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Playback controls for the MyCast app.
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For a second there, I thought you were streaming your +Google Glass via Chromecast!
looks pretty awesome, ill probably stick with bubbleupnp tho only because its already installed on my devices =/
+Sean Donovan Yeah, I'm not going to bother supporting DLNA anyways :) Every existing DLNA app will add Chromecast support.

I'm building a turnkey solution for casting video off your phone and computer.

Ie, play videos off your phone.
Or install a Chrome extension that lets you play videos from your computer, or use your phone as a remote to play content on your computer.
+Koushik Dutta ya i saw what ur ideas of what this can do and i am rather impressed for sure, i also saw bubbleupnp ideas on it working and that one is good enough for my purposes.. if i didnt purchase the premium version i would switch for sure.. that is when i actually do get my chromecast...
Will this be able to run through third party gallery apps?
Okay... Serious Question... Will there be an iOS app? Is that even possible?
+Chris Malkiewicz Possible, yes. Will I write one? Probably not; I've got a lot of existing Android code that allowed me to write this very quickly. Wouldn't be the same on iOS. Would take a month or more.
A complaint I have is that if I am casting from a device, the only device I can use to control that cast is the original device. I hope google adds a sort of universal remote in the next Chromecast app update. Its annoying to start a cast on my PC and can't control it from my phone.

On another topic, Plex server running in Chrome Tab + awesome wifi router + 1080p movie + chromecast = easy hi def tv shows/movies served up to my TV completely over wifi with barely any lag.
I would love to try this out. When can it be released? 
if you need guiNee piglet to test your app, drop a note HAHAHA
+Cody Stamps Please define "awesome wifi router".  My Buffalo WHR-G300N can't even handle a simple Chrome tab with video  :(
I say we all ask +Les Vogel and +John Affaki when they will give him the go ahead! I've been watching thus waiting for a release since the first post about it.
I don't get why they are holding back apps that are ready to go. The lack of apps for chrome cast is pretty frustrating
Any way to add a extended notification pulldown with a scrubber bar?
Will the app impact share counts on services that have share limits? I'm assuming the 'cast streams files directly from the cloud, rather than via the phone. (Except, of course, when it's streaming directly from the phone).
Any chance the app could be used to cast from a local Windows network share? :-) :-) 
When your Chromecast is released, will it be in app store or will it be any website? Any guess on when it will be out kaushik?
David H
Take my money!
Oh right, you need to be approved to make this public huh? Well when it does, please take my mone...I mean, let us know.
Keep up the good work, Koushik! It is folks like you that will unleash the true power of #chromecast.
This is fantastic. Best buy just sent me the confirmation that my Chromecast has shipped so I can't wait for your app to end up in the PlayStore. Awesome work. Been using some of your other apps for a long time so i'm sure this will be a hit as well
+Koushik Dutta  Awesome, thanks!  Vic hinted this was coming for the Gallery, but I think you are going to beat them to it!
Hi Koushik , how can I find your app apk, I couldn't find it on play it in my country(Lebanon) 
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