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Gonna use this screen recording feature I've been building to redo my Google Play app videos for Helium, ROM Manager, etc.
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You never fail on creating amazing features! Thanks!
Are these features already included in the newest CM? 
Is this a part of CM now? I'm not seeing it.
Speak in a different accent for each new video 
That's amazing. A while back I was looking for an app that would do this. I eventually found only one that worked. It cost money, was buggy, had an awful interface, and had half the features as this does.

You rock!
+Koushik Dutta Sorry, but what about the AirPlay Mirroring with Apple TV? Thanks you for your great work! 
+Matteo Lobello They're both based on the same work and will be released simultaneously. This is one of my side projects at +Cyanogen Inc. that I do in my free time, so I don't actually have that much time to work on this feature. Couple hours on the weekends.
AirPlay is still missing audio at the moment, but video works great.
Thank you very much, even without the audio (with an alpha?) would be fantastic. Thanks again. +Koushik Dutta 
I would recommend the whole record the microphone thing as an option, because if I am making a video of a game I'm playing, I usually don't want my mic to go with it.
Awesome bro. Keep up the good work. I miss cyanogen, just eish I could carry over the touch woz features
This is awesome! You are a great developer!!!
Am I correct to assume that most of the functionality was already present in AOSP(DisplayManager, WifiDisplay & Co.) and you packaged it all in a convenient API which non-system apps can use?
+Koushik Dutta that's awesome! It can also be used to present or teach. Any chance of making it a stand-alone app? 
+Sebastian Mauer Sort of. The pieces have been there since hwcomposer was introduced, but there was still a lot missing. The Remote Display Framework I wrote provides a consolidated API for anyone to use, but there's much more work on top of that to do screen recording and airplay.
Take a look at the framework patches on gerrit that I linked above.
+Jeremias Smith It may be possible, but I'm not going to do it. Would be super hacky and would require root. And probably wouldn't work well.
Awesome, about time we had a screen recording option. 
Great work. Be nice to show my users how to do something.
There is no doubt about it, this will substantially improve the way I support my 600+ field users: clear, high quality, simple to create videos.

I need this in my life.
First thing I saw in the video thumbnail was "Wifi Analy"... Guess I'll have to watch to see wtf that is.

EDIT: watched. cut off Analyzer.  phew.
shitballs, worth installing CM alone
+Koushik Dutta this is awesome! Any chance on getting the push screen to roku with this? I really can't wait to push my screen to roku (for things like YouTube or other stuff)
Can't wait to see it on Nightlies, finally some way to explain how an app works without paid app's or rlly bad webcam quality
This is all kinds of awesome, especially for bug reports!
More than bug reports... I'll end up using one of my devices as a PSX, N64, GBA media center, I just need to get a ps3 controller and done! no more cables everywhere!

+Koushik Dutta is there any way, the recorded video can be stored directly on a PC instead of the internal memory?
+Koushik Dutta I understand, access to the screen content is all I would need. Pre 4.2 I was using the plain Linux Framebuffer to acquire the screen (and then encoding it with the MediaCodec API) and was kind of bumped out when they removed the FB (altough it never was an official feature). I'd love to see this in AOSP as well but it seems Google doesn't want to support this because of possible issues with content providers.
... You did this on purpose the day after my monthly reflash, didn't you?
God, I hope this works with the Galaxy Nexus. I've been waiting almost two years for a solution. Every other tool simply doesn't work.

Not that it matters now, anyway. Nexus 5 is close to release.
+Koushik Dutta Great feature!! But will it support Tegra devices? I've tried other screen recording apps and they mostly won't work with Tegra...
Also,, it would be great if you can manage sound ON/OFF while recording..
<3 #CyanogenMod
This is pretty cool. Wonder how well it would work for games. Plus, yeah, having mic input as an option would be nice too. But overall...rad!
What's that "GalleryNext" app? Seems like it block certain pics
This is awesome Kaushik, how do i use this on Stock ROM ?
Amazing! But how would I be able to use this feature on my 10.2 flashed Kindle Fire? It doesn't have volume buttons...
That looks very cool.
How does it handle orientation changes while recording?
Really great feature for bug report!!
1440p? Is youtube glitching, or is this really what the files are recorded in?
wow, this is exactly what I was missiing since the beginning of android! 
+Jared Morgan I think it will, and if not... well... next time they should not buy a tegra device! xD
Oh yes. This will be great. Thank you. 
Cool, you have Tencent QQ installed.
+Koushik Dutta What's the name of that live wallpaper?  Didn't it come stock on the nexus?  I can't seem to find it anymore.
Must be missing a setting somewhere... I'm running on last night's nightly on my Note 2... nothing happens when I vol up and power... screen capture works fine.
+Sebastian Mauer Ohh, I thought the Content Provider API on Android. I was a bit confused why this should be an issue. :D
Great feature! Where can I get your gallery app from? 
Amazing job... This is why I love android and cyanogenmod 
Awwwwww yeeeaaaahhhhhhhh. Been waiting for this one for years. :D
Have been waiting for a screen record function for a long while.  Glad to see it will be native.
I need this right now! Please make it available without having to root or do a custom ROM. You'll be a hero to the Android community.
+Wayne Howard I'm afraid that's just not going to happen. This will be a cyanogenmod feature, I'm sure, but you definitely won't be doing it on stock.
Yea, I just read his earlier comment regarding that. Bummer. I use to root and install Roms a lot on my phone but grew tired of it, especially after getting a Nexus device. It was fine the way it was. But I may install CM just for the feature as it is a must have for some people.
I'm pretty sure that it will be availabe without flashing the ROM in a while, there are lots of genious out there and they will make it possible, or at least that's what I hope :)
Possibly, but it'll take root at the very least (at least, that's what my money's on) until it becomes an official Android feature.
Yeah you're right, until then we can just wait
Has anyone successfully cherry-picked this yet? I can't get it to work on dlx.
If I got the changelog right it's in todays nightly. Is the screen recording feature a part of that commit?
+Dustin Skoracki +Koushik Dutta it was merged last night, but I still can't screen record or see any Apple TVs under wireless displays (I have about 30 on the wireless network that I am on right now).  Phone is dlx.
less extra features, more getting bluetooth and speakerphone working and developing IR remote control app. I love CM but need it to be fully functional wtf.
It is merged but I can't get to it either, how do we access the screen recorder?
Press VolUp+Lock Button, but it wont work (not implemented yet?)
Now we can use this feature right out of the box with android 4.4 KitKat :)
With the release of 4.4 with Screen Recording built in now, will this make your life easier for it?
The raw API has been merged into CM lately, but whats about the application or settings for it? And how about the AirPlay mirroring, +Koushik Dutta?
+Koushik Dutta I really like this better than the 4.4 way through ddms. Is this doa now? I noticed everything has been merged except the final front end
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