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Voice+ apparently enables google voice through the Hangouts app. I beat Google to Voice and Hangouts integration.

(This means that the Hangouts app, when using Voice+ on +CyanogenMod, will send and receive messages using Google Voice)
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How does Voice+ & Hangouts handle shortcodes, both sending to and receiving from? Does archiving a conversation in Hangouts do the same in Voice, or is Voice's Inbox abandoned to run amuck?
I thought it might but it doesn't on my Nexus 7 2012 though it works for every other sms app. Any tricks? 
not even in the US so ant use Google voice, but awesome-sauce
So that's why things seemed all out of place and when I tried to side load on another I got the hangouts apk instead 
Been doing this since hangouts sms integration dropped. Thank you! 
I'm sure Google plans on doing more with the integration than simply receiving texts from your Google Voice number. Reading and listening to voicemail for instance, among other things. 
And it seems you didn't even know it?
On stock 4.4 on the Nexus 5 I have noticed that hangouts can send texts via Google voice.

If you start a new conversation it will be your cell number. However if you continue one started with Google voice or one sent to your Google voice number it will stay with your Google voice number. Anyone else notice the same thing?
Was using this feature on thr GNex until I upgraded to the N5. Can't wait for CM night lies to start.
I posted about this a while ago. It does work, however sms received notifications sometimes take forever or don't ever push through until you open the Hangouts app and wait a mo. 
+Koushik Dutta if you mean that you can have Voice send a text to you of a voicemail that isn't what I mean. I mean having a voicemail exist as part of that contacts hangout history and being able to play the voicemail right from hangouts in the app. 

Also, VOIP calls is likely along with iMessage like functionality that takes the decision of "how to contact" a recipient away from the user. 
+Koushik Dutta will we have the choice on which number it goes out on? That was my biggest reservation to V+ before. I receive a message on one number, and then it would be replied to by the other number. 
And the lawyers haven't called you yet?
+Koushik Dutta wow, I didn't realize that. I haven't bothered trying Voice+ because I use Sprint and it comes with integration.
can't wait to see it merged into cm11
Voice+ is why, despite my wanting to stick with AOSP for various kernels, I stay with CM. Congratulations, you developed a killer feature :-) 
Good work. I'm glad someone is forcing their hand a little. Google Voice development has been stagnant far too long.

Of course Google would pay more attention if it were a standalone app in the appstore, but I'm sure their devs are still feeling a little bit shown up.
 Been wondering if it's possible on CM11, would love to have actual integration!
I just want to have a choice what number I send my text from. And definitely want to reply to a person on the same number that the current thread is using. Valid concern? Good feature? +Koushik Dutta 
It's been working with CM 10.2 using the cherry picked Hangouts that +Ron Amadeo was handing out a few weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed that it updated from Google Play and its still working. 

I sure hope we really do get VOIP via Hangouts before May when XMPP dies. With my $30/month Tmo account (just 100 mins) I depend on Groove IP for when I go over but its going to die along with XMPP.

Aside from the Open Source issues, the new VOIP might be more reliable than Groove IP.
+Koushik Dutta awesome so we can expect to see Voice+ in CM11? I've been using Voice+ since day one...I'm loving the integration with Hangouts!
Confirmed, been working for me since the update. Its quite nice. I don't use the stock messaging app at all now (I actually prefer the stock messaging app over others like go or handcent). I do miss quick reply popup, but the integration with hangouts is neat.
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+Erik Bates ah yes, that's true. We just need to wait til Google completely integrates this. I hope they make it awesome. 
+Anthony Raffini no. If I send a message from the Google voice website, it shows up in hangouts on my phone.
I deleted the APK for Voice+ off my phone. Can someone upload it for me? 
Will this allow us to receive mms in hangouts with our google voice number?
I'm still hoping voice+ can do that. That will be a takeon on Grooveip. 
Jeff G
I'm on Gnex Toro, running 10.1.3 - Since I've updated versions, I've noticed that V+ is no longer on my phone... is there an apk i can install?
Send them a CnD letter once they flip the switch. ^_^
+Koushik Dutta There's no way to choose which number to send messages from though, right? (Voice or normal number)
Be careful with this. I started using this right after android police posted the hangouts 2.0 apk with SMS support and neither I nor my wife was ever notified of voicemails coming into the Google voice app. 
+Koushik Dutta Thank you for getting this integration to us before Google could get around to it! Now I just wish I could use Voice+ outside of CM, so that I could keep it while I try out KitKat.
You sir, are the man! I have never rooted my Razr Maxx because I haven't found a reason to since Google started letting me freeze the crapware. This is finally something I really want, so I'm rooting right now. I'll have +CyanogenMod installed within the hour! Thanks man.
ive been doing this since the leaked hangouts apk came out. using it on carbon on my gnex
Anyone tested if MMS messages work through hangouts using voice+?
+Nathan Schwermann MMS -> GVoice number -> cell number only works on sprint and T-Mobile. However I know that for now on T-Mobile it only works from a T-Mobile number -> GVoice -> T-Mobile number. (not sure about Voice+)
On the iPad, there's google voice calling built in without hacks. Could we expect to see that in the near future as well?
well not really, isnt google planning to offer google voice texting and sms texting? correct me if im wrong but voice + does not offer this. +Koushik Dutta 
any idea how I set person specific ringers with this?
+Koushik Dutta hangouts can actually receive and also send text messages with GV. Just check "receive text messages with messaging app" in GV settings. When text is received and replied to in hangouts it sends it using your GV number not the sim number.
Mine works on stock! I told Voice to receive messages via the Messaging app and then Hnagouts prompted me to verify the new #!
+Keanon Liggatt yup, the only draw back is that contacts don't show up the same and you can't start a new text message in hangouts using your GV number
I can't find a way to get this to work on nexus7flo.  The setting is missing in 10.2 1117 for default sms and also in hangouts 2..0.128. What am I doing wrong?
+Rafal Blaszkiewicz Actually you can. I've been playing with Hangouts and my wife's phone; here's what I found, you have to go back to old school hacking with GV.

Go into the GV app and set the phone to receive text messages via the messaging app and set hangouts to receive messages for the phone. When someone send a message to your GV number it will show up in hangouts as coming from a strange number, this is the GV alias number for that person. Save that number in your address book as an extra number for the contact, then send your SMS messages to that number rather than their actual cell number. GV will handle the back end translation for the other person and your text will magically come from your GV number.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but trust me, it works. The only thing to remember is that if you aren't on Sprint and you try to send an MMS to this number it will disappear into the internet black hole that is GV. Sadly, despite people pleading for it for years, GV still won't handle MMS messages.
+Bryan Parks interesting, thanks I did not know that. They must use a different alias number for each person texting a certain account. I bet they'll do that for you automatically at some point in hangouts
Yeah, I was using that before I got the N5. Flippin awesome.
+Erik Bates +Anthony Raffini for some reason I'm not able to duplicate results right now. I've done it in the past just using voice+ on cm 10.2 (on an at&t phone, no sprint integration) it just synced automatically. But I'm not able to get it working anymore, sorry to have cried wolf.
+stephen cunningham, it appears to send and receive via my voice #.
CM11 needs some Voice+ love
If someone could tell me how to add Voice Plus to a cm build environment, I'd happily set up a build environment with it.
+Koushik Dutta can I pull the apk from 10.2 and push it to unofficial cm11? Will this work out of the box? 
+John H Lee From what I understand Koush has to get it working in Android 4.4. Hopefully soon though!
+Matthew Garbett Yea, saw the post last night, but nobody had a new build yet. Will check today. Thanks 
Would it be at all possible to make the sms intercept permission an xposed module? 
Sorry, but what is the advantage to this? 
You can use your Google voice number through any SMS app, not just the Google voice app
I understand that part, but what is the advantage. Most people have unlimited texting, so I'm not sure why this is important. I'm just trying to understand.
Google voice let's you use a different number if you want, or in my case if you send a message through the chrome extension it will show up in the thread on the phone like hangouts does now.

I've also used it to send texts through Wifi from a different country or in a basement
+Jason Minnis not all of us do. As a Verizon customer for a long time I refused to pay $20 a month for texting. It's a blatant rip off. I had GV. But the GV app is probably one of the worst apps I've ever used. If you don't believe me, try using it exclusively for awhile. Also, the GV unification is way overdue and unification would make the Google ecosystem better. I mean Google wants to compete with apple but they have some areas that desperately need work.
Cool, so now I can see where it would come in handy but not something I would use daily. Thanx.
+Jason Minnis also if you use gv you have one number for calling but you'd need a second number (carrier) to receive MMS. Getting your contacts to try and utilize 2 diff numbers to reach you would be an exercise in futility lol. And before the .sprint people come in and say they have MMS, you guys are the ONLY ones that have had GV MMS for years.
Just a clarification: sprint (and apparently T-Mobile) users cannot send mms through Google voice. They have an agreement with Google that allows them to integrate their real number with Google voice. This means all SMS goes through google's servers, but if a mms message is sent either way, it bypasses google's servers and goes through the carrier, just as if Gv wasn't there. 
+Dakiem Ellis Yes what I was saying is that if a regular Sprint or T-Mobile user sends an MMS from a regular phone number to your Google Voice number you will receive the MMS in your Gmail but more than likely once Google Voice merges with Hangouts this will change.
+Royce Rezendes it won't work if you are not on a rom that already has it, due to the necessary permission required. If a rom has the permission, it will include voice+
Yeah it's part of the cm framework, not just an apk
I'm on cm11 for galaxy s3 (T-Mobile) and I cannot wait for voice+ to come out because I can't pay for service 😥
So is it True? Thousands of Homeless people that use 3 Party Apps will be out in the cold in April 2014. No more Voice or text for them?
So I have Cm11 on my nexus 5 and just started using Google voice. I am now getting duplicate text messages in my inbox. One will have the contacts name and the other will have some random phone number and their name. Can anyone help me out?
+Gregory Soave Go into the Google Voice app itself, Settings, Sync and notifications, and set "Receive text messages" to "Via the Google Voice app". 
I'm running CM 11 on Nexus 5 using GV Voice+ through Hangouts and I've noticed texts will not send if the phone radio is off (Wi-Fi on). This is an odd behavior considering all that is needed is a data channel.

Can someone else with a similar setup test this?
Same behavior with the Messaging app. I can receive fine and text to whisperpush CM users, but apparently I can not send to regular text recipients with phone radio off.
+Nick Ezenwabachili if you go into hangout settings, disable group messaging to mms. All group texts in hangouts will be sent via Google voice instead of the carriers mms.
+Trevor Elliott interesting so I'll be able to send group messages with Google voice without hangouts using this method? Can hangouts also read incoming emojis using hangouts and Google voice? 
+Scott Ryskamp I'm running DroidKang on my nexus 5 (a cm11 build), and see the same behavior. I would have thought that there should be no issue sending. Interestingly, texts are received just fine. What cm11 build are you on?
Does anyone else experience the problem that +Scott Ryskamp and I are having? Messaging with wifi on but airplane mode enabled receives messages via hangouts just fine, but cannot send via hangouts. When I then go into GVoice and send the message, it sends out fine.
+Scott Ryskamp +Lucas Bejar This is probably just a by-product of how Voice+ is implemented. They added an SMS middleware layer to intercept outgoing and incoming SMS messages and instead pump them through Google Voice. There may be some limitation for outgoing messages where the radio needs to be turned on, or it's just an oversight. You can submit bug reports against the M builds so you could try that route.
+Nick Ezenwabachili, Google voice can't read the hangout emoji. So they are lost in transition. Tested with lots of emoji to another phone and none came through or sent. Either direction.
I don't want this!!! I want to use my carrier # for texts, not my Google Voice #. People keep asking "who is this?" when I text them. F'n annoying. As it is, I can't even have GV installed.
I don't have an app. It's baked in to cm11. Or am I wrong? If so, which app do I go to "disable "
It's baked into CM, but as an app. Voice+ in the app drawer.
Thanks, for the help, +Trevor Elliott  Since I uninstalled GV, Voice+ icon wasn't there. Had to reinstall, then found that Voice+ was on the next page of the App drawer, hence why I kept missing it before. Now it looks like it's all working like I want.
+Lucas Bejar Texting via Voice+ in Airplaine Mode with WiFi on seems to be working for me now.  I'm on the Feb 2 CM11 nightly, Nexus 5.  Can you confirm?  Thanks!
+Scott Ryskamp I have had times where it works and times where it doesn't, though the times it works far outnumber the other at this point. I actually think it might be related to whether your phone had an active tower connection when it was put into airplane mode. My working theory is that if you put the phone into airplane mode when you have no signal, this causes our issue. Have you noticed anything like this?
Why is a cellular connection even needed? Gv is over data so why can't a WiFi device use voice+ to send messages? The option for hangouts to be the default messaging app is not available on WiFi devices. +Koushik Dutta can you look into enabling this on WiFi devices?
+Bryant Smith Data is not needed at all. What the error appeared to be when this was a problem was that Voice+ would check your "location" for some reason via tower data. In airplane mode, that tower data was being returned as null and voice+ would then throw an error and not send the message.
OK, so I'm loving this integration idea.  But I have a question.  I have NO text plan on my Verizon phone because I strictly use Google Voice. If I set my Google Voice settings to be received through the native messaging app, will that count as a text via my carrier?  I have no texting plan & (for some lame reason) get charged for receiving texts.
I'm having trouble getting this to work at all on the latest CM11 on an N5 with T-Mobile. I have GV installed and Voice+ set to the proper account, and hangouts set to my default messaging app. When I receive a text, a notification from the GV (not hangouts) app  flashes for a second and goes away. Nothing appears in hangouts. Sending a text from hangouts comes from my carrier number. I have also tested with another 3rd party SMS app with the same result.

Any thoughts? Sorry for continuing this old thread, I haven't found many active discussions on voice+. Hopefully this is mitigated soon by official GV support in hangouts...not getting my hopes up though. Seems like G has been neglecting this service for a while now. 
Voice+ does not work with the latest hangouts update. Cannot send or receive via my GV number. Have to disable Voice+ to get messages in the GV app. Running CM11 M5.

Actually GV is becoming more trouble than it's worth. Thinking about transferring my number out... :-/
Same +Charles Bland more and more I find odd issues that aren't worth the hassle. I don't think its just a matter of getting SMS into hangouts officially, either.

Stuff like: getting texts way late, voicemail going to my carrier randomly instead, inability to call/text short codes, incoming MMS-to-email works only half the time (T-Mobile).

The main thing keeping me on voice is number portability at this point. I really wish they'd give it more love, but I also understand it might be a money pit on their end. #betatesters
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