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Mirroring Android to Amazon Fire TV

The mirroring performance of the Fire TV is on comparable to the Apple TV (low latency, high quality). Chromecast (which uses WebRTC) has noticeable quality issues, on both audio and video.

I never actually got around to sending the audio output to the Apple TV, so the Fire TV implementation is the best of the 3 currently.

Summary of the three platforms:

Fire TV - Great audio and video quality. Works on any 4.4+ device.

Apple TV - Great video quality. Great audio quality, but I don't have audio implemented yet.

Chromecast - Good video quality after 2 minutes, when WebRTC ramps the bitrate up. Terrible audio quality, not sure why. I think that it encodes the audio stream to be optimized for voice. Requires a hardware vp8 encoder, currently only available on Nexus 5.
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I cant tell. I paid for premium and it will only stream for 2 minutes. Using chromecast
It would have been nice to see the actual bird flapping to jugde the lag but it does seems a lot better than the other solutions.

Too bad they dont sell Fire TV outside the US..
+Koushik Dutta Is there any way to attach Mirror to other playback endpoints?  
Like +XBMC?  VLC? etc.  I can feed the flash url into XBMC and it plays, albeit with performance issues
(edit) ps. great job beating Google to screen mirroring.
+Koushik Dutta I was saying that I can't tell the streaming quality because it will not stream the whole movie. I have paid for allcast premium and have it installed. All I get is the trial period to stream.
+Keith Galenzoski At the moment (correct me if I'm wrong), the only streaming protocols XBMC supports are DLNA and Airplay (not mirroring). 

Mirroring a device over DLNA doesn't make much sense, and Airplay Mirroring doesn't work on XBMC. Yet. I guess Koush could write an reciever for XBMC (which is what I think he did for the Fire), but there isn't really much of an incentive for him to do so. 

The most plausible scenario is that someone goes and writes an Airplay Mirroring receiver for XBMC. The reason it hasn't been done before, it that Airplay Mirroring (from Apple devices) is encrypted. Koush's Mirroring works because Apple TVs will happily accept unencrypted Airplay Mirroring streams; it's just that Apple devices or the Apple Airplay Mirroring sources always encrypt their streams. But the details of the Airplay Mirroring protocol other than it's encryption are known, so writing an Airplay Mirroring sink is plausible. So, if someone did add Airplay Mirroring to XBMC it would work with Koush's mirroring, but not Apple devices. So, again, there isn't much of an incentive for anyone to actually go and write it.
I know you said only the n5 have a hardware vp8 encoder bit since the n5 and g2 share essentially identical hardware, do you know if the g2 has it as well? 
+Koushik Dutta How can the Fire TV accept airplay mirroring streams if there's nothing to install on it?
+Francois Roy XBMC has an Airplay Server that isn't enabled by default. That's probably why XBMC doesn't show up. And the streams sent to AirServer don't show up in XBMC; instead AirServer just opens a new window to make it look like that. Additionally, AirServer doesn't run on all the platforms XBMC does. It isn't a really a solution if your trying to get Mirroring to work w/XBMC. In many other cases, it'll work pretty well though.

Lastly, is that a referral link? Sorry, but I'm not buying AirServer.
+Koushik Dutta Wait, really? Wasn't that the Airport Express thing? (Airtunes or whatever it was called) I didn't realize the Airplay Mirroring keys were leaked.

I know a bunch of companies have reverse engineered the keys. At least I think they have. But I didn't know they were publicly available.
+Rahul Butani The streams sent to XBMC when Airserver is running does really seems to be running within XBMC; maybe most likely with their external renderer, but still XBMC. Mirror shows 2 separate entries.
I know it doesnt run on all the platforms, I'm just reporting something.
- The referrer link would give me an extra 7 days even if you only install the trial, but thanks anyway.
+Rahul Butani Ideally I would have XBMC connect directly to the raw h264/vp8 video stream.  I do this for my RPi camera modules and XBMC plays it back without complaint.

For example, if you pull the flash .flv url from the html source of the flash based mirror solution and put it in a .strm file xbmc plays it as well since it can playback flash.

Unless i'm misunderstanding (quite possible!), could you not attach to the mirror h264/vp8 video stream in a similar way?
+Koushik Dutta you think is possible to mirror the android to chromecast without having a Nexus 5. You still working on it or you make only apps for Fire TV now? 
+Koushik Dutta Did Fire TV require any special work, or are you using off the shelf software (so to speak)?  And if it did need something special, can we expect some public code soon?
+Koushik Dutta I hope you can improve the Chromecast solution and expand to more Android devices. I just bought a Chromecast based on your work and teasers, and purchased your AllCast app to support continued development. I'm definitely not interested in buying a $100 Fire TV. Not whining, just hoping.
Based on the size of the chromecast, I think it does a pretty damn good effort at what it does, does it not? 
How does Plex stream to the Chromecast? The quality is very good and I've not noticed any form of ramp up... 
I just downloaded all cast and it did show my movie's I was giving you the benefit of the doubt koushik so explain why I should leave real player cloud.
+Joshua Allan-Sloper Ok, to me the Plex solution is superior to any screen mirroring solution anyways for movies etc. Personally I find the use case for screen mirroring very limited. 
+Robert Botha same. When I get the hardware to build a plex server and chromecast combo it'll make my xbmc set up redundant 
What about playing local content from a computer? 
Don't cheat. When you can play flappy bird looking only at the TV then the delay is acceptable ;-) No seriously, great work. On the subject though +Koushik Dutta are there parameters for size of buffering and such that you tweak in order to optimize latency vs robustness?
Does the Fire use HDMI cec to cause itself to be shown when you start playing something?
Wow, that's incredible. Would this work from a Nexus 4? Or is there something specific in the N5 that allows it?
This interests me from an Education point of view. I have teachers using iPad and AppleTV for airplay mirroring. Hasn't been a solution for android devices other than Miracast or PTV which are a bit hit and miss.
When this comes to non rooted devices, I'll be pushing this option. Great work +Koushik Dutta
I have poor video performance on Apple tv 2nd gen using nexus 5. Resolution is great but VERY sluggish.
Trying the beta on my Fire TV.  It says I need to install AllCast on the Fire TV, but it's not available on the Amazon Appstore.  Should I simply sideload it?
I see the idea behind Chromecast is that it doesn't need mirroring. You can request any of the same content and let the work be done by the Chromecast instead of your smartphone using up its battery. Mirroring games doesn't seem very useful to me, but I do understand the limited case where you'd want to demonstrate an app to a group of people.
I don't understand why the Chromecast requires VP8 when it decodes H.264 streams just fine...
+Stephen Simpson Nexus 5 has a hardware vp8 encoder, so it can encode to vp8 very fast without using cpu/gpu power. This makes it easy to send a stream to something like the chromecast. Doing something like this without a hardware encoder will eat up cpu/gpu power.
+Deran Decker There is currently no way to zoom and pan images without mirroring. This is a huge deficiency of Chromecast versus Miracast.
Hi, I wanted to know if it works on the Samsung Galaxy SIV? 
I install it, but when opened, it gets in the native application starts "screen mirroring" which does not detect the Apple TV..
How do u downloaded mirror app to my galaxy tab 3 or does it even wrk for it
+Koushik Dutta Chromecast can't mirroring from Galaxy Note II, can it ? Android phone only support Nexus 5, right ?
Vitor J
An user from spain in xda achieved chromecast mirroring using Moto G natively. 
I have allcast premium on my nexus 5 and allcast app on my firetv. But when I start both, I don't see my firetv as an option to cast to.....what's the issue?
+Jason Iannantuono Same Issue.  I even purchased premium but can't get it to mirror on the shiny new AFTV.  I have a GN3 (SM-N900T) on KitKat Bobcat v8.  Pushing audio and video works flawlessly on the AFTV, but crashes on my ATV2 XBMC v13 with Airplay turned on in XBMC settings.
Is there a way to screen mirror through allcast from a Note 3?
When will Amazon provide miracast support for other devices than just Amazon tablets? My Nexus 5 supports miracast and should be able to cast it's screen to the Fire TV but it can't see it. I know I can get it to work with some of the great work that has been done, but I shouldn't have to root my phone just to get this built in function that is already there, working. 
Games? There is no cast share optuin after paying for premium whats up with that?
I went out and bought both the Netgear Miracast adapter ($50) and a Chromecast. The user experience is better with the Chromecast but there is more lag than with miracast. 
Can anyone get there Windows 8.1 Devices to work? My Surface Pro 3 finds my Fire Tv and installs the driver, but never connects.
How do you mirror your entire screen? Neither my nexus 5 (5.0 Preview) nor my nexus 7 2013 (4.4) are able to find my fire TV to mirror my screen.
The Fire TV only supports miracast with Amazon devices right now. 
+Nick Del Grande not with the newest update, it supports android devices too. My nexus 5 mirrors perfectly to the fireTV.
+Joshua Timothy​ that's great they finally did it. Should have been that way from day one. Any audio sync issues?
+Nick Del Grande nope it works great... It depends on your network though... I showed my dad the feature at his house and there was a little stuttering. I have a nice router and really fast internet.
+Joshua Timothy​ Nice. Yeah I just picked up the Netgear Nighthawk wireless router. Got it maybe a month ago and haven't had to reboot it or anything. I got it with a Motorola Surfboard 6141 modem to replace Comcast's garbage setup. 
+Florian Neidhardt​

+Nick Del Grande​ I have a Nighthawk also. Best purchase I have ever made. I live in a wireless congested apartment complex and it handles my WiFi amazingly!
+Joshua Timothy​ agreed probably one of the best purchases I have made this year. I am going to test the casting now. Anyone want to buy a Netgear miracast adapter on the cheap? I have one and don't need it. 
I got it to work. You have to go to the "Display & Sounds" settings and select "Enable Display Mirroring" and leave that window open. Once I did that my N5 even running pre-release 5.0 mirrored fine. Thanks +Joshua Timothy​
I just tested mirroring Real Racing 3 with both the Chromecast and the Fire TV. Miracast definitely had less lag but it was still choppy. I think this is more of a hardware limitation on the N5 than anything. The N6 will probably have no issues. Everything else mirrors fine. It also chewed through my battery like no other, so if you plan to mirror I suggest you plugin power if you are playing a 3D game. 
samsung galaxy note 4 (4.4.4) will not actually connect to amazon fire tv even tho fire tv shows up on note 4; it tries to connect and times out.!??
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