecast using XBMC.
No one mentioned so I thought I would: HBO Go has been added to chromecast. But +Plex is still highest on my want list.
Leo HD
Yay my 35 bucks is finally worth it
Seriously guys you don't have to wait, just buy a R-Pi
I can only hope for them to open more up... fingers crossed 
Shame you can't make it, Koush; I was looking forward to the loud boom when you dropped the mic after showing them what time it is.
Here's to hoping, I'm really wanting some Plex action with my Chromecast. 
Hopefully Google allows developers to actually start providing users with amazing Chromecast applications. 
I've put both my chromecasts back in their boxes. Kinda useless to me with the lack of apps, specifically Plex.
I'm optimistic. My Chromecast will be worth its weight in gold if Google whitelists your local share app (whatever it gets called), the awesome Pocketcasts and Mizuu.

Just thinking about beaming movies from my network drive to the Chromecast (via a pretty tablet GUI) is making me all weak at the knees.
+Koushik Dutta your assistence will be denied since you have no real experience with it... Hacking it all day long and shit... Y u no follow rulez?! Haha
Just buy an Android TV stick/box. Full Android experience on your TV. Can't understand why +Google don't make their own and ditch GTV which is shagged anyway..
+Koushik Dutta I'm pretty sure I'm speaking on behalf of a LOT of people when I say this. I would rather have things at +Cyanogen Inc. be delayed 2-5 days than you not go to this. It is less than a week delay in one area vs. things potentially being permanently crippled in another.
Please +Koushik Dutta, you have to apply. You are the only one who raised the voice, criticising the closed SDK. You are the defender of freedom ;) 
I would have bought a ChromeCast already if it was able to do network streaming... There's too many inferior alternatives out there, at an even higher price point.
+Niall Farrell because Google recognizes that there is a much better, and underutilized, market for taking existing TV's and allowing them to stream rather than basically telling folks to buy a new TV.
+Brendan Dillon Which is what an Android TV stick/box does.. No? I'm not referring to a TV with Android on it.
I misread your comment. I think ultimately that's what Chromecast is supposed to be. Why it's not an Android device instead... There's plenty of room for conjecture.
Goood luck Koush!!!! Cant wait to hear what becomes
I know it is an old post, but what was the actual result of the 'hackathon'?
Thanks for any answer!
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