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Give this a shot and leave any bug reports in comments please :-)
Mirror for Android (beta)

Screencast your Android!

Mirror lets you:
 * Create a video recording of your Android
 * Mirror your Android screen to an Apple TV

To try Mirror beta, you need to do the following:

Root your Android 4.4.2 phone (not necessary in the future).

Join the ClockworkMod community:

Join the beta:

Then download from Google Play:
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Or Carmi
If I had ATV I'd get an iPhone ;-) 
When will the version without root be available?
Wow! Can't wait to very home to test!!! bummed, thought this was for Chromecast. Eventually...
Can it mirror to a laptop or a desktop monitor? I don't have an apple tv
+Koushik Dutta joining beta link gives me 404 error and third link goes to Google play and says item not found... Any advice?

Edit: beta link worked second time..third.. no dice
I don't have an Apple TV either, but do have Rplay setup on my Raspberry Pi.  Can't wait to try this when I get home, thanks +Koushik Dutta.
It would be interesting if it could mirror to a PC or a common DLNA TV. Do you plan to add compatibility with these devices in the future? Thanks.
Is this limited to AppleTV? Or should I be able to mirror to all Airplay devices (XBMC in mind)? I know it clearly states AppleTV but there are no stupid questions right? ;)
Plans to support Samsung smart TVs ?
AppleTV? Honestly?  I know you are waiting on the Chromecast SDK.  but. . arg :P
From what Koush said in the comments on the OP, AirPlay Mirroring is really the only protocol that supports a low-latency mirror like this (I assume other than Miracast, etc). DLNA would be possible but it would be hacky and have multi-second buffering and delays.
I can't wait for the root-less version ! 
Great work !
Time for a new phone: This app is incompatible with all of your devices.
Is there a chromecast equivalent app like this? I don't, and will never have, an apple TV :)
Really like it but there were 2 bugs, device is the Nexus 4: Parts of the top and the bottom were cut off and I was not able to disconnect via the phone. I'm using an Apple TV 2 for testing.
I tried recording my screen but it just records fuzzy lines in the vidoe file, also tried AirPlay, it shows connected to an AppleTV, but the screen on the apple TV just stays black until I disconnect, on jfltevzw. Thank you!
+Joe Totten I'm willing to buy a raspberry pi also tu run rplay.. Please post your (I hope positive) results! (a video would be great! ^_^) 
Andy C.
The "Cast Screen" quick settings tile doesn't work right with GravityBox. The QS panel gets drawn twice, and opening it is really laggy. Is there any way to disable this?
Can somebody try it and use on airserver app on pc? My phone is not yet updated to 4.4.2
hi ! great but freeze on freebox revolution from a french internet provider when you turn your phone to put it in landscape. thx
Strange, can't find it own Play regardless i joined the cwm tester group
Great app working almost perfect but no sound. (Apple Tv)
Andy C.
+Marco K. XBMC supports AirPlay streaming, but not mirroring. (Unless there's some sort of plugin for it that I couldn't find.)
Did anybody got it working with AirServer ? I'm trying but I can't get it to work :(
It's not working on my s3 with the latest cm11...
Verizon gs4, latest cm11 nightly, 4.4.2. It is spotty finding my Apple tv, but will find it eventually. When I try to cast to it, all I get is a blank screen. 
Works on note 2 latest nightly cm build, atv2 latest software.. but no stopbutton and a bit more lag compared to your video +Koushik Dutta  edited: the button appeared : ) lag still present but very cool feature
Bug Report: The local screen record feature doesn't seem to actually work, creates mp4 files with zero byte size and will not play. I know this isn't strictly Mirrors activity, but seems strange to me? Using Nexus 5 on 4.4.2
Well can't make it work on Nexus 7 2013, wifi Android 4.2.2 :-( 
Bug report: on the i9300 screen recording crashes the phone and it freezes and airplay works but is very very laggy, on the latest nightly too
You're fairly sure you can get this working with WHAT??
Nice work !
So far, I've installed it on my nexus 5 (4.4.2 odexed) and it install flawlessly.
Working nice with few lags on a ISP Box Airmedia(Freebox)
It's freezing if you go to landscape.
I read before you couldn't mirror sound because of android libraries but it would be a cool feature!!
I get error 940... :-o
Can anyone share a link to the apk??
Jon Lim
link is not working
Verry laggy on my sgs3 running unofficial cm11 4.4.1 (yesterdays build) doesnt find my Sony TV either, also cant play video that i havet recorded
Does sound work properly over Airplay?
D2vzw gives a black screen to my Apple TV. It works, a bit delayed though, on my Nexus 7 (2012). I know its delayed because that Nexus 7 doesn't have dual wifi radio. It is also a bit overscaned, but that maybe my TV. Thank you +Koushik Dutta for working so hard on this :)
Works great on N5 and apple TV but no audio, video mirroring only.
can't wait to see it for non rooted phones
I can get it to connect to the apple tv using my htc one m7ul, but the screen on the apple tv just goes black. does not display the mirror. then when the app is closed apple tv goes back to the main screen. any possible solution to this?

Also, saved video cannot be viewed. On the phone or computer.
+Daniel Pasut me too, it's just a black screen. I think it has to do with the codec since the screen cast does not work.
I have a tmoble s4 4.4.2 and a day old apple TV 3 please help
I tried his all cast app and it would see my airplay device but it wouldn't do anything. Then I downloaded a competing app and it worked. Some devices is right
+Koushik Dutta Screen recording produces large file size. Is there a way to reduce the size? A little less than two minutes gave me about 50MB. Nice quality video but a bit too big for email.
Mirror live screen on DLNA enabled TV is not work ing
Item not found :( I've joined the beta.
Installed it on my Moto X v4.4 13.11.1Q2.X-69-3.  It starts and crashes immediately.  Rebooting the phone, and reinstalling the app (delete in /system/priv-app) did not work either
Htc one m7, latest cm11 nightly.
Bug 1: can't play the screenrecording and this has never been possible for this s device in earlier releases either, no matter which app I try to open it with.

Bug 2: sharing the video is not possible to Google+ (maybe others as well). It fails to upload the video. This is general across my devices (HTC One m7 and Nexus 10) and has been so in all earlier releases.
Im getting 404 error when click on the links :/
nexus 7 2013   4.4.2 rooted.
shows up in supersu log but not in apps section.
unable to record. says connecting but reverts back.  no record button in the notification pannel.
unable to fin my atv2. other apps cast to the atv2 but this will not. i have tried for 2 hours now with no luck. uninstalled, reinstalled. reboots. still no love.

thanks keep up your hard work. can't wait for a working version.
Doesn't seem to work with the reflector airplay mirroring app for Windows :(

Edit: Might be a problem due to my uni halls network setup, don't rule reflector out yet. 
Recording on the i9300 works very bad. The fps are very bad so you cant really use the smartphone while recording. Its not possible to play the videos. 
Won't work for me on the Verizon s3 running pa. Could be because my ATV is jail broken. I'm sure it isn't the apps fault. 
Guessing this only works on apple tv I just bought a g2 midnight box any solutions for that? Im not sure if all cast will work with either
play store error "not found" when trying to install. Just installed and updated a few other apps and no play store errors.
Incompatible with my phone a HTC One S with 4.3.1
is there a way to get this running on a raspberry pi running xbmc
404 error when trying to join the beta.
Please add support for samsung smart tvs
Works with Nexus 5 mirroring to OS X 10.8 with AirServer, but a nice addition would be if it'd work with Plex, which now has an AirPlay server built in.
Noob question. How do you uninstall this ?
Tested on galaxy nexus with apple TV. Worked great, edges ran off screen a little, but not enough to take away from the usage.
Video/audio recorded great too.
CM11 12-6 toro nightly used with app
Does it work on ART, as it worked before, but now I'm not getting audio
Sprint GS3 on cm11 nightly connects to apple TV but only gets a black screen looking forward to future updates to hopefully get it working!
How do I uninstall mirror? it has installed itself as un-installable???
to remove mirror, from a command line as root: mount -o remount,rw /system; cd /system/priv-app; rm -rf Mirror.apk; reboot
+Koushik Dutta  wireless display option when checked on cm11 d2spr breaks wifi you have to uncheck and reboot to get wifi back up... wish i could test the app :-(
Works great for me on grouper (2012 Nexus 7 WiFi).  My only request would be for it to include audio as well.
+Koushik Dutta any idea why last MIUIv5(android4.1.1) on Xiaomi Mi2 is reported as incompatible ?
it's rooted, android4.1.1 > required "1.6 and up", WLAN display functionality (miracast), your allcast app is compatible... so i really dont see why "mirror" is incompatible with my device
Works for me too using a Nexus 5 with CM11 Nightly (20131217) and an AppleTV v3. For my other TV set I use an RaspBMC which also offers AirPlay. But this device isn't shown on the list. Any guesses?
XDA [ROM][GT-I9200/I9205][Unofficial] CyanogenMod11 : [4.4.2] on Sprint SPH-L600 L600VPUAMK1, Mirror to computer works but initial connection requires Mirror disconnect and restart (tested on 64 bit windows 7 in IE 11.0.9600.16476 and Chrome 31.0.1650.63) before flash starts streaming. Rotation does not work in landscape. Recording is without audio. Streaming to another Android device requires flash.
The link to the play store isn't working
It did work if you opened it in a incognito tab
is this the app "AllCast"?
Because "Mirror" is not listed in Google Play.
The latency to my AppleTV is really impressive, thank you! Keep it up:) seriously the latency is better than using my ipad2nd and iPhone4. Would have been nice to adjust video output quality though, coz its really stressing my phone, S4(CM11latest), while i am emulating n64.
I have CM 11 on my LG P880. Installed Mirror and it crashes. How do I remove it? I donot see the uninstall option.
doesn't work for me.. it always give same ip address, which just doesn't open in browser..  I tried on two different networks, several KK phones, no success.. any advice +Koushik Dutta ?
I have a Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) and Nexus 7 2012 both running the latest CM11 nightlies.  I have no options to select/find a wireless display or an AirPlay server.  What am I missing?  Any advice would be appreciated..
You can setup XBMC to receive airplay content and I think the Mirror app will mirror to XBMC just as it would an Apple TV
+Vladimir Bjelakovic the in browser worked for me once but it hasn't worked since and it just loads the IP constantly but never connects
I have this app installed on rooted kindle fire HD with cyanogenmod 11 and when I cast to apple TV 3, it only shows a small casting of my tablet. Not fit to screen. Is this a common occurrence or is it just because its not made for modded android devices
I have a Nexus 7 32GB 2013 Edition (Flo) with CM 11-20140121-NIGHTLY-flo (rooted), Mirror Beta App and a Apple TV Gen 3 but can't get the Apple TV to show up in the Nexus 7. Miracast to my Samsung Allshare Cast dongle is working though. :/

Is there any tricks to get the Apple TV to show up or any requirements that I have overlooked?
This doesn’t support Apple TVs with security set to “On-Screen Code”, it seems. Removing the code made the device show up in the Mirror list, and mirroring works, but having no security here is not an option.
Hi, did not work with air server on my Mac air.
How do I uninstall this from my phone as its not listed under apps!
+Koushik Dutta any chance you could make this work with those who have 4.3? Kit kat isn't available for At&t users
HTC One m7 running Revolution HD Rom, can't get this app to work. Just force closes after I open it (it does request root and runs the install script though).
Not compatible with device.. ??? Galaxy S4, Android 4.3 Jellybean?
Aww no support Android 4.3? This app would be great for usability testing on mobile devices (android) in combination with Reflector airplay capture for windows. Record on device or capture with Reflector on windows through AirPlay.
Any potential timescale to an unrooted version.  I could really use this app, but my company doesn't allow rooted devices.
Just tested with nexus 5 (stock everything). First I got a blank screen, but after a restart it was all good to go. Sound wasn't transferred though. Keep up the great work! 
+Koushik Dutta; working on Samsung smart TV mirroring app. Without this app screen casting wasn't possible to my Samsung smart TV mirroring. It would always say connected then the TV would flash and say "screen mirroring has ended". But with your app, the TV and android device stay connected for screen casting.
-Nexus 4

I downloaded this on my gs3 that's rooted... It restarted my phone and now I'm not able to connect to wi fi... I thought maybe I should uninstall it but its not letting me uninstall.. The option I'm getting is force stop or disable.,.. Please help .. Thanks
404 on beta opt-in link
404 on play store link
Not available in Canada?

edit: now it works. wat.
Hi. My question is does it work only on Apple tv or on any smart tv? 
hi +Koushik Dutta - do you have any solution for the startup-crash on 4.4 already? i move to 4.4.2 today and will report, if the problem is solved. keep up the amazing work!
Ed Chen
Having trouble detecting any Apple TVs even though I know there are at least 20 on the network...
Hey +Koushik Dutta,  I'm having the same problem as +Andrew Soh
I installed it on my Moto X v4.4 13.11.1Q2.X-69-3.  Starts and crashes immediately.  Rebooting/reinstalling the app did not work.
Screencast works on my stock rooted Moto G "BM" but I can't seem to cast my screen. Will this be compatible with Android Mini TV sticks? I have a mk808 running Bob's finless Rom for 4.2.2 with wifidisplay, and would love this feature.
Also would love to see a stand alone receiver apk for mirror to run, and display on all android devices.
I don't own a app TV, and maybe never will, I love android much more, and have went out and purchased a chromecast in future hopes that this app becomes compatible. Thanks to guy's like you, and apps like this lol. It gets better and better. Nice work +Koushik Dutta

got it installed and running from moto x 4.4.2 (no longer has the auto-force close).  however, when I visit the address on a pc, it never seems to connect.  when I disconnect, it immediately "connects" on the PC and shows a blank screen.
Mine does the same on connecting also, on my Moto G
via some troubleshooting, I have found I can get it working on my moto x without gravitybox enabled.  will try again to see if I can get it working with it!
well, after some finagling, it is working, even with gravitybox.  disabling and reenabling might have changed something? no idea.
Android 4.4.2 on Moto G makes the "Cast Screen" menu available, but I can't connect to IP from my PC.
+Pata Sho Keep toggling it while the page loads, and it should connect
Chromecast mirror crashes immediately when clicking the button
I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock 4.4.2, it's rooted, but every time im going into Mirror it force closes. No error other than Force closed pop up :-/

I have tried to delete app and install it again, but it dosen't work :-(

Write to me if you need a logcat to find the problem :)
nicely work! could we expect Chromecast can do the same mirror feature?
Getting forces closes on my HTC One with 4.4.2 stock sense Rom.
Is there any option to uninstall it or to get it running? 
Good question, I would also like a uninstall button in the cast screen page, maybe in the header or something
I can't delete the app in the system-app folder. I am getting an errormessage. -_- For the Moment I stopped and deactivated the app. 
What a fantastic update!! Mirroring to chromecast working fantastically well...yeah!!!
Every time force closes when launching on HTC One (M7) under 4.4.2...
+Koushik Dutta 

Running CM 11 M4 on a N5 – Once Mirror is installed, it makes the right-hand quick settings pulldown swipe/menu virtually unusable when the Wi-Fi Display dynamic tile is enabled.

My Wi-Fi transfer arrows seem to be on constantly since installing it, anyone else seeing this?
+Simon Bové-Christensen what option do you use to uninstall this from the system? I would really like to see an option to uninstall it directly from the app. 
How do I uninstall Mirror or at least remove it from my quick toggles?
I'm using the app titanium backup too remove the mirror app when I need to do a fresh install. You won't get a uninstall button in Google play like with other apps, since it's moved into the system folder.. 
+Koushik Dutta hey, would you add a settings option to remove the "cast screen" tile or fix the bug its causing when i pull down the quick setting panel
Any updates on adding audio to the mirror to ATV3 ?
Hi +Koushik Dutta  / everyone

I can see lots of people reporting good on Nexus 5 although installed and ran on Nexus 5 running 4.4.2 (rel) rooted and crashes almost instantly.

I have supersu, mirror doesn't seem to request root access / a generic test app does (Rooted phone for this app).

Tried Rebooting / Reinstalling etc.

Any ideas to fix would be much appreciated.
+Dave Whitworth +Koushik Dutta that's bizarre, I'm now experiencing the same instant crash. System Log says:

- Ignoring remote display provider service because it does not have the CAPTURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT or CAPTURE_SECURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT permission
- Not granting permission android.permission.CAPTURE_SECURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT to package com.koushikdutta.mirror (protectionLevel=18 flags=0x8be45)

 Mirror previously worked on my device, not sure what's changed... tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same problem persists.
Nexus 4 and TV with 1280*720p: Parts of the top and the bottom are cut off. 
+Pata Sho +Andy C. +James Gitau +Shad Ryshad +Koushik Dutta i've tried to disable all the modules of xposed framework but the "screen cast" quicktoggle issue is still there (window refreshing and breaking)

It's not GB or other modules caused;

I've also noticed other apps behave that way, like #localcast : the same! Asked info to that dev and he answered me saying he can't do nothing. Also tried with #allcast  and other apps, but they does not show that problem.

I've noticed also that settings->wireless display-> shows "chromecast" and trying to tapping that f....g quick toggle, play service say "not able to connect to chromecast" is an android trouble i think, it has nothing to do with #mirror. We should ask to someone who use miracast device (it should be able to see same problem or not?)

Anyway, I asked to #c3c076  user in xda-dev to add that fu....g toggle in gb settings, to disable it, in next +GravityBox Xposed features.

+Koushik Dutta what do you think about?

Thank you for attention
Anyone had any luck getting nexus 7 2013 LTE to work with chromecast and Mirror?

+Fernando Miguel Chromecast mirroring ONLY works with Nexus 5. Nexus 7 doesn't hardware encode video to the right format.
I just want it to make movies from screen and use the mic to record... 
+Fernando Miguel All of the other functionality in the app (screen recording etc) still works on the other devices. Just not Chromecast mirroring. So no need to filter...
How do I uninstall this app? I've tried uninstall through Playstore, launcher, and a third party uninstaller app and can not remove this from my phone; why? It appears to have made itself a System App somehow and can only be disabled but not removed. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Nexus 5
Stock ROM w/ Action Launcher
With Samsung Galaxy S4 International (GT-I9505) the localhost video page shows only black box. With the screencast, the recorded video is broken (shows random pixels).
lollll cant find this app in play store

but i have apk file can u give atutorial to install it
How do we reinstall. It shows that it is installed, but since nightly 20140506 it has disappeared. Any help would be appreciated.
For those with my same problem, if you go to this page on your phone using our mobile browser, click the play store link at the top and choose "Play store" option.
Works on Galaxy S4 4.4.2 stock rom? The app opens and closes automatically
If I edit my build.prop to make it think I'm on a N5, will it let me try ChromeCast mirroring? Lol.
Hi, on my Nexus 5 (Omni) it takes quite long to show the Mirror screen in my browser (Chrome). Thought it wouldn't work anyway but i just let the window open for about 1min and then the screen appeared. Really quick latency but the quality is really poor...does that have o do with my wifi configuration? It's just a normal wifi-network with b/g/n. Anyway a nice feature - good to have! :-)
I've installed Mirror on my phone - a Galaxy S3 with CM11 nightly. The install works, I can turn on screencasting. I have allcast receiver installed on several devices - a notebook running android x86, an mk808b android stick with a rk3066 processor, a cs968 android tv box with an rk3188.

I can "see" all these devices with Mirror, and when I click on any of them I see that I'm "connected", but the display on my phone doesn't mirror at all. I've tried to install Mirror on these other devices and use the connection the other way, but my galaxy s3 is the only device I have that doesn't say "device not supported" when I try to install the app from the google play store. I've tried to export the apk and sideload it on my other devices, but I get an error saying "there was a problem parsing the package" when I do that. I assume this is related to your distribution control.

The app looks great, and I hope we can get this working, as the idea is brilliant. Keep up the good work.
Running this on Samsung Note 3 (SM-N900V), running fully stock ROM, other than being rooted. The app opens and for a moment I can see the Mirror icon, but then it just opens Samsung's default Screen Mirroring Allshare app. I've disabled the apks for anything referencing allshare, as well as reinstalled and restarted the Mirror app. Nothing is getting the app to stay open properly. 
Not working for me... :( nexus 5 with xenon ROM. I can cast fullscreen videos from chrome but mirror doesn't cast anything... Doesn't even connect to chromecast.. It makes the attempt though.. Because Chromecast stops whatever is already being cast to start a new streem, but it never comes. 
not working on a samsung galaxy note exynos, vnrom, appletv does not show in the selected device
I have installed the mirror but it disappeared from desktop of android. Also it's not showing any devices or options. It's just showing the mirror for the Android device itself 
Why does it tell me enable after I completely deleted it 
Trying to reinstall after I deleted su permissions
Basically it does not work with note 2
Any compatibility with Galaxy Tab 3 in the future? Would love to test it!
Installed on my N5, (rooted, Xposed) and after a few growing pains, it works really well. The video quality on Apple TV is amazing, but no audio. Any word on whether that will work in future releases?
How do I fix screen resolution? I'm on note 3 n9005 with unofficial cm 11. Cast works, but the resolution is too much, fits only a quarter of the tv screen.
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