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I wrote my first Chromecast app. Send anything in your gallery to your TV via the standard share button. Images and movies (at full framerate). It works like magic.

Also looking at sending music and playlists.

I'll do a video later, but I'm not allowed to distribute the APK, as that is against the terms of use of the beta SDK for the time being.
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+Koushik Dutta if you don't mind me asking, how does this work if the videos are not coming from some 'cloud service' that the Chromecast can pull down?
Koush you're amazing.

That is all.
+Koushik Dutta a webserver makes perfect sense :)  My Chromecast arrives tomorrow, might you have an apk available soon?  Or heck, stick it on the Play Store, I'll pay a few bucks for it!
Sorry, had to refresh the page to see your addition.  Didn't know that about the SDK.
how was the coding for it? I know earlier you were saying you had some trouble with dev mode, now you have an app? Must not have been too bad 
+Matt Lorenzen The development is easy enough. It's just Android and Javascript. The whitelisting process is not well documented. It was missing a crucial step. So I wasn't able to get it into dev mode until I figured out what was missing.
Sweet, I finally got one, ready to play. 
Epic Epic news cant wait till they come out in the UK
+Koushik Dutta well I am glad to see you were able to prevail the whitelisting! I always appreciate your work and was excited to see you working with the Chromecast. I am very curious as to what the future will bring with this device. Keep up the killer work! 
interesting, how about sharing the project through github ? Should not be against terms of use of the preview sdk. Have an app I need to extend to chromecast similarly and would be interesting to see your code
+Koushik Dutta do you anticipate whether it would be possible to develop an Android app that could cast videos stored on a drive connected to the same local network? 
+Koushik Dutta I don't know if it's too much to ask for but since you are into it - Could you try to hack make chrome-casting work from Linux desktop which Google left out?
I am a user but pay attention to threads like this. I hack my hardware or add features through developers. I really appreciate all you do. Thank you.
Or maybe if you are not planning to sell this app in the near future you just can incorporate the code to cm's framework :)
Great news !

From what I understood the Chromecast will read the files on the network provided by the android web server. Does that means that playback capabilities are limited to what the Chromecast can actually decode ? (does it support mkv/dts/etc..?)
+Koushik Dutta You are a boss! When this SDK drops the preview, there is going to be a flood of apps on this. I hope yours stays on top. Seems like you got a head start with your android webserver sauce. Keeps up the awesome work.
+Koushik Dutta you're like the white knight in Android crusading through the idiosyncrasies of the Google Android team finishing their stuff that should have been in their original demo.
This is awesome!! Now, if I could actually get myself a Chromecast...
+Koushik Dutta You think there will be something that could push something like XBMC to a tv from a phone?
TBH I would expect a Gallery update for Stock Android to support this functionality natively. Its a really valid usecase for someone to throw a folder full of pix & video to their chromecast and control the slideshow from their phone.
This is great news!!  Can't wait to try it out!!
+Koushik Dutta is there any way we would be able to do this without you releasing an apk? Or, could you release source files?
+James Finstrom I had to manually switch to the chromecastxxx hotspot and then after the dongle did it's thing had to switch to my own Wifi network manually. That part was transparent on my Winddows laptop.
+Koushik Dutta what is the next step? Are you waiting for someone at Google to approve the app? 
So I guess the phone would act as a server for Chromecast to pull content from? 
+Mike Thompson full hd mkv files too? With a web-player? Dont think so ... :s

Also, chromecast does not have native support for mkv files afaik
I don't know. Therefore magic.
love it. i used my chromecast all day yesterday and this is only the beginning. love using my phone as my remote
+Koushik Dutta for the app or chrome extension, would this steam local content in a loop? Need this for two display TVs/ two chromecasts simultaneously... Will donate to the EFF add much as my accountant will allow!
I'm very interested in this!  please let us know when/if/how we can "secretly" grab this apk. haha.  (or at least when it will go public - I wanna try it right now on my tv!)
+***** .. So far OOB seems to work from Chrome on my Ubuntu, but not on Chromium
Btw, even if I distributed an APK, everyone would need to have their device whitelisted with my app id. Simply wouldn't work until Google enables some sort of app distribution.
cheers buddy ... u made us proud 
When you're allowed to publish this, I'll gladly pay for it! 
Sounds like the chromecast has almost everything it needs to do upnp/dlna receiving/browsing. I sure hope someone makes that work. I'd be willing to re-rip my DVDs.
It will be much better if we are able to stream the output of something like MX Player or VLC.(better codec support and features )
+Andrew Frink In fact, the presence mechanism used in the Chromecast is the same mechanism used in UPnP AV/DLNA: SSDP. It also uses DIAL for app enumeration and some other things...
Is the APK source on GitHub somewhere? or does that violate the dev program terms? That reminds me, I need to get myself entered so it can update before I get home.
+Simon Renard I know it can handle H.264 encoded MP4 and MKV, my friend owns one and we verified that much. No AVI support. Probably will be restricted to what Chrome natively supports.
Pumped friend...thank you!
+Koushik Dutta are you willing to share this technique with other developers like one of my favorite apps (Vimu) so that it could do smb playback from my NAS? :) Wish there was a way to communicate to the chromecast by being on the same network and not just the same wireless network. More I think about it Vimu should just make a remote app and not restream local content.
Awesome work Koushik, can't wait.
Please add me as a person willing to buy this as an app.
Sweet. I was just taking about that with someone. How sweet it would be to have exactly this. Amazing. 
Nice. I noticed this was missing. Great addition. Can't wait to try it.
I'm surprised Google didn't add casting to the Photos section in the G+ mobile app at launch. Odd. Could have been an easy win for them. 
Casting videos off of my tablet will be awesome! 
Are you able to serve the JavaScript itself from the phone, or does the logic have to be on a remote server that will then pull images and videos from the local network?

From my quick look at the docs, it seemed like you need to provide a URL when whitelisting, so it sparked this thought in my head.
Koush, Did you write to google asking permission for a controlled Beta? Given your rep among peers, you might get permission to do it, unless there is some stupid Apple patent stopping google from doing it .. 
+Koushik Dutta can you please tell us if you plug chromcast to a AV Receiver and send a video (with DD 5.1), if it will play the DD track on the AV Receiver ?? If you didn't test, test it please...
Awesome news hope you keep making more awesome apps for the chromecast and develop more!
I knew this was coming. Its why I bought one even without this crucial functionality. Thanks for coming through!
Keep up the good work. Maybe you can give the guys at Xbmc and Plex a hand at getting some of their apps updated as well.
Yes! a reason for me to buy the Chromecast! soon as you're allowed to distribute...Take my money!
Got an idea, what about someway to cast ESPN 3 from computer to chromecast? Extension?
Question. Say my Google+ plus photos do not show up in my gallery (+AOKP) problem. Will I be able to send it from the Google+ app
This is exciting.. don't know you are, Koush, but thanks!
A desktop app for Windows is really below you, don't you think +Koushik Dutta ... Linux would be more your speed ;-)
There is a loooooong lag between pressing on the play and displaying on chromecast on the monitor/tv.
Is there any update to your great app? Can you release it, after the SDK is now available?
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