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Don Riley
All I need to know is what color pill to take.
What if I told you,
I'd tell u I love you ;-)
+Koushik Dutta...Seriously. I can't ask for this enough. You really need to work on Glass as well. : / 
Post it bro. I'm buying. Just take my damn money.
Does my credit card go into the optical drive or the floppy drive ?
M Hatti
If I say please would you teach me? 
Shut up and take my money!
If It's true, I would directly buy a Chromecast :-) :-) :-) 
you have my full attention
I would say: i need a chromecast! (If the framerate is good enough)
And what if I told you that I could answer my cell through Chromecast....LOL
If you told me that, I would say please put up link to Play Store :)
That is just pure shenanigans! Now take my first born! 
I would say, "yeah I know about Allcast. Doesn't everybody?"
Is it working now with the official Chromecast update?
I think the next step would be to connect Chromecast to the Phone/Tablet via WiFi without the need of a router. 
I've been wondering for a long time why Chromecast doesn't support Miracast.
You have attention... goooooo ooooooon.... ;)
I say hand me a cup of water and GIVE ME THE RED PILL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What if I told you they were suppositories? 
It is not Android that is mirrored to Chromecast, it is only yourself.
Do you think that's air you're breathing? 
I would tell you in my ARNOLD voice...  DO IT! DO IT NOW! C'MON!  DO IT, I'M HERE...
Then I would want to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.  Count me +Koushik Dutta 
I haven't gotten my Moto X or N7 2013 to be able to see my chromecast not sure what the issues are. Tried reinstalling and rebooting everything a few times. 
Thank you for your continued support of ALL The Things
Morpheus/ Koushik Dutta - Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
Now also say you'll add AirPlay mirroring. :)
I was trying t figure oout Allcast Premium.  So can any browser in Android be mirrored or is just pictures/videos that are local?
+Koushik Dutta I just recommended a EZCast Miracast dongle to +Pragyan Deb for mirroring .. But if this is on its way, AllCast with Chromecast would probably work better
Thanks. Will hold off for a bit then.
Phil H
Simples. Where do I pay?
+Koushik Dutta hey Koush... Are there any plans for AllCast full airplay functionality? YouTube, Spotify streaming, etc
Its a mystery why chromecast doesn't have miracast to begin with.
Rechy T
Will buy the premium/paid version in a heartbeat!!! 
I'll take both pills for this..tell me hiw
Can we get an estimation time frame when u can have it posted?
I must say, this is the best use of this Meme I have ever seen 
+John Willis how have you been casting those things to Chromecast for years?

Please, us lesser people would like to know how that's possible with a device that's less than one year old.
I like the part where everyone feels it necessary to tag Koush on his own status.
I can't even get AllCast to find my Chromecast...
+Greg Dreyfus not always. And if you're not specifically addressing someone else wouldn't it be easy to infer that you would be addressing Koush himself? 
Alec G
finally time to goto walmart to get a chromecast
+John Willis but this post wasn't about screen mirroring in general. It is specifically about screen mirroring TO Chromecast.

You say "_Chromecast won't even do that._" But this post says exactly the opposite. 

If you're going to pointedly not read the meme, and interject your own "cranky" attitude, maybe you should reevaluate your comments.
I'd ask you about the frame rate, latency, and synchronization. Looking forward to finding out.
+John Willis But the ENTIRE point of this post is saying that he's worked out how to mirror to Chromecast from Android.
+John Willis  Wow. Way to be childish, instead of stopping by to say "Good job doing something that Google claimed couldn't be done!"

Have fun on your high horse.
Anything your phone or tablet can do my big ass TV can now do better anything on your small device and big TV can do better than that!
And this has been an active reminder of why iOS fanboys have the reputation they do.
Samuel L Jackson!!! lol? (yes, I know it's LF)
Come on, Koush, make it happen.
Shut up and take my money already. Oh wait, you already did. Then bring on the goods. I will try and avoid the three letter word, ETA. 
Last time I saw Morpheus he was in a white Denali.
How about some X11 and gnu? Oh wait that doesn't steal your data and make people rich off advertisements. /me wants debían.
I would say....please make it public in allcast
I feel I would also follow you down that rabbit hole.
I presume its with the audio and not just laggy video alone ;)
I would say, stop teasing us!
Then I wouldn't have returned my Chromecast back to Wal-Mart lol...
Mat Lee
what if you told me allcast would play my .mkv files on the chromecast? Now that would blow my dick off.
Just so long as you don't also tell me I have to be running CM to do it.
I'll take a long nap because I don't like waiting for good things
I would tell you.... You have my 5 dollars now And thank you 
I would say the same thing I say to girls who claim to have nipple rings. "I don't believe you"
root and unlock all my VZW devices and I'll do whatever the X you want
The Oracle said something like would happen. It's not chromecast that bends, it's you. 
What about UPnP/DLNA/Miracast? They're brilliant!
Putting a web browser on wifi-p2p is pretty brilliant too.
*top streaming, remote *top, is also brilliantly good.
That's why I bought the premium right away!
Ivan P
I'll say - ”I'LL BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR! Ahahahaha”
What approach did you finally take (MSE/WebRTC)? How much latency are you getting?
I'd stop wearing my Chromecast as a necklace! 
What kind of sorcery is this? 
I didn't slept well..where is this shine stuff?;)
I'd say "How much is this feature I'll probably not use much gonna cost me this time?" :)
With almost no latency and synced audio, that's another story. Can't wait to see that.
Dude! Android device (Nexus please) loaded with Ubuntu + BT Keyboard/Mouse + Chromecast = Ultimate Portable PC?
mike r
And its not even April 1st yet
Screen mirroring via allcast would be awesome , since chromecast isn't available in my country
I will follow the rabbit hole
Mirror is a nice little App. Recording is a little buggy, only pixel mess on my Nexus 7 with PA. Casting into network seems to work properly. But when will Chromecast be supported? That's the feature I'm most excited about. Keep it going! :)
Android = Microsoft.... Let's all copy Apple!
Love it, awesome Koush
+Koushik Dutta It's not difficult to do it, the only thing you have to say is "OK Google, Cast to Chromecast" LOL
I would laught :D
I say you're the best man.....really, the best of the entire world!! Thanks so much!
I would ask when?... and if I needed root? (I would also try to look unimpressed, just to try and look cool) 
Would love it. Red, Blue, Black..anything... I had bought chromecast only hoping for this to come true!!!!
Do you think Google will add DRM/lock that down like you posted last year?
Alex G.
"I'd buy that for a dollar!" - robocop
I actually think google is working on it already, since they renamed "wireless display" to "cast screen"
I'd sell a kidney to get it! Not mine, but I'm sure a buddy wouldn't notice if I extracted one during his sleep.
That's perfect. That way I can stream TV Portal finally. Of course my Nintendo emulated games. I love my Chromecast already but mirroring is exactly what I/we need #CooLoserTech
+Stephen Cothren +John Willis John, your smugness and naivety bemused me so much I just had to comment. There's many things you're unbelievably behind on with your Apple devices as well. The first thing that springs to mind is Facetime. You know the "innovative video calling that was revolutionised by Apple"? I had video calling on some Nokia mobile about 8-10 years before Apple came up with that incredible technology, and I wasn't locked in to calling only other Apple users! There is plenty John, that Apple are so far behind on, too much to list in fact. They're not the market leaders in the field and they're rapidly losing market share, because frankly they have sat back in the same manner that BlackBerry / RIM did, and we all know what has happened there. Be as smug as you like, I used to use Apple, but when I saw how little they do compared to how big they talk, I soon saw the light. 
Lol +John Willis "It's about time Android is catching up"

Hmm, how long did it take the iPhone to get a bigger screen, panorama in the camera (even video recording wasn't available in the iphone 2g), sharing to Facebook, notification panel, settings panel? Just a few things the iPhone got years after Android. Let's not even get into what it still can't do!

But you have one thing to go by....good for you dude :o)
Please give me (only) audio out stream in 320 kbps. Instant buy for me if so.
I'll eat all the pills. Just give it to me now. Without needing root (pretty please with sugar on top)
+Koushik Dutta
You should lead the Chromecast team, they miss a lot :)
1) without root?
2) fast connection?
3) lag free?
4) still a router need?

Thank you for your great work!
Just need to find a chromecast in Australia that doesn't cost $70
3.5" was meant to be the perfect size but hey, they made it bigger.....did you upgrade to the 5 or keep the 4 because it was "perfect"? Ermmm Android can do a ton more, alone, without having to buy more over priced crap I.e. Mac & Apple TV.

I have a miracast dongle and a micracast enabled TV and, at the moment, Miracast ain't all that. Chromecast was never intended to mirror the entire contents of your device, just as a means to get Netflix, YouTube, Play Movies, Vevo etc wirelessly and effortlessly onto the big screen.

Before that we could connect via MHL-HDMI anyhow

Now with the development open more apps will add support and Koush, I think, is just doing this because he can!
Will that be integrated with cm roms or an app can do that possible?
The Chromecast is the best, cheapest way for Google to expand its cash cow, advertising. It's also a way to pick up where Nielsen ratings has dropped the ball.

People keep talking about how foolish it was for a company like Google to lose money on Motorola, not to mention having bought it in the first place. Aside from the patents being worth the price alone, there is no substitute for experience. Having actually owned and operated a hardware maker that then ran the software maker's OS - developing at least one hell of a phone in the process - was an opportunity that only a fool would pass up.

Does it seem like this company is run by fools? 
may I recommend adding Dropbox and Google Drive support for direct casting. And a more organized file system so you can access any files in both SD Card and internal memory
If you people want direct Android mirroring on an HDTV I have two Motorola Droid 4's that have Webtop firmware. I have a dock, bluetooth keyboard with slide out track pad and, because I have a general disdain for all things track pad, a bluetooth mouse as well. All are Motorola brand and so have great compatibility and features unique to the brand (though the keyboard seems to work well with my Tab 2 7.0 LTE, too). 
Koushik the latest allcast update cannot find chromecasts that are connected locally but not to the Internet however the native chromecast apps can. Please look into this.
+Koushik Dutta  I hope you're somehow monetizing your developments because, if nothing else, you're giving buzz to ideas and products they will just refine and market on the fly. Perhaps you're an independent contractor already? 
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