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Mirroring from +CyanogenMod to another Android

AirPlay mirroring server on an Android. Incoming Apple lawsuit.

This is interesting, cause you could potentially install this airplay server onto a Android PC stick and hook it up to your TV.
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Daddy? Can you help me beat this Angry Birds level. Sure honey, just let me grab my phone.

Totally awesome work as always. 
nice one. but why i buy a chromecast last week? ^^
How bout with HDMI out? My old Transformer tf101 would finally have purpose again
+Koushik Dutta Behind the scenes it's using Miracast or AirPlay reverse-engineered protocol? In both sides (client and server)?
+Koushik Dutta if you also find a way to install the client or server to the shit we call smart tv(same Samsung model as you) I will have to make a statue of you and ship it to Apple and Samsung xD
the power of android is insane.+1 for the keyboard its the same as my work one.
+Koushik Dutta  Finally I'll find usage for my ATV. I don't have any iOS device. It's fast as I can see from video. What router do you have? 
Its near synchronous O.O
Awesome work!
Can we control back? Ex. Start on phone, grab tablet, play angry birds on that?
I'm getting an Android Stick the minute you release this :D
My Bravia W6 has built in Miracast and it works ok although there is a minimal lag and resolution doesn't seem to be that good from Nexus 4
Will work great with my ouya, take my money now!
+Koushik Dutta miracast Is shit? Miracast is hardware encoded without any android encoding taking valuable CPU time.
Does this is also hardware encoded or its taking CPU resources? 
There's a certain irony in that Airplay Mirroring, a closed-source protocol, has better device (thanks to Koush) and software compatibility than Miracast, the open alternative.

Android contains a few bits and pieces that seem to point to a Miracast sink, but even with that...

Great work, as always!
What app is being used as the receiver?
##edit, i think i decoded the response above. This is using airplay. 
Yeah, my Android dongle currently has no way of receiving content ala Apple TV or Chromecast. This will be a nice addition :)
Now that Cyanogenmod is a commercial venture, will you be allowed to include this in CM?
Fuc* yea! Open source it and let them chase every single developer on earth.
This would be great to use on my Google TV
Would this require CM on the target device? I'm assuming not. Which will be awesome. 
Will this require two CM devices, or will there be an app for non-CM device like Google TV?
+Koushik Dutta when Google abducted you that day, did they take you to their mothership and show you their alien ways because this shit is way more advanced than the alien technology in chromecast!
Open source?  I would love to see this implemented as part of +XBMC, they have AirPlay already working, just not mirroring.

Regardless, looks like a good use for my old Android devices.  Can't wait!
Amazing!  I'd love to have a good reason to want to use my Nexus Q with CM.  
Is this just a server app or a combo of server+client? Couldn't this be achieved by reverse engineering a miracast server? So that the phone doesn't have to be rooted?
I really like the idea of putting the airplay server on an Android stick - they're cheap and plentiful and could probably easily run CM (if they don't already).  No Chromecast required.
Can it be implemented via a web browser so we can mirror to X-Box 360 and PS3? That would be swell.
Might as well infringe Samsung's Allshare cast. Hmm That music Group Play on all my CM devices would be nice to show off . Lol 
I wish I had the knowledge to make ideas like this become reality. I am so jealous... I can't wait to try it!
+Koushik Dutta you're the man :-)
If you guys need a mirror server our company could provide you a mirror :-) we already have mirrors of Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Centos, ... 
+Jacques Schaefer wait centos actually has mirrors? they can't get a decent web page i order for new users to find a mirror so why? they need to get there priorities right 
Only problem a psycho it in a university near me asked to install centos on the 1st year cs major students, the problem all there laptops come with secure boot and Windows 8, why didn't he ask for fedora or Ubuntu that have a secure boot key? Anw, most of them they could not find the download link
Dudho nhahao puto falo
Joog joog jiyo mere lal

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 +Matt DelMastro looks like about 200ms. Easier to look at large content transitions like in the game, though transitions may be trickier on the encoder. +Koushik Dutta are you using googles encoder+packetizer bits from their Miracast stack or did you rewrite some of it? You have good decoder performance too (200-300ms is not trivial), how did you chop that up? Keep it up! :)
Hi koushik i have install allcast beta 4.apk to galaxy note, Asus transformers but never open app.(close quick). I have also tried to share from the file explorer but nothing happens. I do not have any buttons even on youtube. I have tried with my AppleTV.
works only cyano? My Asus transformers mount cyano, sigh.
Loved it and I was looking for this for some time but after reading all this thread I still do not understand what I have to install in both androids. Can you please help ? Thank you and wonderful job.
install probam to my note 2 7100,but allcast.apk dont work. when i open,quick close. help me
Would love to see it come to fruition. Most of my family are finally moving away from their ipods/iphones but I still use a couple of airport expresses and an old GTV. Would love to be able to stream my music to them again.
Will it work on the original Nexus 7 ? Thanks..
+Gerard Umbert tks for answering. Cuz I heard that the Terga3 on N7 doesn't support any form of air display ?? 
+Jerry Nguyen I believe the code Koush is developing will enable airplay to every single device that can HW code / decode stuff. Don't know how it all works, but should be fine.

+Koushik Dutta Would you be so kind to tell me if you plan to make it work with PC's? I'd love to play  emulators on my 2nd screen as if my phone was a console, that plus ps3 controller = GG and we could even record it for youtube gameplays!
Ok, I am drooling all over my keyboard watching this. I have an MK808B and all I use it for right now is with CheapCast as a ChromeCast receiver. Would love to add the ability to mirror my phone to it as well. That would make it immensely more useful.
Does this mirroring also cast the sound or just the screen?
I want to play PSX and GBA emulators against my pc screen using wireless controllers.... so..... yeah, can't wait either xD
+Koushik Dutta Just wondering where to find some of the classes that implement the AirPlay server specifically on the CyanogenMod repos... I saw some of your IDEA settings on github ( which point to classes such as com/cyanogenmod/mirror/ but wasn't quite sure if those were app-specific or an actual part of the ROM?
+Koushik Dutta Also, I noticed in the Mirror app apk you have some MirrorActivity and AirPlaySink which seems to do most of the server work, was that ever ported over to be a part of CyanogenMod? is that only for Android-on-Android over AirPlay or does it actually work say streaming an iOS device onto an Android server?
Hi. I am doing with airplay like your video. Can you give me more infomation about your app. Thanks!
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