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AllCast - Released on Google Play!
AllCast lets you view your Android's photos and videos on your TV. Show off a new party trick while visiting friends and family this holiday. :)

AllCast supports:

 * Roku
 * Apple TV
 * Xbox 360, Xbox One
 * Samsung Smart TVs
 * Panasonic Smart TVs
 * Google TV (Logitech Revue, etc)
 * DLNA Renderers

Chromecast support coming someday. I hope.

No root required.
AllCast lets you stream local videos to almost any TV connected device! * R...
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What's the license for? Any extra features that it unlocks or is it just a donation version?
^^ From the Google Play Store post:

AllCast Premium Features:
No advertisements
No splash screens
No limits on video lengths
Will the license unlock those features if you are in the beta channel?
Nic Finn
What is the video length limit without the premium key?
Hopefully chromecast support soon, avia pretty much has all these features so I see no reason you shouldn't be authorized.
1M$ question
What's the length limit of the free app?
Also, will it work on a Samsung D7000?
Rolf B
+Daniele Pantaleo Videos/photos will play for 1 minute. So you can thoroughly test and make sure everything works. If you don't need videos, the free version does photos without much annoyance.
+Koushik Dutta thanks for the reply! I'll be getting the premium key soon! Just to confirm, this should be able to run full length movies with the premium key?
Is there a support forum where I can go to get help? My Sony GS7 shows up in the list of playback devices but nothing happens when I select video or pictures to cast.
+Koushik Dutta awesome, I'll test tonight. Also, any integration with plex? I'd love to be able to go through my plex app and push a video from my plex server (in Kansas) to my in-laws' Google TV (in Ohio)... I understand if not, since I don't think plex has any share function
+Koushik Dutta Any idea, when Google will open up the SDK for Chromecast?
Would love to see this working again. :)
I know what app I'll be downloading tonight...
Does this work with PS3? 
Would it be possible to make a companion app. I bet many people have a phone or tablet with a HDMI adapter like I do with my gnex 
I think cheapcast emulates a chromecast which isn't yet supported by allcast :-( 
+Koushik Dutta bought it. Now what does it work best with? In tempted to drop cash on a Roku but also have a chromecast and PS3. 
Thanks. It works with Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525 and Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8190L (Android 4.4.2 with ART by Maclaw Studio).
+Matt Holgate Yup, BubbleUpnp is actually working with my WD TV live just fine. Supports playlists and all.
But I'm not fully informed about all specific functions of Allcast, there might be something that it manages that bubble doesn't.

BubbleUpnp does network playback, does allcast support that? 
+Koushik Dutta, I tried with my Samsung TV using Nexus 5 and it works just fine. Can I use AllCast to play movies from my NAS and cast it to the TV or is it a feature that is supported by Premium version. When I use ES File Explorer to select a movie from NAS folder and tap on it, it gives me option to Play, AllCast is one of them and If I choose AllCast, it gives me a message, 'To play local files, use Gallery'. 
For Panasonic Smart TVs, does the user (aka me) need to download anything, or just use the built-in DLNA renderer?
ok thanks +Brian Kelley . I thought that but I wanted to be sure. I have only WDTV and PS3 at the moment, but WDTV is not connected so i have to wait for ps3 for using the app!
+Jan Hoffmann  is coming, and supported or totally different. In its current state, it is NOT supported. Period. Until it is supported, once again, it is NOT.
+Jan Hoffmann He already posted about that hence my comment about reading the post. He said it will come, eventually. He hopes. Which he has been pretty clear about this entire time.
+Koushik Dutta - just trying to clarify and this may seem redundant - the Samsung AllShare Cast dongle is supported as well?
+Koushik Dutta Has allcast gone premium now? I open the app and it only offers me one option, i.e., to buy premium. Also, does allcast work with home theatre receivers?
+Jeremie Long Did you not read his post?
--> He said 'someday', he hoped. So I asked expecting he might give details on why it's not supported yet.

Do you see chromecast listed?
-> If I saw it listed why would I ask?

Re-read what others post before commenting.
+Samarth Jain No, that is a free version. It just couldn't find any devices. There's a bug with the scanning support. Let me fix that.
+Koushik Dutta Thanks for the reply. So I could find my Onkyo receiver on the app but I can't play anything through it. Do receivers really work with All cast?
+Swapnil Bhartiya not sure if you are just trolling, but he and others have answered that dozens of times. Until the SDK is publicly available, hopefully early 2014, it cannot support chromecast. Period. Nothing he does can change that.
just saying...with the free version of BubbleUPnP you can stream your videos fully...with no time restriction (only to UPnP/DLNA devices that is).
Question: why does my friends iPhone do this with no app required?
+Michael Pujos then use it. And leave the rest of us alone. Nothing wrong with charging for your work.
+Koushik Dutta hey thanks for Allcast, perfect way to share moments from my trip with my family.
I would like to ask, however, if it would be possible to queue pictures like a slideshow or at least play an entire folder like a slideshow. Currently it's a one by one deal.
Just an idea/suggestion from a happy user.
Thanks again! 
+Koushik Dutta
No, it only has a timeout if you stream to another BubbleUPnP instance on the network.
But it has no timeout if you play a video to a TV, XBMC, etc.
Ugh. Only thing I wanted it for was for the chromecast. Google needs to just approve this
It's able to find my Roku and videos/photos are able to be selected in the app, but they won't show up on screen. Does it need be certain Roku (Roku 1/2/3) +Koushik Dutta? I've already downloaded the recent update btw, no luck. 
Has anyone had this work with a HTC One and Apple TV without first having to start some other app?  I have to start the iMediaShare app first on my HTC One before AllCast will list my Apple TV.
I believe I have the Roku 1. Any way you include that in the future? Great app either way +Koushik Dutta, thanks. 
Rob Ban
Will test this out with my Samsung Smart TV today.
+Koushik Dutta thanks for the reply, I saw DLNA on the box and just assumed. This PS3 is a right crock then, can't do anything except play blurays. Bleh.
+Andreas Gu I just meant that AllCast should be able to cast to another android device by using Bubble on the other device, as Bubble can act as a UPNP renderer (as well as a control point/server). 
Can't wait to try this out when I get home... Possibly a silly question, but is there a Windows DLNA client that can run as a background service? Does Plex allow this?
Great work +Koushik Dutta. Judging by this thread half of that $5 will pay for your time to handle support requests. :-)
Note to people in France, works with the Freebox Revolution, too!
It recognizes another streaming box I have, but when I try to stream something, AllCast crashes. How do you support other streaming boxes? 
+Koushik Dutta is there any chance of supporting mobile browser tabs in the future in any browser? I get the share option, but the format says it is not supported when I attempt to send it. Thanks for the great work so far! 
+Koushik Dutta Works perfectly with my Samsung tv. Just wondering if there is a way for your app to read all your files in an organized manner. When you've got thousands of pics and videos it can take awhile to get to what you want. Awesome job btw
Any idea how the app Avia in the playstore is getting away with supporting local content on the chromecast via an in app purchase? Loophole you could maybe use too? 
Greg T.
+Koushik Dutta LOVE this app ... Question - streaming local movies through my xbox but they are not showing up full screen. When I use my hdmi dock they do, any ideas? 
Byron B
thanks for the support on Logitech Revue.
+Koushik Dutta Tried on my old AC Ryan Playon HD Mini and after a few trial got it through.
If it works on an 3-4 yr old media player, I believe it'd work in most of the DLNA supported devices.
..just to clarify.. this uses regular DLNA, so the target device must support the codec / file type thar is being played on my android.

The issue I have with Samsung Note2 streaming (allshare) to a 2012 LG Tv is that my TV doesn't support some of file types that my phone does. :/
+Koushik Dutta awesome work. wondering if u plan to support tab cast to Roku. that would be awesome. or does a thing exist ?
Sajid A
Would be great if it had YouTube support
Why does Avia app stream local content to Chromecast but AllCast not yet +Koushik Dutta ?
Thanks Koush working great with Samsung gt1900 and apple tv 3, just bought the license to support your amazing work. 
+Raúl Lo according to +Karan Anand they are Google approved. Have to wait until sometime in 2014 for Google to release the final SDK before this app will support it. 
Not too important, but some words are switched around in the description for the premium version.

"This is app just the license... " should be "This app is just the license...". 
Is there support for the ps3? Is this just dnla which should work with it or something different?
+Koushik Dutta thanks for another great app! Unfortunately I can't play video on my d series Samsung TV. I get a unsupported codec message. Any idea why? Pictures work great btw 

Edit : it appears that some videos do work, even though all were captured using the same device (mako). I'll dig further... 
Just tried this with my T-R42 Android box,it picks up eHomeMediaCenter and you can send photos from N7 nicely. Very nice.

Pity you can't stream it from a NAS but great work none the less.
Bet you they pull it for using that icon.
+Koushik Dutta Does this one screen share the phone too or is that a different app you were working on?
+Koushik Dutta I am using the app on my droid connects fine to my pany gt50 tv but in the app all I see is my photos. How do you browse to find additional media to cast ?

edit: I figured it out... I just browse to my NAS ..choose a video and open with allcast. :)
what content are planning to add next? will this app be able to cast any content from any app, as the name suggests? thx
how long till it gets taken down?
+Nicolas Finn The plex pass has some type of a share function. Maybe get the one month deal and plex for chromecast which can be downloaded by plex pass users from the playstore. Take your chromecast with you
Does anyone have this working with Logitech Revue? It just sits there searching for device. 
It worked before on Chromecast Google should of never stopped that. I hope Google adds this app to the Chromecast white list soon.
Va no
I think streaming videos to chromecast can be done by using vevo.
Vevo seems to be streaming directly to chromecast.
Rob Ban
It worked with my Samsung Smart TV. While transferering a picture the screen turns black and the "AllCast" text is presented. Would prefer if the previous image is on screen until the new one has loaded. Might be a Samsung software 'feature', though.

Kinda sad this funktionality haven't been integreated into Android, yet.

Good job, +Koushik Dutta!
Can there be a way to rename devices on the main list?  We have 2 Roku boxes, and they both are listed as "Roku Streaming Player" in the app.  I would like to be able to tell them apart.
the app crashes on nexus 7 but not on my s3.
it works though if i stream from gallery directly
Works on WDTV Live Plus ... no problem.
Doesn't work on both Nexus 5 & 7 (2013). Both open and instantly crash to home screen 
+Chris Croft I accidentally left the beta self destruct code in the app in the release version. It expired on the 25th. I've fixed this issue in an update that will be released shortly.
Unfortunately, won't send YouTube to either of my Rokus. Maybe it's not supposed to Sent YouTube video to AllCast, chose Roku, Roku goes into Roku Play mode then drops back to Roku menu. AllCast remains on phone screen. 
+Koushik Dutta Suggestion: When Allcast discovers Roku boxes it lists all of them with the same name, Roku Streaming Player. Is there some way to label them, such as Roku 3, Roku XD, etc.? I have two Roku players (different versions). Right now I have a 50% chance of selecting the one I really want. :-)
does it work with the ps3? Mine does not show up
Just tried a local AVI that plays fine on my phone. Sent it to the Roku, the Roku flashed and then returned to the Roku menu. 
It would be nice if support could be added for the DirecTV "Genie" (HR44) media server. The new Media Player app for Roku 3 finds it and displays some of the queued videos.
Hey all. If I connect an Android device to my TV through HDMI, is there any app I can install on it to turn it into a DLNA renderer and be able to push local content to it using AllCast?
I tryed the pay version on a Nexus 7 (2013) a Chromecast and a Samsung NOT smart TV and just say Searching for Players....blah blah blah like 3 hours and nothing happes HELP
+Koushik Dutta 
Just tried AllCast to an OSX reflector running on a MacBook. Worked fine to show photos but after closing the connection the icon in the notification area is still showing and a "Now Playing" entry containg a GUID is shown when looking at the notification items. Can't swipe it away and tapping on it just returns me to the home screen.
Greg T.
God this app pisses me off! Every time I try to stream a movie from my SD card I get constant freezes! What a waste of money 
Maybe it's the SD card. Have you tried Realplayer Cloud? It streams local media to the Chromecast. If that freezes too, then you know it's not the fault of AllCast. +Greg T. 
i'm not able to run it on my nexus 7(2013) and my LCD Samsung and Chromecast when this people of Google will release the code?
hi Koushik, I recently purchased the allcast premium app and I have the free version installed as well.  the problem is that when I try to cast a video (mp4 or whatever) from my Nexus 7 to my Roku 3 the app crashes on my Roky and cannot watch anything, both, Nexy=us 7 and Roku3 are in the same wireless, any though? - Thank you!
+Koushik Dutta i'm trying to use Allcast to stream showbox from my tablet to chromecast, but i get the "no media playback in progress"error/response. can this be fixed?
I am getting the same error' no media playback in progress' is there a fix for this?
+Koushik Dutta  'no media playback in progress' error here too. Nexus 4 trying to connect to Apple TV. It finds the AppleTV, but when I try to cast (tried video, photos, twitch), gives me the error mentioned.
If you get the no playback just wait it is loading the movie. 
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