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BETA: AllCast and Mirror support for Fire TV
(ie, Android to Android casting and mirroring)

Sideload the AllCast receiver APK on your Fire TV:

Then start up AllCast or Mirror on your Android. Your Fire TV should show up and be a cast/mirror target.

The receiver APK is already submitted to the Amazon App Store. Just waiting for them to approve it and go live.

Side note:
This is just a regular Android APK. You can actually use this receiver to mirror/cast to any other Android device.
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Any update for mirror apk for android Nexus5?
Well done!
Is this for Nexus5 only ?

This is just a regular Android APK. You can actually use this receiver to mirror/cast to any other Android device. Kinda cool. I was testing by mirroring my Nexus 5 to my Nexus 10.
What happened to desksms man? Can't find it
+Koushik Dutta Cool i'll test it out on my Odroid and report back thanks for the amazing work!!
.. But if I run the Receiver app on my N5, it easily shows up on my N7.. Of course I can't cast to it, but eh. 
+Nick Waywood nothing to report yet. so much to do, not enough time.

what in particular did you want to see from it? just casting files on your computer?
Would you consider uploading to Play Store too? Would be nice to use on GoogleTV, Nexus Q, etc.
+Nick Waywood I was considering making a chrome extension that makes your desktop computer video files show up in the android allcast app. would that work?
I've been trying to locate the screen mirroring apk for nexus 5 any help?
+Koushik Dutta does it support chromecast protocol? Would be nice to see it as a chromecast device so I can use it with youtube or play music :)
+Koushik Dutta yeah that could work, is there any advantage to doing that though? Seems to me like that would be unnecessarily draining your phones battery.
How likely is it that Amazon will approve your app? 
Is anyone able to receive anything a Mirror feed? (Not just a video stream)
Just streamed from my Nexus 4 running CM11 to my Xoom running CM11. Smooth!! Great work!

(Yes I still have a Xoom)
Hmm. installed Allcast receiver on nexus 7. Allcast sender on the Nexus 5 can see and stream to the N7 but when i try to find the N7 using Mirror, it can't find it in the list of devices (i can see my Apple TV and Chromecast though). Am i missing something?
+Jonathan Bitran you need the new mirror probably. i just published that a bit ago, it takes a few hours to roll out. check google play for an update.
+Koushik Dutta Mirror is installed. That's after the play store update. I also just tried to flip the N7 and N5 (i.e. install the receiver on the N5 and the sender / mirror on the N7) same result. Allcast sender can see and stream to the target on the N5 while mirror can't see the target but can see other devices.
+Jonathan Bitran Yeah, i didn't actually finish up the android to android discovery, which is slightly different than fire tv discovery. lemme do that an update mirror.
+Koushik DuttaI used a nexus 4 and Moto G for this experiment and uss it both ways making one mirror and another receiver one by one but it failed to find any receiver in both cases
Cast receiver needs to be on a kitkat device? Parsing error in Vizio Co star Google TV :-( 
+Koushik Dutta is the apk 4.0 and higher? Tried to install on my 3.2 Google TV but 2 downloads later and it still says unable to parse the file. Using es file Explorer from the play store. 
The Media Server is inconsistent for me on my N7 and N5. Servers show up sporadically. Any ideas?
Koushuk dutta, App in phone auto start the app in fire TV using DIAL ?
This would be awesome if it worked with my Sony Google TV with 3.2, but I get an error when trying to load the apk
+Koushik Dutta Mirror update just rolled out to me; N4, N5, N7; all combinations I've tried seems to work. Fantastic work.
I will totally buy this.

The feed is stable and artifacts free but expect a full second of lag. Might be a bit worse than Miracast on that matter, but the sound pipes through and overall quality is surprisingly good for video playback or presentations. 
+Koushik Dutta The update indeed solved the android to android mirroring but there is a serious audio/video sync issue on almost any video being mirrored excluding videos that are locally stored on the source device. So any app the contains streaming video as audio sync issue. Is that something that can be solved?
+Koushik Duttaso your saying that we would be able to browse our computers to cast files from our phones through an extension? Kind of using our phone as a remote? And this wouldn't use the phones battery because it's streams from your computer??

Edit: thought this was referring to being able to cast local content on computer to Chromecast on your TV, reread your response and realize it's just about streaming to the computer. Any update on the extension to play local content on your TV through Chromecast? 
+Kevin Rothman No, this is about using your computer to stream to chromecast. Phone is just a remote, the phone wouldn't actually use any battery since your computer is still the server.
The receiver force closes on my android x86 set top box whenever I try to mirror to it. Allcast works fine, however... Nexus 4 and Intel NUC running android 4.4.2.

EDIT: Works perfectly when mirroring to my nexus 7.
Supercool, Android on Android, already have an old Minix5 on 4.2 root and was searching for a way to mirror the screen since it doesn't have any monitor.. +Koushik Dutta is there a way to leave the Mirror(sender) always on/set on boot to access it? and use android phone (n5) for the (full) remote control (or are we only visualizing here).. + can one stream from phone to pc - is there a receiver for pc? What's mirror quality? Flash?
Why don't you work on fixing the app first??
So I tried the mirror app on my LG G2 on 4.4.2. But it doesn't seem to work. It crashes every time I try to open it .

Edit: Tried it also on my Nexus 7, then it worked. The only difference that I could see was that on the Nexus it asked for root but not on the G2. The Nexus is on Cm and the G2 rooted stock. 
+Koushik Dutta any chance this can be ported to an xbmc plugin. The only thing missing from xbmc is the ability to mirror a device directly to xbmc.
+Koushik Dutta that is fucking incredible. I don't know how you can devise that possibility, but that is damn cool. Please let me know when that is built, I will buy immediately
+Koushik Dutta compared to another app that will remain unnamed allcast is unusable i had to uninstall it my major contention is the streaming quality and buffering you did fix a lot of the other issues like looking in a particular folder but if the quality is poor there is no point in using it
+Ameer Robinson The adaptive streaming for on device video is an optional setting.  If you just leave that off, it sends the original file to the chromecast. Keep in mind though, if your wireless network is too slow for a video, that's on your end, not mine.
+Koushik Dutta I just buy Allcast 2 mouth ago so can mirroring screen Samsung s3 on chrome cast are sill working on with more Android phone and tablet? 
Hello!  I just bought the premium AllCast on my Nexus 5, and side-loaded the CastReceiver.apk to Fire TV; however, I see no option in the AllCast app for mirroring, nor do I see it as a target in Settings > Display > Cast.  Thoughts?  Thanks!
Works perfectly on the Ouya with AllCast - just had to max out the BPS to make it work stutter-free ;)
You actually could release it directly on their store if you were able to. But XBMC has got UPnP support, so......... Yeah.
+Koushik Dutta awesome app. Is it possible in next releases to launch receiver app if it closed when start casting on client?
+Koushik Dutta Thanks!  Is it available anywhere other than Google Play?  It was unavailable when I clicked your link :(
+Koushik Dutta instead of a having a mirror app and Allcast as separate apps, could mirror just be a added feature to All cast. It would be great to be able just mirror browsers such as Chrome,Firefox, and Puffin, since most GTV boxes support a much older version of chrome, only. There would be little or no need to mirror photos and video from my device since I can just cast them.
+Koushik Dutta minor issue. Could you update the app icon or at least the name for this receiver app? The play store version and this are undistinguishable otherwise. 
+Koushik Dutta I was able to side load all cast to my fire TV. Music, pics, video all work great, but I can't find the mirror feature anywhere?? I used the apk from your post. Thx mate

NM. Just read the comments. Where do I get your mirror apk? I have a S4.
I have the AllCast app and find it very useful.

However after using it how do I deactivate it or close it down?

+Koushik Dutta the stop button doesn't always work. Haven't been able to figure out when it does and when not. Eg. I watched a movie last evening but the notification tray still has the allcast icon with no way to click stop and make it go away. It will only go away on forcing stopping the app as far as I can tell. 
+Koushik Dutta I installed the Receiver on a x86 Android 4.3 device and it connects to Mirror and streams video, but there's a 10-20 second lag that slowly increases. Is there anyway to adjust bitrate output in Mirror?
Are there plans for a PC version of allcast?
Is it possible to include Miracast support in Mirror apk? I m using CM11 on Samsung I9082 and found how to enable wifi display, connect with TV but than only black screen for few sec and connection is closed. Tnx in advance
Erich W
+Koushik Dutta I"m on the newest beta but I'm not seeing all my videos on drive available to be cast
FireTV showed up.. Loaded the AllCast Receiver and Allcast works pretty good.  Mirror, doesn't see any devices...  Samsung GN3 with 4.4.2
Hi koushik can u tell me when I be able to get a app for chromecast to mirror my note 3 phone pleasr
So how do you get the mirroring option? Or is this only a beta I would need?
+Charles Eakins You have to sign up for the Beta, then install the app to a compatible Rooted device. It should walk you through converting it into a System app, and then it will be part of your System Settings menu and a new tile will appear in the Notification Quick Settings. Performance varies wildly between devices and wifi connections. 
Hi koshik I think we have our wires crossed I have a chromecast dongle wanted to mirror my phone to a Samsung tv not fire tv
U installed this on my mk808. Does anyone know how to mirror games or inapp to my big screen. The app works fine with pics and videos but I don't know how to mirror live persay while playing games like subway surfers. Thanks.
is this receiver showing as a chromecast device to other chromecast apps (like cheapcast did) or is is for allcast only? 
Excellent work,  I'll try to use it.
No works in Ouya, Allcast stay searching player. Could help me?
I tried the mirror on my note 2 omni rom TWRP recovery all it did was freeze my phone.  Was the lack of CWM recovery the issue or something else?
Note 3 won't can't find the fire tv with allcast. I refunded the paid version of allcast because of this. Any suggestions?
tried receiver on ouya (latest fw update), latest rooted nexus 5 (original fw, just rooted). ouya found, screen streaming starts, lasts 2-3 seconds (i can see nexus5 screen on tv), the receiver crashes.
Anyone here have the latest allcast receiver apk? Or where can I find it? Want to install it on the Ouya. Thanks!
allcast doesn't work in my kindle fire tv stick. 
I cannot get it to work with my Amazon Fire TV stick either.  I have watched several videos on youtube about: a.) downloading Allcast, which I did, b.) enabling mirroring on my Fire TV, which I did, c:) selecting Wireless Display on my phone, which I did and it just kept searching for my device, d:) selecting Cast Screen on my phone, which I did and it gives the message "no neaby devices were found", and I am sitting 8 feet away from my TV. One thing I noticed about Cast Screen - the poster had on On/Off toggle button which I do not.   I keep searching the internet for the answer!  Can you help?  (I have a Motorola Mini running Android 4.4.4)  Thanks!
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