AllCast - Beta 7 (no root required)

Send local videos to your Roku, Apple TV, Xbox (360 or One), Samsung Smart TVs, and other DLNA renderers.

Beta will self destruct on December 1st.

Leave comments and bugs below!
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Duh no chromecast... Its still locked down.
To everyone else... If your <device name> supports DLNA, THE IT 'SHOULD' work. 
Works perfectly on my HTC One (VZW). Thanks +Koushik Dutta so far its working on my chromecast and ps3
Xbox One isn't showing up for me :(
+Koushik Dutta .mp4 and .jpg files to my Samsung TV from Drive fail. TV said not supported media types.
Great work, +Koushik Dutta. Surprisingly, testing it from the Gallery, it actually found my Dish Hopper with Sling and works with that! I'm looking forward to seeing what all this can cast onto my Hopper. 
+Koushik Dutta can't seem to get ps3 to show up in the device list. Both phone and ps3 are on same wireless 😥
How does this differ from other DLNA players like BubbleUPnP? 
+Donhu Rickerby I don't actually know if ps3 works. i assume it does. :P Maybe it doesn't. I don't have one. AllCast should work with any DLNA renderer.
Allcast won't find image files, only video. Is that correct behavior?
Thanks a lot Kaushik. When I try to play a video from gallery, it switches on the chromecast but stops at the screen "Ready to watch". 
+Koushik Dutta Works good on my N5 + ATV. Will you add support for Youtube or pictures from gallery? 
"Videocodec not supported" on my 2yr old Samsung tv
but np, i buy a new one for this awesome app ;)
I got all excited and switched to the hdmi with he chromecast on it. It did see my wdtv but didn't work. Thanks for the effort. 
Koush, didn't you at one point build something that could cast ALL video played, not just local content? Like video from a website?
I do believe the ps3 has dlna though. There is information on their support page regarding it, not sure what it is missing though.
Its not buggy my son was pausing it why I was playing it works great
Paul W.
Casting to YouTube doesn't work. Also you can't cast audio? 
Working well with videos from my Nexus 5 to my Panasonic Viera E5! :)
Question, as I haven't yet located an answer... I use the service quite often. Since you've made this work with Dropbox and such is there any way to make it work with I love your product and appreciate your efforts! 
Tried it on my Panasonic viera st60.. Detects it but playing does nothing on the tv
I tried casting a video from my gallery to Apple TV and the Apple TV just did nothing. Looks like the phone thought it was working, though. Stock N5.
+Koushik Dutta You're overwhelmingly amazing.
Nexus 4 streamed perfectly from Plex Media Server to XBMC. Also worked perfectly from N4 to XBMC. Well done Sir Dutta
+Phil Sweeney It works great on my Panasonic Viera VT60 but I had to update the firmware on it. Not sure if Panasonic uses the same firmware on all their models but one would assume so for the relatively recent models at least.
What about photos +Koushik Dutta? 
Crashed while searching for devices. KitKat, Nexus 4, Dalvik
I just want to put my anime apps on my TV.. Do I have to download the videos first or will I be able to push them to my TV from the app somehow +Koushik Dutta
Nice. DLNA is killer. Wish we could get the g+ photos app opened up to stream slideshows to DLNA endpoints. 
Works great on my Roku and Moto Atrix HD. Every time I play the video I get a warning about more conservative setting for WiFi but don't see any options in app and not sure what it would be in wifi settings. Works great so far, way to turn off warning? 
Hey Koush, my XBOX 360 does not appear in my list of devices in AllCast. I know its connected to my wifi network, does a home server network need to be set up in order to get this to work?
Hi +Koushik Dutta , when I try to play a video on my Samsung Smart TV, it looks like it is trying to begin but then the TV says "No media on device" and goes back to what it was displaying before. The phone (Nexus 4) shows the AllCast player window but nothing else happens. 
Next test with my Nexus 5 (stock + root). Playing from Gallery = Connecting to TV but shows only codec not supported on my TV.
Playing from File Manager (Solid Explorer) = all fine. 
No dice on the PS3, and it usually forced closed on me when I was testing it out (Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3).
+Koushik Dutta used Bubble UPnP like you've mentioned in the past. And like in the screenshots. It was more of a 'this would be silly test' because I can obviously have XBMC load my Plex directly. But I set Bubble to use PMS as the host and then I went into the library, selected item and shared it to AllCast.

My next set of tests aren't working so well, but it was more of a hopeful dream as a side effect as I wasnt expecting it to work. The test was to try and stream an m3u8 media file from to AllCast and have it push it to the tube.

Streamza, its a torrent offloading side that does the heavy lifting (at like 10MBs). Then presents a link to an m3u8 file (which caries the stream). It can be watched in default media app. I was hoping I could try to share it out that way. Any chance to supply m3u8 or alternative stream link and have AllCast pass through?

EDIT: I can provide sample link if you need :-)
I have an older Roku XDS. What exactly do I install on the Roku to get this to stream? It shows both of my Roku devices, but nothing happens. I assume I either need a channel installed or the older gen 1 Rokus do not have dlna support. 
It installed and played fine on my Nexus 7, but it doesn't seem to want to work with my htc One. It will install, but it won't show up in the app tray and it also won't show up in the share list.
Works great on my N4. Streaming to 360 seems to delay a bit when pausing, seeking or starting playback. I would love to see a queue option.
The 360 gives playback error on local video. I got 1 7 second clip to work but that's it 
+Vance McAlister Works great on my HTC One running CM 11. Are you running stock?

+Koushik Dutta Works great, both Youtube playback (causes the TV to open the video in the built-in Youtube app) and local playback. The playback controls when playing local content needs some work though. Currently it's not what you'd call pretty and really sticks out in a negative way from the rest of the app which seems pretty polished. If you want, I might be able to help you out with that if you hit me up in #cm-priv. :)
+Kaushik Dutta Tried on nexus 7. The All
Cast button doors not appear under share
+David Marra I'd like to see a native Google+ Chromecast option, personally. Cast picture slideshows from my phone rather than having to open up a desktop browser. 
It works pretty well on my sgh-i337 and roku over acceptable wifi
Works flawless with my Canadian GS4 on 10.2n w/ AppleTV.

Can't wait for a pure CM hardware/software phone!
Can you play video from Samsung video app
Won't open on my HTC one, is there any help for this? Wodoing on my S3 fine though but it does NOT work on PlayStation 3
+Koushik Dutta - This is awesome Koush! I have a request though.. Since you're thinking of releasing something next week, would it be a massive undertaking to integrate Google Play Music audio support? i guess it would act kind of like a background operation, so that it could enable the casting feature for G Music via the API.

Would you consider addi g such a feature? That would truly put the all into AllCast.
Do you need root for this app? Play to does all this without root
I'm having an issue streaming large 1080p video to my Xbox 360. It starts and stops and pretty frequently. I have the same issue with bubbleupnp. 
+Koushik Dutta Quick question does this only work with WiFi devices? I have xbmc, an enigma 2 receiver (with airplay), Xbox one and a smart TV but the only thing it can find is the TV which is wireless all the rest have a wired connection

* Just to add to this i've tested this with a stock Galaxy S3 and a stick Nexus 7(2013) and am getting the same result on all devices. I then installed bubble upnp on the N7 which found all the renderers on my network. I then tried the s3 again and it found the TV as well as the N7 (bubble upnp) both of them are wireless.

Can anyone else confirn that it only works with wireless renderers?
+Lucas McIntosh Exactly, short of that if they'd open up an API - I'd love to build one myself. When Chromecast was launched I bought a half dozen of them thinking it would be the end all be all conduit from mobile to home theater... Haven't seen that yet. Maybe Google wants to control the experience and avoid it being associated with people using it to stream pirated content...? Whatever the reason we're still lacking the basic stuff we all thought it would be. (Don't get me wrong its a great device, considering I've paid more for HDMI cables... haha)
Works great on my Apple TV. One thing I noticed is that the dialog doesn't go away when video ends, neither does the progress bar get to the end, and the notification is not dismissed automatically.

Image: * At this point the video was over.

It behaves the same on a stock grouper and a CM grouper. 

***Also, do you plan to support YouTube some time soon? 
This is exciting stuff. However I couldn't get it to work on the Roku 3 with my Nexus 7 playing a video from pocketcast. Keep up the good work! 
Can this work with YouTube? My roku doesn't seem to be picking up the YouTube videos when I push them, but it's detecting that I'm trying to push...
Can't get it to successfully download. States it completes immediately and can't open the download. 
No go on PS3 or Chromecast. Did view photos and video taken with Note 3 on XBox, but won't play an MP4 file I've put on phone. Any suggestions? 
+Koushik Dutta is there an app that lets me stream local videos from my pc to my chromecast??? 
Doesnt work on my d2vzw on CM11 pointing at a xbox360. Looks like it wants to start playing but I get a "playback error" and some text on the side of the screen that says "test 2".
+Michael Neumann I thought someone posted they were using chromecast... oh well. Didn't spend time with it on chromecast. Thanks for the info. Any idea for the MP4 issue?
+Jon Mooney I had to do a software update and then log into live to get the error message disappear
Great job +Koushik Dutta! What I found on my roku 2xd is that it will play one video fine and the the all cast logo will be on my TV. I select another video to cast then select the roku and it will start loading on my TV then stop and go back to the roku home screen. Then it will work fine for one video and do the same thing for the second. It seems like it only works for me if I starts from the roku home screen. Typed from a phone sorry!
My stick grouper had a little more success. Was able to play a video I just recorded with it but none of the videos that were backed up to Google somehow.
If this is DLNA you do in fact support xbmc.
Works on my galaxy s3 and Xbox 360 without any problem. Will be sad when the app self destructs.
+Koushik Dutta Thanks man this is officially awesome. My Logitech Revue didn't show up, but I had the aVia app installed, so it showed up as aVia Media Renderer. It works great, except the onscreen play position slider and volume slider don't work for me. Thanks again!
+Koushik Dutta when I try to install the apk I get a Nova Launcher message about restoring a backup?! CM10.2 on d2att...any ideas, or am I missing something?
Not sure if this app was meant for HTC amaze 4g because evrytime I try to install it, it says problem parsing package. 
Works with Nexus 7 2012 and WDTV Live.

But no webm support. 😢. All cast doesn't offer any new features compared to Bubbleupnp.
The app recognizes my Sony Bravia TV (KDL-46EX650), and seems to connect to it, but it gets stuck on "Now Playing", with the progress bar not moving anywhere.
On the TV I don't see anything. Should I switch to a specific input channel, or is it supposed to just take over the frame wherever I'm at?
I tried on my home network, and also tried connecting with wifi-direct. Both times I got the same result.

Thanks for the hard work, anyway.
+Koushik Dutta quick question. What's the difference between this and something like skifta? Other than you built it. Lol. Just curious.
I have a Note 3 and I'm having trouble playing my 1080p videos, it stops every minute. Any suggestions?
Nothing happens on apple TV when you hit cast to, select apple TV ,then the screen goes to the'now playing' but nothing happens on the apple tv . nexus 5 stock running art 
+Rick Jagger Doesn't seem like it... I would think it's probably the first to be mentioned if it's supported.  "Any device that supports local playback."
Nexus 10, Samsung TV. Works fine for mp4 files, even for mkv files renamed to mp4. Mkv files does not start playing.
+Koushik Dutta would it be possible to add support for subtitles? My wife is lost without them ☺
Hey Koush, thank you for the Beta but my Apple TV is not showing up on allCast. "Searching For Players" all the time :/ Stock Kit Kat Nexus 5
+Gunjan Sahay- no spl steps.. Even I hit cast button, avia media got listed as an air play device.. Didn't know what it was, so just selected it and saw my video was playing on Chromecast.. 
Awesome, I live in france and I have a setup box (FreeBox) which is compatible with airplay from iDevices. Your app recognised it very well (I just had a warning pop up about my poor bandwidth so i'll give it another try later). Anyway that's a very cool feature :-).
+Gunjan Sahay: am sorry just realised the video was playing on my Sony Google Tv and not thru Chromecast.. I have connected Chromecast as a loop thro in Sony so it appeared the video was playing on it but it was actually playing thru Sony NSZ-GS7 which has avia app installed on it.. 
no joy on my ps3 either. tried a manual media server scan but PS3 cannot see my device. Galaxy nexus running CM 10.2 snapshot (which is lovely btw).
Works great from Moto-X Gallery to Roku. Thank you. 
Volume is supposed to be working? It's not working casting to xbmc
+Koushik Dutta  : Awesome !
I've a GS4 , XBOX (without wifi), and a WD media player(again without wifi). All these connected to my LCD(no wifi again) through a mediocre router (Linksys E1000). So is it possible to stream HD youtube videos from my phone to TV through this app ?
Sorry for the long post!
On my i9300 and UE37D5500 Samsung SmartTV, It works as expecting. Thanks!
Note 2 +PAC-man : The AIO Rom

Playback works pretty quickly. Would be handy to have some secondary identifier on the destination - I have 4 Rokus in my house. Took some trial and error to find the right one.

Also had a weird error while switching destinations where touching different app buttons did stuff like page up or down on the main roku channel screen.

Is there a way to use a plex server as a source? Not useful at home, but if I took a roku with me on the road, it could be nice. Course, I could just go buy a chromecast dongle for that 
cool, can't wait to get hands on
Plays/pauses/stops good on Sony NSZ-GS7 with avia installed but seeker is not working.. 
Only picked up my Sony DLNA TV (KDL-42EX403) once and then didn't manage to steam anything. More likely to be Sony's implementation of DLNA at fault rather than AllCast though!
Guys, any idea on how to make it work with a PS3 4.50?
+Koushik Dutta Does not work with a Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 is detected.
After selecting the device (xbox) xbox goes into "player" mode and it shows "test2" on the bottom left of the screen.
Nothing more happens.

Router is: comtrend 536+ (while Telefonica Spain model)

Since I'm reporting too, AirPlay Mirror does not work either, at least, not with Windows SW that gets detected by my iphone. (feel free to link me to proper place if you don't want to discuss that particular thing in this thread)

GG and keep it up
+Koushik Duttajust a word of caution on words. You might run afoul of samsung and its trademarked AllShare. That said I'll try in the next few days w my AllShare cast dongle.

+Joy Testwick ... Allcast is not near allshare. Covered already. Its not the trademarked name, they can't do anything
Working great so far playing phone video clips to Windows media player! Thanks
Works great streaming directly to a new M series Vizio TV with no attachments. When I try to stream tabs in the browser it says file not supported. Hopefully that will work in the next version! 
Another multi-Roku household here. Seconding the suggestion to add a secondary identifier.
Didn't work on my Apple TV. Never found it. 
+Koushik Dutta what about sending from an android device to another, of course there has to be installed an app or something in the receiver device. It would be great for devices with hdmi. Just an opinion!
This is great! Works great on xbox360 thanks
+Koushik Dutta any way to identify multiple Roku devices on the same network? They all have the same name. Works great by the way.
Works freaking awesome! if u sell I will buy! note 2, LG smart TV, mp4
+Koushik Dutta After more testing:

It does work on a Xbox 360 but seems not to play via "local" (in phone) videos.

Via Google Drive seems to work just fine.

It does work with a old WD TV LIVE HD back from 09 too (local and drive).

"Timeline control" does not work at all, on any device I can test with.

Also, it gets annoying that the apps asks every time if I want to make that device the default one. Let me just select one each time and done, no defaults.

PD: Blue to white UI bars are kinda ugly, stick to pure AOSP blue plz ^^
Doesn't work on an old Roku HD casting from 2012 Nexus 7. I might be doing something wrong though. Roku gets detected, but once casting starts, nothing happens.
GS4, Samsung smart tv, nice / good work
Xoom to WDTV Live works fine.
It works great with my Samsung smart tv and my N7 2012 also with my Samsung Galaxy S4 :)
I'm getting "Frame rate 30 is not supported" on F6400 LED.
Can't stream to Xbox 360 when playing videos that are in the gallery but stored on the picasa cloud
Hmm.. for some reason unable to open file. On nexus 7 2013 kitkat. Install from unknown sources checked. Maybe I am blanking on something simple here? Lol

No joy with Chromcast. Still in the dark. Shoulld this work with Chromecast or not? 
Why no chrome cast? Why?😢:'( 
Thank You!!!! It may be a Beta, but wife and I love it. We can look at the videos we have taken on my N4 running 4.4. Most of them are of our kids. Again, this rocks.
Works great with Ouya XBMC. Lock screen controls would be a great addition. 
Does this need to be sideloaded via USB from computer?
Worked fine streaming from my Vz Galaxy Nexus [running Shiny 4.4] to my Sammie TV. Wifi tethered from my LG-G2.
Worked perfect on Nexus 5 from gallery to roku, but what about from any file manager like ex file explorer ..., I can see the cast but done not work..
+Koushik Dutta am I missing how to close the app? Still shows up in my notifications as running even after I clear it from my Recents tab. A force close is needed from app settings to get it to fully stop. Same situation on both GNex 4.4 and LG G2 4.2. 2. Thanks 
Doesn't work on HTC One casting to XBox 360. Everything gets a "Playback Error."

+Gerard Umbert  - Just saw your post above about it working on 360 but not from locals.
Negative here. I can't cast locals, from drive, or from YouTube (three things I tried).
From local, I tried casting from the Gallery app and from a different photo viewer app on my phone. No go.
For Drive, I tried casting from local Drive folder and from browser Drive. 
No go there either.

Also, it gets annoying that the apps asks every time if I want to make that device the default one. Let me just select one each time and done, no defaults.
Thanks! Unfortunately still not installing. Says can't open file. Any ideas? Running kit Kat on n7 2013.
+Christopher Landry  - I don't know if this was mentioned above (too many posts to go through)... but I was getting the same thing. I went into QUICKOFFICE and did a search for .APK and found the file. It let me execute it from there.
That's weird.

I'd stick around and see if I could help you out. But it's 5am (about 5 hours past my allotted bedtime) hehe...

FOr now, I would recommend a delete and then attempt a reinstall.
The only thing I can think of is I am using ART instead of Dalvik but not sure why it would prevent me from installing...??
+Christopher Landry  - Do you have any antimalware programs installed? I have Lookout, but it scanned clean so I installed. 
Not sure if that would be an issue in your situation or not.

Anyway... nite. I have to get up early. My girlfriend's phone has a bloated batter (it's near spherical) so we're going early tomorrow (today) to get her the Nexus 5. I swear... every time I get a good phone (HTC One), she has to go and outdo me. LOL

Anyway... nite and good luck.

And if anyone knows what my issue could be with the "Playback Error" I get consistently, feel free to message me. Depending on how many comments are on this thread tomorrow, I might miss it here.
+Jeremy Ellwood the htc one can't cast to Xbox 360... The one has some encoding issues that prevent xbox playback. I ran into this too. My nexus and galaxy's all work fine. It is just the one.
I get a parsing error when I try to install. I have a htc rezound, android 4.0.3, rooted.
Matt R
installs on a 4.4 xda rom for HTC One no problem - fyi.
How does this connect to Roku? Is a roku channel required?
Very nice! Works on a Logitech Review with aVia Media Player installed. Picks up aVia Media Renderer. 
Thank you for the App Koush,will try it when I get home.
Works on my Nexus 4 and Apple Tv just fine. -1 app self destructs.
Thank you for making this app and keep up ..
Bah. I've been using BubbleUPnP for this. +Koushik Dutta great UI on this. Hopefully some screen casting can be enabled with this + KitKat/CM screen recording.
+Koushik Dutta thank you thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH. I can finally stop needing to stare at my n7 screen to Watch Doctor Who. This is the best thing to happen to my Xbox 360 since Assassins Creed 4 came out. Keep on being awesome
+Koushik Dutta Any chance of this working with apps like Watch ABC or Ustream as Chromecast works with Netflix and YouTube?
+Koushik Dutta Would there be any interest in streaming to TiVo boxes?  We have that device and it would be cool if the phone could send a video there..... I know....everyone asks for features...... :(   Looks very cool though!
The apk I downloaded from the XDA thread just launch's then immediately finishes. I'll redownload to ensure it was the latest build. I'm on a GS4 with Cm10.2 
Can't wait until there is Google play music support!
AWESOME!!! Thank you for this! Any idea when Chromecast support coming? (Take your time)
works from my nexus to my wd tv. TY!
Samsung galaxy s3 (cyanogenmod 10.2 snapshot) with Samsung smart tv not working
Great work!! i haven't been able to play anything yet, but it does recognize my apple tv and tries to play a video from my local server. I can't wait until this fully integrates with play music and the many other apps on my phone! rooted on nexus 4 w/nexus 5 port. Thanks!
I'm not able to YouTube on my phone now, I have an allcast overlay and it darkens my screen. Still there after an uninstall. Video started normal. Galaxy Note 3 (factory). Any suggestions......
+Koushik Dutta TiVo support possible? TiVo already supports Netflix and YouTube in a way similar to the Chromecast...
+Koushik Dutta  it's a bug in the xbox one. Go to settings, preferences, turn "play to" off, then back on again.<--- I've tried this method on my xbox one and for some reason i still cant populate any devices in the list when i'm trying to cast to the Xbone. Any other advice??
I want to play the files stored on network using any file manager :-) ... waiting for that update... +Koushik Dutta when can I expect .. :-)
wont work on my S3 it just sits there looking for my chromecast and does nothing
Finds my Philips tv but doesn't show anything
stock Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and Roku 3 works great,
Toshiba Thrive 10" rooted stock 4.1 gets parsing error on app install
Works great with my WD live. Hoping Chromecast opens its sdk to you. Thank you!
thank you for this app 
i have a question ?
is it work with google chromecast??
Ok anyone got any ideas why I cant get it to work on my xbox one???
+Koushik Dutta Any chance of you putting the Chromecast stuff back in for those of us who use rooted devices running KyoCast? Really like your work -Kyonz
Anyone have luck on the Playstation 3?
Ze'ev G
Anyone tried on Logitech Revue?
+Koushik Dutta Using nexus 4 with cm10.2 latest nightly and 1 ye old Samsung TV video plays but is upside down and can't change the volume. Video was smooth tho! 
+Charles-Eric Haché
 what did you do besides unchecking and rechecking the stream in the options? do you have to go into any certain app?
+Devin Hughes I just checked and uncheked both options, like Koushik said, then I launched AllCast app on my N4. It immediatly found my console. I just selected it and started playing videos.
Casting through my Dish box it seems to work fairly well. However, some of my movies only had sound  and some would not load.
Click the link but taken to a dialogue box with choices of android, windows, etc. Android asks for IP address. No apk. Ideas?
Has anyone got it to work on the PS4

Sooooo cool! I think I capture my videos in full 1080p with my Droid DNA, and so load times are a bit slower than on your video. But it's still very cool. Sometimes it'll stop during the video in what looks looks buffering, but that's probably, again, a function of the size of the video. Looking forward to this for sure! +Ricardo Oporto, I think you would like this! 
Btw, it'd be fabulous to be able to select a set of pictures and have them transition every 2-3 seconds. Thanks! 
As far as a #bug, it appears as though whenever the phone auto rotates from to a different state (portrait to landscape or vice versa) it seems to restart the sending a video process. 
Not working on my nexus 4 with KitKat. :-( I really wanted to try this out 
+Koushik Dutta how did you make it work with the Roku if it doesn't support dlna? Which model roku did you test with? Thanks for the awesome app... I'm trying to get it to work 
I have a Roku 3 and it works like a champ :-)...except for the bug stated above which is more of an issue on the Android device side imho
I tried it on my N7 (2013) with KitKat but its not working with neither my LG TV (55LM615S) nor my LG BP620 BR-Player as renderers: I can select them but the video doesn't start playing. I'll try with my Galaxy Nexus (CM 10.2) next.
Works great casting from Nexus 5 gallery to my Samsung TV, but my Apple TV is not offered as a choice... 
hi kaushik how can i use it with google tv Logitech revue
Works like a charm with my Samsung UE55ES7100!
Thank you a lot for the effort you put in this since Chromecast is not available in Germany!

Keep up the good work and maybe put in some features like Youtube streaming and music playback!
Possible bug. Opened AllCast this morning at my Dad's house to fling a video but he didn't have any devices on the network so I pressed Home to "close" AllCast. Just looked at my battery usage since my battery was unusually low and Mediaserver had about 14 hours of keep awake. Checked running apps and AllCast has been running for about 14 hours. 
i from brasil, allcast not work on my galaxy note 1 on my chromecast, help me
It works flawlessly with my Xbox 360! Why is it self destructing on December 1st?? 
+Koushik Dutta got it to work's a feature suggestion...the ability to read srt files for videos with subtitles would be sweet!

if this app could broadcast what I'm watching on my phone it would be a lot more useful.And worth real money
Example : some flash video I'm watching on the web and want to see on my big tv screen.....
Doesn't seem to work from my Nexus 4 running 4.4 to my Raspberry Pi model B. 
Working flawlessly from Nexus 5
Not exactly a bug, but I would really appreciate photo support.
+Koushik Dutta ps3 is not a dlna renderer so it won't advertise itself. You can play things from bubble or any dlna server though 
possibly silly question... does this require chromecast AND a ROKU?
The Roku's is showing up as a player and then the file starts, but nothing is on the TV.... is a chromecast needed? That's what I meant by the earlier question. EDIT: I am using a Roku XD/S
Mine is stuck at "searching for players" unfortunately
When is the new Allcast beta 8 coming out? I just found out about this app...
I can't even open the app on my Nexus 5 
:( only found this today. missed it. Beta 8?
Como me ap into poo funciona con smart TV samsung
+Sergio S. Inside XBMC (i'm on 12.0) go into settings and in there is a setting to accept Airplay requests.  Enable it and it'll start showing up as a DLNA receiver.
+Sergio S. I'm on PC (win 7). It was the 12.0 stable build from forever ago. No other tweaks made to the XBMC environment, so not sure what would be happening in your environment
Works good on my Nexus 7 (2012) with Kit Kat. However, I have two Roku devices and it is a crap shoot if I cast to the correct one. Is there a way to store a unique name for each device?
Got a nexus 5 stock and apple TV. Videos I took on my nexus 5 play fine, but any movie I have stored on the device will not play. I get: "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later." (On my apple TV). Tried avi and mkv. Any suggestions for a fix?
Congratulation to the developer. Even in a beta state, it is working pretty well, it is as easy to use as AirPlay on an iPhone. I tried it on my HTC One Google Edition with AppleTV 2.
I won't mind paying for this when it is officially release to the public.
Allcast can't find my apple TV ! Do I have to turn on/off something on my Apple TV ?
HOW did I miss this?!!    Scream when Beta 8 is released please.
I am able to stream to my Xbox 360 but the one control that works is the pause option and it only works from the phones drag down menu. No other controls are working. On a galaxy s3 SGH-I747, CM 10.2
The app is great. It will be a must have with play music support.
I used it for 10 minutes and it crashed twice (reboot) my stock rooted nexus 5.
+Michael Hopfensperger I got this working with Just go to a video file's page in your account in your mobile browser and click the "stream using a local player" link. Once that page loads just use the share option in your mobile browser and choose AllCast in the menu that follows. Hope this helps.
Does not recognize my ps3. 
Nexus 7 (2013) to Vizio 32M1i-A2 plays video upside down.
Nexus 7 (2013) to Vizio 32M1i-A2 plays video upside down.
Got it to work. For some reason Xbox video wasn't installed, lol
M Ros
Ps3 won't work for me, but apple TV, xbox one and 360 work awesome. Great job! 
Revision 3 just got added to the chromecast list . Is it open now . Can AllCast get added now?
Download link is 404 Not Found
Can anyone on this chat tell newcomers where we can download any version of AllCast. Thanks in advance. 
Hi! first of all, thanks for the excellent and amazing job +Koushik Dutta ! Is there any plan for subtitles support in the future?
Thanks for such great app but I got error message, "An error occurred loading this content" went I tried to play youtube through all  of my AppleTVs.  Any suggestions?
Won't connect to my Logitech Revue and keeps closing itself.  Great idea though.  I hope you can work out the bugs.
Nexus 4 on 4.4.2 to Samsung TV. Most videos recorded on phone I get 'frame 30 is not supported'.
Support send from Youtube app to my LED with DLNA?
I only send photos and video from my gallery. Thanks
so is it ever gonna work on ps3? 
Allcast won't detect my roku, any ideas? 
Are you going to make it to where Allcast can stream from a network connected server? 
Got the allcast premium with chromecast update... thanks. Am I right  - it will only see my gallery?  cannot search in other folders?
Subtitle support (SRT) would make this app 10x more useful.
Is the plex feature still behind the pay users?
Please make it running for Enigma2 with AirPlayer...
App show black screen on Philips SmartTV and it goes back to live TV in few seconds, it also show notification, channels updated :) +Koushik Dutta 
I tried to download the apk file. It gave me 404 error. No file found. Please fix.
+Peter Eccles I have same Sony DLNA TV as yours. Have you managed to make AllCast work with it?
Kousik all cast won't show PS3 as a usable device what should I do they are both connected to the same WIFI 
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