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Late night hack: mirror your Android to your desktop browser...
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Elroy T
Cm feature? Or standalone 
Wanti wanti cant getti getti!
Awesome! Hope you'll distribute it soon...
No way. Been wanting something like this for such a long time!
Hmmm.... if you can mirror your phone on the browser, can't you send it then to Chromecast?
I was wondering about that because the dev's e-mail for both apps are different. After further checking, the XDA thread about it is posted by XpLoDWilD too, so I guess it is the same dev, then.
Can you mirror your android to your browser then cast your browser to your T.V.??
This is a great. May be Google itself may release this functionality to mirror android on Chromecast or any Dial enabled device. I heard rumors of improved miracast in kitkat. I hope its Android to Chromecast mirroring.
That's it, I'm switching to CM once this comes out.
...and then cast the tab to Chromecast... There you go. Local content on your tv. Sound as well?
I know its a little off topic, but what is your take on aviate so far ? 
I thought of something that could be done! You could make it so I could share my phone screen over Google Video Hangouts easily :D (whatever their name is these days)
I'm embarrassed that so many android users just scream "gimme" when a dev demos a potential new feature.

Look people he hasn't shown any gui for activating or controlling this, just the final output. That means it's probably not done yet, he may have just completed the coding for the actual function first to make sure it was possible before doing all the settings ui that a finished product requires.

Also all this stuff is open source so your ROM maker of choice can incorporate it if they like. I use CarbonROM for that very reason.

Just thank the man for his hard work and let him release it when he wants instead of whining about how soon you can get it.
What's the launcher being shown in the video?
+Zach Heise I think it shows a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for the work. Better than silence, no? :)
+Ben Sullivan if I were a talented dev, which I am not, it just might wear on me after a while...I want to show off something I am working on but then immediately people just say "how do I get it" and "wanti wanti"... I will just say looks great and thanks for working on it and I look forward to trying it out when and if it comes out to the public. 
I need this! But it has to work with the mouse and keyboard of the desktop PC and allow landscape operation.
And will it be better and cheaper than VMLite's VNC which does not require root ;-)
now as a native app/extension to MPC.

GG Koush, you are making me stay @CM 
+Curtis MacPherson sure... if you don't mind the conection being on the internet and the framerates not going +20fps sure... it's the same...

This is faster and on local lan and without apps in the middle nor logins nor shit.
How do we know there's no app on the phone pushing this stream to http?!? Come on folks what else has koush shown in terms of technical details?!? I don't want to have to play +Ron Amadeo here and say we all need to stop making assumptions about apps without more hard data...
Whats the fps? Full 1080p resolution?
I have a similar solution with keyboard support for rooted phones , and mouse control is also in place. Take a look at monkey libraries in Android for remote controlling your device easy way.
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