Vysor Share

Remote screen and ADB access

There's a few tools already out that that lets you control your Android through your PC. Vysor isn't unique in that regard. However, I think I have the other apps beat in with seamless setup and compatibility (no root to boot). :)

However, I had actually envisioned Vysor as a developer tool. Vysor gives you all the benefits of a physical device, but with the ease and integration of an emulator in your development environment.

The headline feature of Vysor is Vysor Share. You can share your device to another Vysor user, across the office or across the globe. This means screen and ADB. This is something I've wanted as an indie dev for a long time: a way to deploy and debug on a remote tester's device. It's as easy as sending a link.

Vysor was actually leaked before I was ready to release, but the roadmap also includes Vysor Server: a device farm that your Android dev team can access remotely. Test device specific issues, run automated suites across a dozen devices, etc. You don't need to pass test devices around anymore, just access them through Vysor.

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