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AllCast Receiver for Chrome

This is a Chrome app. So it can be installed on anything that runs Chrome. Which is basically anything.

Receiver supports:
video (with closed captions, no wireless headset feature)
mirroring (via Mirror+webrtc, not ideal)

This receiver requires the new AllCast I released this morning, this will be rolling out over the next few hours.

(Yes, a Chrome sender is coming too)
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Wow that is awesome. Having chrome as a receiver is super handy, I had never even considered that! Best work +Koushik Dutta. I think this deserves a pro upgrade :)
Allcast all the things! When is the Allcast eyeball receiver and sender coming? ;)
This is cool but I don't know why I would need it if I have a chromecast
good, because im totally going to be gobbling both of these up lol
Very cool, but, um, security?  Next thing I know someone will be flashing inappropriate videos and pictures on my screen when I go to a coffee shop.
Awesome. But I wish it worked as a Chromecast so i could stream from Chromecast-enabled apps like Beyondpod, etc.
+Alex Williamson You're correct, but they would need to know you have the Chrome extension and would need to have Allcast. Chances of both happening are slim, and anyways I'm sure Koush could use some kind of security on this so it's not too big of a hassle.
AllCast on my phone will play 'on-device' music flawlessly, but I'm having an issue with Google Play Music... I've enabled it, it has reset, it sees the Chrome@ destination, will load the cover art but the music never starts playing no matter how often I queue it up.
+Cole Tindal Allcast found my laptop automatically... how would sitting down at a coffee shop with Allcast on my phone, seeing what I can see work any differently?
Just what I've always wanted

Do you even sleep, +Koushik Dutta, or do you just code great features for your users 24/7?
+Koushik Dutta you know if I could cast one resource to all of my receivers at the same time, that would be super duper cool... :) I don't have any practical use case for it.. its just 'cool' factor for me
+Shawn McLeod Oh, I know what's wrong. Will need to roll out an update to AllCast for Android. Thanks for the bug report.

Basically, the authorization headers are not being passed on the receiver side.
so.... whats the use for this?
why load something from the phone when you can just load it from the computer? perhaps i lack imagination?
+Alex Williamson +Koushik Dutta How about a University network where everyone is on the same WiFi?  That's how I see this being more of an issue than a coffee shop.  Is it not using your Google credentials for verification?  Could it? 
+Koushik Dutta Thanks! Question about the future for you. Collaborative playlists from multiple devices... essentially a nexus Q-like functionality. Is this something we can look forward to? 
I guess for me the only thing useful would be mirroring. Since i live in the cloud, I can already view pics, videos, and music thru chromecast to tv,  or chromebox to monitor. or even chromebox to chromecast with tab casting.
+Mark Meyer yep, user authentication or at least device authentication would be the more complete fix
Does it work with Chrome for Android? 
+Steven Holms it might be a mac specific feature then, built into the os. i may need to add a fullscreen button for other platforms.
Yeah it's possible. F11 doesn't seem to do anything in Ubuntu. Been a while since I looked at the new chrome app docs, so have no idea what expected behaviors are in relation to full screen. 
What a guy! Brilliant! Still my number 1 app!
+Koushik Dutta Updated Allcast app and installed receiver on hp chromebook 14, not showing up on list
+Koushik Dutta do I need to have the chrome app open to use it? Does it run as a background chrome app?
+Koushik Dutta don't think it is working with chromebooks. My Samsung Chromebook has the app open, but no detection from the app. Running the updated app too.
"Yes, a Chrome sender is coming too" - great news!
wow.... that works flawless ! awesome work !
At my allcast the play music Option doesnt even show up +Koushik Dutta and i updated to the newest Version 2 minutes ago
+Koushik Dutta not showing my chromebook hp 14 on the list ...updated the all cast not even i need to enable some flags or something on chromebook
+Koushik Dutta definitely confirmed, allcast receiver works flawlessly on desktop but not chromebook, mine as said is hp chromebook 14
+Koushik Dutta nice! i prefer the 14 since it has a big screen, but the 11 is great since it has an enxyos and charges thru micro usb
It doesn't work for me :( ... I have the lastest app installed on my nexus 5 and the receiver running, but the app doesn't show me that there is the receiver. BTW I'm on Win7 Ultimate with Chrome 35.0.1916.114
+Koushik Dutta no its in the foreground... btw sorry for bad english... could also be an windows issue ( happens with a lot of things)
+Koushik Dutta thanks for taking care for the guys with chromebook including ordered one so fast....hats off to you and great work btw...(it works on my win 7 not CB hp14)
Will be really useful when you can cast everything on the phone, not just media.. And interact with it.. 

I use Airdroid, but I hate the interface.
Erich W
One more reason to buy a Chromebook soon +Koushik Dutta is getting one so who knows what else he's capable of doing for android and chrome
That works slick on Chrome for Windows and ChromeOS. Thanks.
not all of my video you can clearly see (or shots without sound) even though you can clearly see on chromecast :(
Is there anyway to setup a playlist or a slideshow? Or simulcast music and a slideshow??  
+Koushik Dutta Is there any way to send mouse click interactions back to Allcast? It would be cool if, once casting from Allcast to Chrome, I could actually click on buttons to play/pause skip, etc? Might not be possible, but it is the first thing I tried out of habit when playing a video.
AWESOME!! Thanks Koush. This is exactly what I needed.
+Koushik Dutta I am looking for an app that would let me mirror android on my PC and send my mouse clicks and keyboard typing back to the phone, I regularly host how to android sessions via Google hangouts on PC and would love to be able to show and interact with my phone via browser.
Finally....A reason for me to buy Allcast!
wow, i'm impressed koush, thanks (for listening)
...but one thing bothers me: is there a way you can use the existing chromecast buttons in e.g. google music and send it to the allcast receiver? i'd like to have the actual casting app out of the way...
Cast all the things to all the things... with all the other things!
+Koushik Dutta I don't know if it is an issue. it seems that AllCast doesn't find the ChromeReceiver if the Chrome destination is connected over the wifi.
+Stephan Berndl Yes, the existing buttons should work. There's a bug at the moment where the chrome app doesn't work with google music. Will need to roll out an update for that.
Hey! I think I suggested this a little while back. Thanks Koush!
+Koushik Dutta awesome work as always! I am in no way a developer so I will not pretend to be one, but do you see anyway of being able to cast to all the supported devices you have from apps that have casting capability? For example cast from google music or netflix to the Amazon FireTV?
Any luck casting Google Play Movies? With no TV and no support for desktop playback from Google, this vexes me. Your help would certainly earn a donation from this man. In addition, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. 
+Dirk Wilhelm if you can try to cast twitch and send me a log, i can take a look. i fixed a bunch of bugs in it, and it works on all my devices now, but i'm still getting reports of problems.
Is mirroring to this receiver supposed to work on all devices, or is this Nexus 5 only again?
Please tell me how to get the Allcast receiver on my Logitech revue!!!
Working well casting from Google Drive to Chrome on Ubuntu via my Nexus 4.
+Koushik Dutta How can I log within the app? I don't get an error, it just doesn't work. I already opened a request (3395) and it was marked as resolved by Ray...
Fair enough and thanks again. Donation for appreciation regardless. 
I'm running the app on chrome on Ubuntu and when I send a photo or video the app reacts as if it is working fine, but the receiver app on chrome doesn't do anything. Same thing when I try mirroring from my nexus 5, it acts as though it's working but nothing
Works on my Ubuntu ultrabook but not on my Samsung 11"  Chromebook (ARM).  Regardless, I just bought AllCast Premium because I have faith in +Koushik Dutta's skills.
I can't stream from youtube, is it supposed to be that way? 
it doesn't work on my windows laptop (not detected by allcast sender)
and why when i'm play audio files it will play but distorted 
edit: it worked on ubuntu but not on windows 
It would be really amazing if the chrome extension could work as a middleman between the Chromecast TV dongle and the files on my NAS. So I could play content by mounting the NAS folders on my PC and play them on my TV and maybe even do transcoding on the fly on my pc.
Thanks for your Allcast apps, I'm considering paying the key for supporting this development 😃

I've the latest stable chrome and installed the allcast receiver in chrome (and the latest allcast for android).
The first run only works if I start manually the PC receiver or the receiver it wont be detected by allcast (I've some chrome apps in background like google hangouts or Chrome remote and these apps work perfect).
After the first run I can detect it and send media files... But some minutes or hours later of inactivity I can't find the chrome receiver so I have to launch manually again to make it detectable by allcast...

Why can not run it permanently in background like other chrome apps in systray? Is the same problem of your Receiver in Android, that only works when you open manually the receiver app... So I can't send anything when I want without touch the receiver app so I have to go where the Android device is and start it 😰
How do I disconnect the AllCast app on my #Nexus5 after I'm done using it?  I'm still getting the icon on the upper left hand side of the notification bar.  I did notice a box that's checked under App Info that says Show Notification, do I need to uncheck that or does it even play a roll?  This may be a question for +Koushik Dutta Also won't recognize my HP Chromebook.
+Koushik Dutta I'm running Chrome Beta on Ubuntu. I get the Allcast receiver screen but when I try to cast a video, it just goes blank. On the device that I'm casting from, it looks like it basically just skips to the end of the video. Trying to cast a picture results in the same blank window or the Allcast receiver window disappears entirely.
Have it on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 and they can send and recieve to each other. Installed the Chrome receiver on Win 8 laptop but neither device can see the Chrome browser, only my Chromecast. Would this be a firewall issue?
+Koushik Dutta I see that your AllCast receiver code for Chromecast supports captions. Any chance you could open-source it?
+Koushik Dutta AllCast on my Note 2 doesn't see my Asus Chromebox with the AllCast Receiver app installed in the Chrome browser.
+Koushik Dutta I just purchased the app and am trying to get it to work on my Samsung Chromebook 2. It's not being detected from my Galaxy Note 3 (AT&T) to send pictures or videos to the receiver. My Chromecast and Apple TV show up in AllCast but not my Chromebook.
Waiting for mirroring to work on other devices. Great app anyways!
Any chance of being able to send from chrome to others running the receiver? 
Also, any chance of casting to multiple receivers? It would be useful to be able to send info to a team of receiving devices for discussion.
Hi Koush... I'm having some trouble here...Win8 64... I've already reinstalled the app a few times but the same issue happens again... the page doesn't start... in the Chrome's task manager, it shows, shortly after I click the shortcut in my desktop,  as "Background Page: Allcast Receiver"... then, a few seconds later, it disappears... the page never appears. Any thoughts? streaming doesn't work on both my device (Nexus 5 / Nexus 7 2012). Maybe a Problem with Location (Germany)? 
+Koushik Dutta I'm using a nexus 4 and somehow twitch streaming to chrome still doesn't work. I'm also from germany if that matters. Got the latest free allcast app and the allcast receiver if that matters.

I just get a black screen and the allcast app shows the play button. when pressing the play button the screen just stays black.

Also tried with a nexus 5 from a friend and it doesn't work too.
+Koushik Dutta cool :-) thanks for letting me know that.
I'm already looking forward to it. I may be buying the app because of how awesome you interect with your community.
Any chance for a login to access my follower / subscriber list? Or alternative will there a chance to save a list of favorite twitch channels?
It doesn't work for me. Allcast receiver is installed. The latest Allcast is also installed on my phone but it doesn't find my computer
The app on my computer is open. But the android app still not find it
Probably the Windows firewall. I'm running on Windows 8.1
Google chrome is an autorized app in my firewall. So i don't see where de problem is
Pretty sweet.

as others mentioned, the fullscreen doesn't work on linux.  Also on the mac version the cursor will not hide. the best i can do is put it at the bottom left so that it's only a tiny white dot.
It seems the problem is my computer cuz' I tried with a more recent one and it works perfectly
Any update on this not working with Chromebook?
All of the sudden I'm having issues with the receiver.. Could it have something to do with the latest Android update?
Just tried allcast receiver on acer chromebook c720p, not showing up from android 4.3 (samsung s3)
+Koushik Dutta  Hey i installed the chrome extension and also the app on my phone. the app detects the browser and if i cast something the window opens too but nothing plays. It just shows the Big allcast logo. please help
I only receive sound, nothing of video... if i send a video i receiv ethe sound of the video nothing else
Not work! I have opened the allcast receiver in chrome and i have opened allcast on my phone, but allcast doesn't find the receiver. Both of devices are connected on the same wifi
OK, I have the Allcast app installed on my Nexus 7 and the Chrome app installed on the laptop.  I can mirror photos and such but how do I mirror the android "desktop" onto the laptop? Thanks!
Any way to get this working on a chromebook?
I have everything working except mirroring.  Is there a good site or wiki somewhere with directions?
I saw the August article about mirroring an Android display, downloaded the Chrome app & android app, but I can't seem to enable mirroring on a Moto X.  All I can do is share videos, music, & photos.  Those worked OK (slow) but I came for the mirroring.  Is it here yet?
To let you guys with problems on Windows know my solution: Firewall settings!

Put in rules so TCP and UDP Port "53515" will be going out and going in.

Instant AllCast is working flawless!
Only gallery and music is working at relatively slow speed. Other apps like youtube or chrome are not working at all. A good start non the less. Please do work on remaining issues and overall fluidity. 
+Isaac Ah-Loe yeah, i will fix the full screen issue soon (this was in June 2014))

Still not fixed? why can we still not watch videos in fullscreen? I love this allcast extension, it basically turns your chrome browser into a chromescast, but thats the one flaw that has me using the  chromecast instead.  I have my pc hooked up to my hdtv and it would be awesome to be able to fullscreen the videos from the allcast chrome browser extension. 
We need full screen windows!!!!!
+Koushik Dutta Hi, how likely is android mirroring through this in the future. Possibly lag free. Thanks :)
hi i install allcast app on my samsung galaxy s3 i9305 
PAC-ROM is running on it 
i also install allcast receiver on my chrome app but on my device a don't see @chrome on the list of different cast some one can help me for mirrong my device screen on chrome 
+samori touré what Android version is Pac-MAN using? Is it newer than the version Samsung has official give away? If yes, it could be everything in the drivers, so many fixed are needed to let a newer Android version run on old Samsung devices :(

Thats why I bought a Nexus, sry.
Dee Jay
So...after 7 months, still no solution for chromebooks? Wish I would have known that before purchasing.
Hello, photos which are taken with Smartphone rotated (Gallery > Details > rotation 90, 180 or 240 (EXIF)) are auto rotated if I view them them with Gallery. The AllCast App doesn't rotate them on Galaxy S3 mini but on Galaxy S2 when I play them on the AllCast App for Chrome Browser.
I installed the pc reciever and the allccast app on my note 4. PC and phone are on same network, but PC its not showing on the phone. (windows 7)
+William I. Hernandez you need to open two separate ports in windows firewall, ONLY then all cast will work. Look up on google for the ports, guess I made a post about that too.
Is this working on chromebooks? I have both applications installed but it won't find the device. Any help?
Is there a way to add the firewall changes on chromeOS or a work around yet? Thanks.
installed receiver on my windows 8 pc, phone is not detecting it as a playback device?
It doesn't work for me I downloaded free version. 
HELP! my sender and receiver won' t communicate. PLEASE HELP! it wont work with the chrome download, NOT the chromecast.
not working for me, my allcast app can't see the allcast receiver, it doesn't have a console or log so I don't even know how to debug it.
Got it working after adding an exception to my Firewall, though I presume you're still working on a full screen mode on Windows +Koushik Dutta ?
Oh, you must restart Chrome to make the change effect the extension.
Allcast doesn't find the receiver
+Simon Edwards Well but everyone uses Windows Firewall, or something else instead. So ports must be manually opened. Should be given as a hint in the app, would make it much easier for newbies :D
Even disabling the firewall doesn't work -.-
Sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you enable ports on a Chromebook? Thanks in advance!
Is it possible to use standard casting to cast from an Android device to an instance of Chrome browser?
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