I was just saying to +Steve Kondik last night...

"I wonder if this thing (Aviate) is a way to datamine app usage. Should wireshark it."

Yep. Slurping up all sorts of data like your location, installed apps, etc, and made available with absolutely no protection.
It's very nice to see so many people enjoying #Aviate  
I think it's time to let you know that your location, and installed apps (and I guess more info) is accessible for free to anybody.

No need of NSA or spying software, just visit this link: http://www.getaviate.com/search/api/v3/devices/ead6b990510e4d9d/

If you are curious, your device ID can be found in your logcat also world readable.

Enjoy and thanks +Arvid Gerstmann for the finding.
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