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Dear Android blogs,

The "new local playback" capabilities like slideshows that was "discovered" today is exactly what I and others have been piggybacking to work around white listing restrictions. And also what was disabled by the Chromecast receiver update.

I may try sending content over WebRTC. The only way to stop that is by removing tab casting altogether. But it's easier to just sideload CheapCast onto a Equiso, etc.
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+Jason Wellband , I am CEO of the local Yacht club of Castle Rock, Colorado (also a member).  You are infringing on our trademark.  Cease and Desist!!!
I have a backup of one of the players that had the preliminary MPEG DASH support. I mirrored it a week or so ago. Last time I'd tried it (with my own whitelisted ID obviously) it still worked. I'll probably use it with Fling for now.

This is pretty lame and stupid on their part. Decent tech (ssdp still blows) and poor execution.
While I appreciate and support the hard work you, and others provide to the Dev community; I don't think it may be in our best interest, in this case, to keep circumventing Google's direction for Chromecast. Like you mention, I fear us all losing the ability to cast tabs, etc, because Google is closing loopholes to prevent unauthorized use. Just a thought.
What? No.
 For a thousand reasons, no.
+Shane Martinez Couldn't agree more. My personal opinion on this matter is that these types of devs need wait until Google opens this up and lets apps be published for it. Every time you do these work arounds it will just be closed and the wait will continue to be much longer.
"Unauthorized use" is bullshit.  Call it what it really is - built-in obsolescence.  It's like chip manufacturers underclocking CPUs in order to upsell the "PRO" versions.  It's like the wireless industry blocking tethering on already capped data plans in order to upsell a "service".  It's like the movie/TV industry using region codes on the web content.
I think developers like +Koushik Dutta need to do everything they can to break the Chromecast and Google Cast APIs, and the folks at Mountain View need to do everything they can to stop them. That's what will make this a better product.
Google showed there is a strong market for a keycast. Someone will come with an alternative, working, open product in the next month. Crowd funding much ? I'm waiting for the crowdcast.
Chromecast is Google's product. Not sure why everyone is going around acting like Google doesn't have the right to allow/block what they see fit (for whatever reason).

I think what Koush is trying to do is great - but really everyone... Sometimes we forget that Google doesn't owe you everything. It isn't your right to expect something out of a product that never claimed to support such functionality.
im actually rather surprised that we just havent put custom firmware on the chromecast.. i understand that they r working on an open stack like chromecast.. if that works out im totally flashing my chromecast over ;) #cyanogencast  #koushcast
I think that Google needs to make the product seem secure in order to get big media companies on board. If anyone can hijack and display a video, it may show holes that exist in the software at a time when Google is trying to attract big clients.
+Ryan Evans When they go out of their way to disable functionality after having sold me a device, you better believe it I will be pissed off. How would you feel if, for example, Dell released an "update" to their PCs that prevented installation of Linux? After all, they never said you could run it.
Just gonna leave this here. Warning: The current Google Cast SDK is a preview SDK intended for development and testing purposes only, not for production apps. Google may change this SDK significantly prior to the official release of the Google Cast SDK. We strongly recommend that you do not publicly distribute any application using this preview SDK, as this preview SDK will no longer be supported after the official SDK is released (which will cause applications based only on the preview SDK to break). From the developer site.

+Ryan Evans Right. That's the same reason I don't buy phones that aren't unlockable. The manufacturer isn't obligated to sell me an unlocked phone, but I sure am not going to buy one.

When I buy a computer (and a Chromecast is a computer), I want to be able to put whatever software I want on it.
I'm all for trying new things (I love Air/Allcast). I'm also for waiting to see what Google officially allows the normies to do out of the box.
+Xolani Radebe Your copy/paste skills are unimpressive. You clearly don't understand the context, and I don't care to explain them to you.
+Koushik Dutta there are too many misconceptions floating around, especially from many of us non-coders (myself included), that are, at the drop off the hat calling +Google "evil", because of something even +Google never said they'd support "yet". I actually applaud the work you're doing, and was really excited for the finished product once you gave the green light. But as things stand right now, +Google reserves the right to do what they want with their product until they say what the rest of us can do with it, and what else it can/cannot do. Too many people right now are crying wolf when there isn't one in site.
Phil H
+Shane Martinez "unauthorised use" of something you own, communicating with something else you own. Yeah, right. That's what I expect from Apple, not Google. How about Google stop being our moms and let us get on finding awesome things to do that will sell them more Chromecasts... 
Just to clarify - the entry point you're using is to get around the whitelisting limitation, right? Hypothetically, once the sdk is released and the restriction is gone, it should work, right?

That is to say, doesn't the video streaming still work fine on your own whitelisted chromecast using the non-workaround method?
I don't feel +Xolani Radebe should be insulted over copying something Google stated themselves. If you can't follow the rules then use another product. I admire your work +Koushik Dutta but I don't admire insulting people. 
+Xolani Radebe When someone genuinely calls you out for useless behavior, apologize and don't make limp wristed remarks. For example, rather than reply to this, you could instead go outside and continue affixing Android decals to the back side of your automobile.. 
Someone needs to tell Eric Schmidt that they are failing in their "don't be evil"attempts.
+Koushik Dutta I wasn't criticizing your efforts. I understand where you're coming from. My comment was more directed at those who are calling Google out for having done something wrong with their product as if they expected Google to not have a say in how it is used...
+Jason Yokoyama Explain exactly how Google is being "evil". Everyone loves to throw that cliché around whenever Google does something they don't like...
+Ryan Evans , by deliberately blocking streaming your own content. Granted, I think it's still possible based on what I read in the sdk documentation a while back, but I would have to check it out again.
Just used your dlna stream with upnp and tvmobili. Perfection. Thanks for all cast koush. Love it.
My problem with Equiso is that if you use the native Youtube and Netflix the video wont be 1080p. It will be some high quality video stream but it just wont be 1080p and who knows if Hulu is running at 720p. It will be great for local playback but I can't see it for premium content providers.
Well if they read this, then the headlines wouldn't be sensational enough! 
Sounds like we need to root our chromecasts in order to get more capabilities. Just like with the phones. 
+Ryan Evans What? Nobody said they owe us something, however, OPEN source means just that. OPEN
I'm sorry for all people that reply that +Koushik Dutta should not complain because it's beta blablabla.
I'm sorry but the day Google put their web page on android developer about chromecast I say YESSSS because I saw the example they provide and I remember the way they explain that every developer should easily add the cast button on their apps to send their view to the TV. Just like Google guys said on the interview on the verge when he said that they did that so it could be just like you plug your device with an HDMI cable.
So I was waiting that the Dev guy making mxplayer as the cast functionality to see if I can find someone to order for me (in France so not available).
So now I say sorry guys but I know why Google add that restriction: to please content providers and then how they will support chromecast. But I also know that those f***** dinosaurs won't accept it just like they reject Google TV.
So it bad because they fucked up maybe the best feature of this toy.
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