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I guess I can finally release this Chrome extension too...

(video is from 6 months ago)
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I'm still waiting for my Google Play Services to update for the AllCast to work with my Chromecast. But casting from a desktop computer is even better.
Plaese do - just checked the Chrome web store and it is not there ;-)
Too dope. Looks like Chromecast integration is pretty simple. 
NICE!!! Spent my $5 dolla to make my Chromecast holla!!! Let us know when you release the Chrome ext.
+Peter Frandsen Well my experience was that it sometimes does and sometimes not. Currently it's not working (maybe depends on the chromecast firmeware version)
does this work on MKV files?!?
 (for the Chromecast dongle)
Please do.
Finally, I can buy myself a Chrome Cast.
I just checked +Clemens Schartmüller - and for the first time I can see one of my ChromeCast devices listed - can't cast to it right now though :-(
Thanks for this! Hope there will be subtitle support too!
I hope you'll make subtitle support too. Awesome idea.
+Craig Laparo I tried this but it only supports external subtitle. Not the subtitle included in the MKV file....
I bought Chromecast a few months ago specifically to use ALLCAST...     Thanks
Is it possible to cast dlna to chromecast?
And subtitles don't work with chrome app?
Why I cant play wmv video format on chromecast?
+Koushik Dutta any plans to create a remote to control the web app with a android device to save space on our devices?
Is a form of DLNA possible? From mobile? So my existing media server does all the transcoding.
Cant find the chrome app, can someone link me up?
Can't wait. But I still can't get AllCast to work on my N7 2013. Very frustating.
Really really dumb question, but will this app be released for iPhone or iPad?  I'm a nexus user, but a buddy of mine is curious.
I can't get AllCast workingon my 2013 N7 either. :( I would love to have this though!!! :)
+Koushik Dutta Does the SDK have official support for extension and packaged apps? From what I've seen the SDK is restricted to webapps, android, and iOS
Great start for the beta! So far it works with my S4 very nicely. I do have some issues with it all of a sudden crashing and it will not restart. Also, the playback controls don't work as of yet. There also seems no way to end the cast and stop video. But I do understand this is the first official step towards an awesome future. Thanks and looking forward to the updates.
Will this work for AVI files? Any way to use AllCast to show video from Plex media server?
Is the extension ready in the store? because I cant find it
Hey cool. I just clicked on a video over on that other social network on my Nexus 10. Allcast popped up as an option to play it.
+Koushik Dutta Allcast can't seem to play most of the videos I've recorded using my Nexus 5 without pausing for a moment every few seconds or so. Sometimes it does play it fine though, even the same video that stuttered. 
+Koushik Dutta I know you have lots of questions here, but here comes  one more. Is the MyCast for Chrome an app or an extension? And does it matter? Guess I'll find out when you release it. Thanks for your work!
+Seth Goldstein Make sure you have updated Google Play Services (Version 4.2.x). Chromecasting won't work for any app except for the few it was available on before the SDK was available to all developers unless you're updated.
This is why I bought the Chromecast. I can't wait to try it out :)
Are we all missing something here? Is MyCast (the Chrome app demo'ed here) available yet?
Has this been released yet? I know the app has, but I am wondering about this extension...seems so much smoother than the "cast" ability performed through Chrome browser.
+Koushik Dutta Now, could it be done but selecting the file through our phones? (I do not mean local in-phone media, but media on a NAS or Samba system >> chromecast)
+Koushik Dutta I know there are lots of questions. Is there a forum? And the scrubber doesn't work on a local saved movie. Just sticks during playback and sliding it had no effect.
+Sean Gooding that bug has been there since first release... I don't think it will ever be ironed out... =.=
+Gerard Umbert If you can access that media from the Windows machine running Chrome I don't see why not.
+Chris Riccio  then, how to do so? That's what I'm saying, I do not want to RDP my computer to access a tab there...

I want to launch it using my phone, from media outside my phone, withour copying the file to the phone...

If I use ES File Explorer, get into my shared media, and select "share" it tries to copy it before giving me any option to share.

Gallery obviously does not enter to my shared network media, so... how am I supposed to launch a movie from a lets say a NAS without getting my hands on my computer?
Hello, AllCast is awesome but one question if I may. Why doesnt AllCast display all my local videos, only a few? Is it becuase of the file format? Please help! Thanks
+Koushik Dutta Hello! Why doesn't AllCast display all my local videos in the video tab? Am i missing something?
Whatis the name of the extension ? Cant seem to find it in the store about Allcast to IOS device? This is sooo cool but since I am a Iphone user I am left alone...Bummer!!!
Where do I download this chrome extension from? I know someone said it is available at android police! but i'm not able to find. Pointers appreciated!
i was talking about the chrome extension for casting from my pc  .  i have the android version  , its really really good.
the only device this seems to find is my air play speaker...why it won't stream sound to. doesn't see my Apple tv or my chrome cast.
Try restarting your chromecast and make sure all of them are on the same network
Wow you have just made chromecast so much better.
I literally just paused my episode of Dexter to watch this video haha.
Is it possible to use Chromecast with AllCast or other APP to screencast the android display on TV or Monitor??
Can't cast YouTube videos to my Panasonic smart TV with latest version installed. TV says file not supported.
+Nico Fernitz Your Panasonic Smart TV may DIAL support built into its YouTube app, but it’s not a Chromecast.  Have you confirmed with Koushik that it’s supposed to work?
Still waiting for Google to catch up with Google Play Services. :(
+Koushik Dutta any chance you are working on a Mirror Android Screen to Chromecast app? Or is that even possible?
is this app live?
+Koushik Dutta I can't tell you how happy I'll be when I can finally make full use of my chromecast. Thank you!
+Alain Franco  - I have the same problem. All my video files do not show up under the video tab in the All Cast Android All on my Samsung Galaxy S3
I have AVI, MKV and MP4 files...are they all supported? 
+Koushik Dutta
Sometimes I don't get it ...

You manage some real tough things like streaming pics to a TV. Wile you miss the opportunity to stream only pics from one folder?

I'd like to show my family how nice the beach was, but I'd don't like to show them the beautiful bikinis... 
Any plans to make the add on for ipad or android broadcasting of websites and embedded videos? 
len k
can't wait to get my hands on it, this looks really amazing!
is there a link to this app on the chrome web store? i can't seem to find it...
don't think he released it yet, I think if he does the internet world would be all over it.  Patiently waiting.  Hope he include option for online casting by entering URL or something that is like vidcast that can "catch" the URL
+Koushik Dutta  wasnt there also a cast app developed by you which mirrored the whole device and you player angry birds on the tv? what was that all about?
when will be able to access this extension defiantly want it
+chris r
same issue I am having. slow and sluggish
very slow and vids do not play at other than a slideshow basically.
+Koushik Dutta I guess the Chrome Extension project is dead? since you are on the mirror project now
I've searched for both MyCast and AllCast on Chrome Extension store. How can we obtain this release? Also, as a software developer I know how much hard work and energy goes into developing fun gadgets for people and want to sincerely thank you! :)
Any progress on this? I am willing to pay your price :-D
Hi! Will this Chrome Extension work even with Roku Player? Please +Koushik Dutta, let me try the beta! ;))
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