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Chromecast and RSS Video feeds
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As always... You are the man
The possibilities are endless
genius, don't understand how you come up with this stuff :P
When are you going to be able to start releasing apps? 
Have you been able to control seek forward and back with any of your Chromecast testing apps?
We need to figure out how to make gruber piss you off more often. So many great toys! 
+Koushik Dutta I have an idea for you. The Roku has a headphones port on its remote so you can listen to a show's audio without bothering others in the room. Could you build this functionality into your Chromecast apps so that if you use your phone's headphones the audio pipes through there instead of the TV speakers?
You're a beast. Looking forward to seeing this full gamut of chromecast casting. 
Love it, and love that you used TWiT as the example.
This is totally awesome. Can't wait to see what else you dream up and create. 
Dude. You're making me want a chromecast more and more.
Stop, just stop. I can't take the awesomeness anymore!
+Koushik Dutta All these streaming functionalities you have been showing us; are they all from ONE app or many different ones? Thanks. 
Rey F
Dude! You are on fire!
+Koushik Dutta are you waiting for Google approval to release these Chromecast apps? And will you do a beta community on here? 
Hey Koushik, is it possible to send video and play audio locally from my phone using my headphones? Just an interesting thought.
+Andrew Carvalho yeah, I was using mine while my wife was reading a book, I honestly don't think she cares for the tech videos in YouTube. So it just came to me, not sure if it's even possible. :-)
Shut up and take my money!!! I've just imported my Chromecast to Mexico, there are a lot of things this device can do, but not just yet. Gimme powa!!!!!
"It's coming in through the RSS!".

Man of steel.
Alex NC
Fruk Google, release the apps! Your teaser videos are killing me. I need RSS videos and local streaming asap! 
just a question +Koushik Dutta what prevents you to release apps ?? some authorisations on the market ?
when i saw this i thought that it was available to everyone as long as dev include it in their code.
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