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CyanogenMod Installer - Usability Testing

Want to beta the CyanogenMod installer? We're looking for usability testers, and are also looking to validate the driver packages across a broader range of Windows installations and PCs.

To participate in the beta, you must have the following:

1) a camera to record yourself doing the installation (we learn a lot watching nontechnical people use our stuff!)

2) a device we currently support [1]

3) willing to work with us on bug reports and feedback

Right now, the process of installing an aftermarket Android operating system is too intimidating, and we believe this should be accessible to anyone. The real fun and power of Android starts with "fastboot oem unlock" [2], and we want that available to as many people as possible.

If you're interested, let me know below, by telling me device you have and if you've ever run +CyanogenMod before. I'll be selectively adding people to the testers group.

[1] Current devices: maguro, crespo, toro, toroplus, grouper, flo, mako, manta, skyrocket, hercules, i9100, i9300, d2att, d2spr, d2tmo, jfltexx, quincyatt, quincytmo, t0ltetmo, m7ul.

[2] Yes, I know, or "heimdall flash".
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i volunteer for jflteatt
(once there is)
and/or captivatemtd (jflteatt does not have an unlocked bootloader)

never run cm on captivate, but on s4 i have...

(once there is for captivatemtd)
i9300 volunteer, running cm 10.2 nightlies 
I'm in for jfltevzw.

I've used CM on my HTC Hero, Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S2 and S4.
I have a Windows 8 PC and a Mac (if you need to test it later). 
I'm interested. i9100 device and Windows 8.1 Preview. 
Edit I meet the prerequisites . I have a Mako device, camera, and have flashed CM many times before. I'll just have to lock the bootloader and go back to stock before I test. 
Would love to help to make the installer more accessible to my family and the public in general. 
Jay B
Hook me up!
Let me know when there's a mac version. I imagine testers for that will be harder to find anyway. 
I can do i9300. I've used CM before. 
Toro, I flash a nightly every 3-4 days
Warning - last I saw there were newer d2spr devices that can't install AOSP ROMs. Particularly some recent refurbs and I fall into that category. If it works, I'd love to beta test. 
I will surely help with Toro or grouper always happy to help out the cause. I have fun CM ever since the BBQ 2 years ago.  
I have mako and I have been running CM since 7.1 on my dinc
I have a manta available for testing. I've run CM on various devies since CM7 and am proficient enough at logging. Camera available as well. :) Win 7 Home Premium self built rig.
I'm in for jfltetmo and manta. I've used just about every experimental/nightly since the 3.x days on the G1 across more devices than I care to remember. I'd love to be a part of the future of CM!
Shen Ye
Got a grouper, m7ul and maguro available to test on.
Rob M.
Flo and/or Mako availability here. Win 7 or 8. CM on both currently.
I have a SG i9300 with CM 10.2 and a New Nexus 7 Stock
jflteatt, unfortunately my camera would just be another phone. 
Sweet! Ran CM on AT&T Captivate and toro, can test on toro 
+Shen Ye Not sure if we support the m7ul yet, i've only tested on the m7att. Should be the same, but it may not be enabled.
I'd be more than happy to test this for you +Koushik Dutta I have a grouper, manta, and toro that I'd be happy to test on. 
I'll gladly volunteer my S3 (Stock) I've had experience with my ex-phone, a Motorola Defy
If no one else volunteers for quincyatt I could do it. I also have a spare captivatemtd my kids play with
Is there gonna be a version for MacOS in the future.
Flo and/or quincyatt
Yes I have before.
Device: Mako. Never installed CM before, but other ROMs like PA on multiple devices. 
1. d2att/p3113
2. Yes

3. Want video in HD? Linux or Win platform...whichever
Koishik are you gonna make the software work on max or is it just gonna be PC based
I have a pyramid 4g and m7tmo
+Koushik Dutta please pick me because I want CM , but I really find it intimidating to root a phone. I was excited to hear that CM wants to simplify the root process. (Galaxy S3)
+Koushik Dutta I have Flo, Win7, a camera and have flashed CM a few times. Would love to participate. I also have a Sprint M7 if/when it's supported. 
I have a mako and razor (Not listed but grouper is ?) I'm willing to put through the paces :)
Have run CM since CM7, but currently both are running stock.
I would love to test. I will be running mako and maguro. I'm very familiar with CM and use it frequently
I volunteer i have a gs2 i9100, ive run a nightlie 
Crespo, it has cyanogen 4.2.2 on it right now. 
Andy Fong
Out of topic: Do nontechnical people know the codename of he/her phone? I think those who responded to the codename failed the test. :D
I've been looking for a cm Custom Rom tutorial for Sony Xperia ion lte but have yet to find it ......someone through me a fricken bone here. :D
Would like to. Toro, Windows 8. Currently running CM 10.2
I'm in. Toroplus. Edit: I have cyanogen running on this device currently and have put it on over half a dozen others. 
I can help with testing. 1) camera: Yes 2 )Device : d2tmo 3) yup 
sensation 4g and HTC one tmobile and I only buy devices that cm supports! Windows 7 pc. 
I'd be happy to help out. I've used CM for the last year. Can gopro the process.. I have an S3 (d2att)
I will test on Flo nexus 7. Yes i have run cyanogenmod before 
+Koushik Dutta +Andy Fong lol, but then again, if you don't know the code name of your phone, you probably don't know who @koush is either and will never see the post
Skyrocket here, I'd love to participate. Been using CM on it for a year and a half, and had CM7 on my HTC Incredible. 
I have ran CM in the past. Currently stock on my toro galaxy nexus. 
also want to participate... OPPO find 5, first time user ... is oppo there ? 
I ran CyanogenMod on my HTC Incredible and Droid Bionic and absolutely loved it.  I now have the Galaxy Note II (VZW) already rooted.  Let me know if I can be of service.  Thanks.
i have Mako and Crespo4G... my sister also has Mako and knows NOTHING about this rooting and installing of custom ROMs... i can film her going through the process :)

i've used CM since CM7 but that was just before CM9 started leaking out!! my normal profile is +Roberto Mezquia Jr to show i'm not just a dev bot :D

oh and a PC running W8
I've been running regular updates of CM since CM 7 on a Captivate. I currently have a Skyrocket and a Verizon Note 2, a laptop running Windows 7 64bit, and a laptop running Windows 8. And have multiple HD cameras available to record the install process.
I'd be interested with d2spr, on a dual boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu machine.

Been using CM exclusively since HTC EVO 4G.
I've never installed cm before but I have installed other custom roms and I would love to participate in the beta for this but I don't see my device being supported. I have t0lteatt
I'm running CM nightlies on my M7spr, and I have a epicmtd available too for testing.  edit: and a nook color with open boot loader.
I have a grouper and a mako running cm that I can flash back to stock... Not sure how well recording it will work, since my nexus 4 is my only camera.
+Koushik Dutta  I'd be interested as well, and I have a variety of devices available for testing: Flo, Mako, Grouper, and Stingray. Been a user of Cyanogenmod since the OG Droid days. 

I understand fastboot, adb, etc... and would love to beta test.
Yeah, I've run CyanogenMod before. I have the Galaxy Note 2 - t0lteatt & a Nexus 7 - Grouper
I have a grouper, flo, and t0ltespr. I know it's not on the list, but the two version is so I'm good to go when it is. I've been using CM since the original came out with the G1.
Willing to test for m7ul. I've been using CM since the days of the original Motorola DROID.
Running Windows 8 and and Debian laptop.
I'm in as well for Hercules and manta. I have been running CM ever since g1 (right after jf quit developing) 
compaq hp cq-42 windows 7 willing to give a try if you need! 
I got a mako and grouper. Been messing with Android since the HTC Sooner. 
I have a camera, an m7ul, I've ran CM in the past and I'm willing to provide feedback :)
Mako here, I've used cm before. I'm in.
Nexus 10; I've never run CyanogenMod before.
I've run several versions of CM on my AT&T Galaxy SII. 
Hey I can help out with t0ltetmo, Hercules and grouper! 
On that list - maguro + grouper.  Been using CM since the G1, baby.  Lots of other devices around here, would be interested in helping bring up compatibility for others when the time comes. 
Mako. Running 10.2 nightlies. I have a PC running windows 8 and a Mac
Moto x on sprint. Used cyanogenmod on 2 older phones
I'm in. Never installed cm before. Verizon gs3 currently rooted
I'd like to help test out on my stock grouper (8GB). Currently running 10.2 nightlies on my Galaxy Nexus. Been using cyanogenmod since v6.
I have grouper, I can test. I kinda wanna do it while my dad (with a toro) watches, to convince him that it's really not so hard.

I've been running CM for years, he has had a CM 7.2 build for a month back on the rusty old Drois Eris. (I installed it for him)
mako and flo here, been cm since cm6. build my own from your yea...I'm comfortable :) , currently running 10.2, I have a win 8.1/unbuntu rig
m7vzw, if you need it. Used CM multiple times. Getting ready to install it on my One tomorrow as a matter of fact.
i am in  ..with Galaxy s2 international version. Currently running cyanogen mode 10.1.3 .
Stock Mako. Windows 8.1 preview or mac
I'm open. I still have a stock Nexus 7 (2012) I have been itching to put CM on. Windows 7 64 bit

I also have a Crespo I can play around with, but it already has CM on it. 
I am currently running CyanogenMod on my S3 (SCH-R530C) (dc2ri) :) 
I will happily volunteer for my d2spr, I'm currently on cm 10.2 but can go back to stock, unrooted to test if needed. I have a camera and would be happy to record. I also have a mac if you're in need of testing that out (but have access to Windows if needed) 
I'd like to help test on maguro.  Have run CM on dream, vision, and maguro.
Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2012, Evo 3D, Evo 4G, Epic 4G, Cricket phone vitaly, , whole bunch of phones, you guys rock!!!!

Mako and grouper
I'll volunteer for "toro" since I was thinking of installing it soon. I thought you wanted non-technical, but the device list is def technical.  I have a Galaxy Nexus Verizon and haven't run cm on it. I ran cm on my G1 a while back...
jfltespr - for testing I also have a new XT1056 id be willing to devirginize. I've used CM alot since the old days. 
I'm interested. I have a grouper, a mako and two maguro. All currently run CM 10.2 but can be flashed back to stock
Mako, yes been on cm since the G1
dt2att and crespo here +Koushik Dutta . Be an honor and a privilege. Using CM for three years on all my android devices. Fellow developer. (Geoflik app)
I have a Galaxy Nexus Maguro running CM 10.2. I've been using CM since 7 with the Nexus One
Very interested and have experience with CM on the Droid1, MotoX, Gnex.  Currently running m7att.
Ed Luna
2 devices look like iphones. 
I want to become a beta tester. I have the jfltetmo (T-Mobile Galaxy S4) which the can run jfltexx ROMs. I also have the d2tmo (T-Mobile S3)

I have used CyanogenMod for all of my Android device. I even install it on the HP touchpad for my grandma, +Koushik Dutta if I have this I will let my grandma install it.

I would love to part of this beta testing.
Oh forgot to mention in addition to having a grouper, I'm currently running CM10.2, already tried an assortment of other Roms;  Pac, Carbon, MIUI and others
+Koushik Dutta non-technical person here! I have a Nexus 4, which I believe is mako. I've never install cm, but have always wanted to. I have a camera. Oh, and my pc is running Windows 8 ( I don't know if that makes a difference) 
I can do the d2spr. Been running CM since I first got the heroc. I can flash back to stock unrooted if needed for testing. 
I have a nexus 4, I use it stock. Never have modded nor have I flashed the ROM. I have a camera and win7 desktop... If I am chosen I would need direction how to install the beta.
Toro, running 10.2 nightlies. Primary machines are Mac's, but have admin access to WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8/.1. and WinServer 2003/2008R2 as well.
I meet all the reqs, I'm a mako. Could use windows 8 or Chrome OS (perhaps both for funs-ys)
im down. i have d2tmo, mako, and toro. been on cm since cm6.
GS4 GPe (jgedlte) here.  Fully compatible with recoveries and ROMs for jfltexx.  Running CM 10.2 nightlies currently.
I have CyanogenMod on my mako and tf201. I can do all items mentioned above
Me me me got a HTC one my lapdog is Windows 7 I'm new to the root and flashing so very excited about this one , may the force be with you all 
+Koushik Dutta is this supposed to bypass the hassle of installing a ROM for amuture users? If so I'm in. Nexus 4. I've never rooted because I didn't want to mess anything up trying 
Can test for grouper. Windows 7 PC + Mac. (for future installations) Running CM since the day the nightlies started!)
The installer installs CM without root ??
jfltetmo here, willing to test
I don't know if you're still accepting people to do this +Koushik Dutta but I'd love to get my hands on this to do a demo/first impressions video for +Android Authority :) Obviously I'd help test too. 

I have an N7 and N4, both of which are supported thus far and I have Windows 7 (if that helps). 
willing to test, problem is cm doesn't support LG intuition ( vzw) yet and I'm not tech enough to get a build running (I tried)...
pc running windows 7...
ran cm on sgs3 att, dx\x2, Razer,maxx, Samsung moment, sgn2, sgs2, and got a camera with video...
Ready for umts_spyder when avaiable. Already using CM since 7 (was on x10 mini pro)
I am game Koush. Been following you and your work for a long time now. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus as well as a HTC One and will hopefully soon be buying a Oppo N1... if I can ever save up enough money. Run CM on several phones over the years and am looking forward to how it is progressing.
I have used Cyanogenmod Since CM7 on the HTC evo. I now have a D2SPR and am willing to test. Have a windows computer, and a camera.
My Sprint galaxy s3 is NOT one of the newer ones, and run AOSP ROMs just fine.
Mako , cam, but I only have 1 Ubuntu and 1 Crunchbag laptop so I'm no good to you. Still think its a cool idea though.
What about l900? t0ltetmo is the tmo note 2, l900 is the spr note 2.
I was just thinking about putting CM on my virgin grouper (never been unlocked)
Have run CM in the past on other devices (first CM on a HP Touchpad!).
Have camera for video.
Desktop computer is Win8 Pro.
I have an HTC One unlocked just updated to 4.3 I have a windows 8 computer and a mac 
greg p
Moto droid Razr sypder cdma currently running cm10.2 nightlys
I used to run CM on my old SGS2 but would love to help out with this process seeing as I have the new Nexus 7 or (flo).
I'll test it out, I have windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 machines at the house. I urgently run cm on my nexus 4, touch pad, and original Kindle Fire. I have also used it on a fascinate I no longer have. 
Current would be mako and manta with 10.2 nightly (though more like weekly due to work) and 10.1.3 respectively. Toroplus prior. 
I'm into it. I have an at&t galaxy s3
+Koushik Dutta Does the CM installer support linux or are we assuming that people running Linux on their computers are capable enough to jump through hoops to install CM on their phones ? 

If it's available for linux then I am ready to volunteer. Thanks!
I have a mako a grouper an i777 and a captivatemtd. Dual booting ubuntu and xp and ubuntu and Vista on 2 pcs. I can help with whatever.
I'd love to participate but my devices do not qualify. My personal p500 is too old to be on list. I have an i9100 too, but it's a corporate phone. You ain't wanna test things on that. Still running CM on both.
M7ul here. Never unlocked. I volunteer as tribute 
Grouper, Mako and wifi-only (no service) Toro here. Would love to participate, Koush.
i would enjoy the opportunity to help.  i have used CM on the first verizon droid and a toro.  i would test on the toro which is now stock.  long time follower btw
Am interested..using CM on HTC one (m7ul) 7 PC...have used cm earlier too on a i9100.
Jflteatt, Galaxy S4. Running 10.2 nightlies.

I've been running CM on every device I've had from Droid A855 to Nexus 7. It would be an honor!
Toro (already on CM) and Mako (as received, stock)
Manta and jfltexx both running CM 10.2 nightlies. Camera available. Windows 8.1. 
I'm in! I have mako and grouper and camera, and experience reporting bugs and giving feedback at work. I do have access to a camera. I do have technical experience, though. I have used CM before in magic and passion and I've been thinking about upgrading my Nexus devices! Edit: I have limited access to Windows 7, but I mostly use Ubuntu.
+Koushik Dutta GNEX toro, 2 N7 grouper, Droid Razer, OG Droid, been running CM since beginning.  Unfortunately No Windows.  .deb version Pleeez!
Mako - Yes I have run CM on all my devices.
Nexus 7 both 2012/13 editions Verizon Galaxy nexus and nexus 4. With windows 7 32bit and windows 8 64bit......come at me bro.
Ryan R
+Koushik Dutta we have crespo, mako and m7ul around the house. My wife is non-technical, and I'd like to see her give it a shot! 
I have a Note 2 and Sensation. I can also have me GF try the process on camera as she is quite the opposite of the techie (to see how the process is for that group) I've run CM for years
M7TMo and a Grouper... I've run CM on every phone/tablet since my MyTouch
I own a jfltevzw and a new n7 flo both have cm. Id like to upgrade my non techy girlfriend to cyanogenmod on her jfltevzw. Plus I have a few older devices on the supported last also. Plus I have several windows and Mac versions in house. 
I have a spare Toroplus I don't mind testing on. I only use it on WiFi at the moment because I just upgraded to the HTC One
If you need any more for grouper, I've been using cm for years.
Can any one tell me...what is CyanogenMod
I have a spyder running the latest CM nightly, and both wifi nexuses (nexi?) running stock (flo and grouper). Windows and Mac laptops available. Willing to mess with the N7s. come at me, bro. 
mako, running nightly, maguro running nightly, albeit this one my in my sisters hands
I'm in. I have mako. Have been running cm since my HTC EVO / epic 4G days. 
I'm down, d2spr and running 10.2 nightlies.
I volunteer. Got Mac Windows and Linux and several phone and tablets
I have grouper and maguro. I was running Cyanogenmod but it was running kinda slow so I went back to my full backup.
Skyrocket here, I want to volunteer to beta test Currently using *CM Nightlies 10.2.0*
I have a mako have been using cm on several devices in the last (g1, nexus one, HTC one s, my touch 4g, and the mako at one point (stock right now) and would be able to provide a video
I have grouper, flo, mako, manta, m7ul and a variety of windows random PC's if you'd like moar testing.  If not #dongs
I have the tmo Galaxy Note 2 and would love to test for windows 8.
I would love to help. D2VZW currently running CM 10.2 nightlies and p3113 running p3110 cm10.1 through Odin
I got crespo, maguro and grouper and i;m willing to help where i can :) (Got windows vista, 7 and 8)
I have FLO and I have run CM on various devices over the years both official and non.
I have mako here..
Could you count me in, sir?
Mako and maguro have run cm7 cm9 cm10 and up on many devices windows 7 & 8
I have a note 2 and I want to be a beta tester.... 
Hi Koush, I would like to join. I am using a Micromax Canvas HD A116 in India. Very popular paisa vasool phone.
Run cm in all my devices. My camera would be a cannon 7d. Note 2 i317M ... Windows 7... Bugs and feedback? I'm in (as soon as you expand support that is)
M7UL. Had CM on 4 devices till now. 
Oh yeah I forgot it's model number is i317 
I have nexus 7 with cm 10.1.3 stabel + franco kernel and note 2 cm 10.1.3.
Hi +Koushik Dutta 
great job getting it out there
I've used about 5 devices (personally - dozen's more as a tester/reviewer), and just about every one on CM).

My wife even loves using CM (as I"m currently not running on my device) and after I flash a new nightly she shows me what the new features are (little does she know I knew what new features are in there -- you won't tell her that I already know right?).

Currently I'm on mako, and she's using maguro
maguro! cm 10.1..big time fan..blogger..used to making videos :) it will be an honour :D
I'm in if you'd let me. D2VZW running cm10.2 nightlies. :-) 
On behalf of Snapchat Android: we'd love to join! We'd be willing to test mako and grouper, and we're expert QA testers :)

I've personally used Cyanogenmod on grouper and vivow.
I would love to beta test this install process, but I have a Samsung Galaxy Rush running 4.1.2 but hopefully sometime in the future, you'll be able to support my device. Thanks for the hard work tho
Mako, first time user!
I would love to!
I have run it before, I'm a bit of a fanatic actually, but that's all the more reason to pick me, right?
Anyways, I'm running 10.2 on Grouper
Thanks Koush!

EDIT: I would maybe be able to test it on an HTC Evo 4G LTE and a DROID RAZR M as well
Have flo and willing to test. Have ran cm for a while now. Also have Verizon s4 and droid maxx
+Koushik Dutta I am a fellow blogger and an ardent tech lover. Been following your work and using CM 10.1 on MAGURO. Would be an honour to be a tester :D Besides Iv always been using or trying to port CM9 on previous devices too.
Would love to. I meet all of the requirements. 
I am interested...
1) I have a camera 
2) Current devices: crespo, grouper, mako, I sold or gave away everything else..
3) I am willing to work with us on bug reports and feedback

Sounds like fun ...
D2spr and willing to record myself while installing, I have used cm before!! Not currently though.
If I had a camera I'd do t0ltetmo and have my 11yr old daughter do it.
Lisa R
I'd love to be a beta tester, especially since I was planning on going back to CM soon anyways.

D2att, and yes, I've installed CM before on both my s3 and nexus one.
d2tmo, I'd love to join the group. Sounds like an exciting next step for CM
Dam if you open it up to sch i605 I would be down. 
Mako.. Had it on captivate, skyrocket, kindle fire. Let's do this. 
I'm interested. Toro and tenderloin. I prefer the release candidates but will do nightlies if there's something I want to try out. 
QuincyAtt, Camera and Windows 7 my body is ready! have used CM before. 
Long time ROM junkie running new nexus 7 2013 win 8.1 or win 7 pro. 
I'm available for testing with Mako.
Ed Luna
I would like to test it and do the video of in spanish.N4
Skyrocket. Just replaced it so it's the perfect testing device. It's running CyanogenMod along with my epicmtd and the new S4 is getting Cyanogen'd this weekend.
Bryan S
I have the D2att and no I have never used CM before but always wanted it
I'm in. I have alot experience with CyanogenMod and I have a custom port of clockworkmod floating around xda for a few devices. I currently use an lg e980 optimus g pro
I'm in, running mako with stock rom rooted. Happy to help :)
SGH-M919, I have used CyanogenMod in the past before 
Koush, I've got jfltevzw and toro here I'm down to test with. I've got cm rocking on sgtab, moto droid 1, Galaxy S, galaxy s2, galaxy s3, galaxy S4, HTC thunderbolt, droid x, and an evo so far. 
Got a mako and flo. Running CM on my mako as we speak. Also looking at getting the next Nexus as well in October.
I'm definitely in. Using a lg g2 right now. Have run cm on more than 20 phones . along with many other custom Roms. Running clean ROM 1.1 on this g2
Are the 2 phones on the bottom right iphones??
I would be interested in participating. I trend to look at myself as a fairly technical but, but when it comes to tablets, i'm "just a user". I've never taken the plunge just because installing cm has armed complicated and risky to me (don't want to brick my pad) even if it's "supposed" to be easy.

My non-technicality extends to the fact that i don't even know if your devices are what mine are, Samsung tab 2 7", Nexus 4, 7 (new model and a couple of old ones at work) and 10. We also have an old HTC wildfire and a ZTE blade in the family. Do any of those apply?

My laptops run Mac and Linux, and i've a couple of old windows boxen too, if that's required.
Hi I would like to help out, plenty of experiences flashing tons both CM and others currently on the devices listed I have m7ul & mako 
Mako. Currently running nightlies. Windows 8 & OSX
I would love to help test this, I have a nexus 4 and have used cyanogenmod ever since I had my first android phone 
Verizon Galaxy S3 Running CyanogenMOD
1080 webcam and Cannon point and shoot with video capabilities.
+Koushik Dutta+CyanogenMod    great team!
Mako have a camera and very experienced. I'm in.
+Koushik Dutta happy to help out. I9300 and nexus 7  flo(2013) here currently on cyanogenmod 10.2 nightlies and OS windows 8.1 RTM.
M7ul already running 10.2, windows 8.1. I also used cm on my previous devices (desire hd, tf700)
I'd be willing to give it a whirl. I have the Nexus 7 (2013)/flo. I've run CM off and on since I traded my iPhone 3G for a T-Mobile G1. 
Crespo and grouper.

Have been running 10.2 nightlies on my Crespo already, but currently I am on stock for both devices. So perfect occassion to install CM on both. :)
+Koushik Dutta if I'm not too late to the party, I'm in - Galaxy NeXus Toro ... my handset has experienced stock life for all of the 5-10 minutes it took me to fastboot unlock & root it. Although I am not a full-on rockstar, I am definitely no novice when it comes to Android.
i9300 and crespo.
count me in please. have installed cm before. Running the latest nightly now. 
I9100 Here, used Cyanogenmod since Ages Back! I know how to do stuff, would love to help Test!
Count me in. I can test it on the toro. I've installed it on the evo, Galaxy S2, Nexus S, the hero, Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1, and the S3.
I'm happy to help.

A friend has asked me to install CM on his i9300 so this is the perfect opportunity. I also have crespo, mako, grouper and flo which I can test with.

And, yes I know. I compile CM for my own devices.
I would love to help. I can record and provide feedback. I have been running cyanogenmod since the G1 and have used every version since then. I have a variety of devices, several older ones running unofficial builds, but the ones that count now are Crespo, Hercules, Grouper, , i9300, Manta, Mako and just got the Lg G2 so when it gets added to the list I will be ready to help there as well. I've been using and using and feel I really need to start giving back to the community. 
Unfortunately, I already have CM on everything I own.
I'm on a Nexus 4. I've run slimrom a lot but never tried cyanogen. 
TK Bay
TK from XDA Here with the nexus 7 2013 model. I volunteer as well
Device: Mako
I've used CM before on the i9000 and GTN7000, Windows 8
Ben Lee
I have grouper, mako and jfltexx. Been using CyanogenMod since G1 days. More than willing to help with testing. Currently running Windows 8.1 also. 
I've got a a plain-old t0lte (N7105) when you're ready to have someone try that out. I've been meaning to do something about TouchWiz for a while, but I've been too busy/lazy so far.

In the past I've a variety of official and unofficial CM builds on my Doubleshot (MT4GS).
Simplicity, that's the meaning on cyanogenmod :-) 
I'm willing to help if still needed. I own Maguro and Mako, and I've used CM many times.
I'll be happy to help out using maguro, also have run CM previously on my HP touchpad
I wouldn't mind trying it out on mako, if that helps you.
Simplicity, that's the meaning of cyanogenmod :-) 
Hmm...why no XT926? Thought it was on the supported list, but then again I could be mistaken
I've flashed to several devices.. Note, s3 ,s4, optimus g. 
I have a camera and Crespo on Sprint. I also have m7sprint as well. I have an evo 4g lte as well. I really want to help! I cannot wait! :-) 
I'll sign my roommate up. He's been itching to ditch sense on his HTC Vivid.
I've got a mako and a camera to record, this will be my first time flashing any rom on a device and I'd love to give feedback to improve it during testing. However, the upcoming 2 to 3 months are going to be very busy for me, so it would be best if you could add me into your program near the new year. Thanks!
Funny, I have two devices on the list currently using cm.... Hercules and d2att. 
yes I have run cyanogenmod before. I have a jfltexx. I have been running CM for years. still running it now, love it. 
Those plus oned by Kd where could we find your reviews 
Interested, HTC One on AT&T, never used Cyanogenmod, but also have a Nexus 4.
Pyramid and grouper both on on 10.2 unofical builds but will happily beta test. Pyramid is totally unlocked and super CID
Hello I have an AT&T Galaxy S3 and have never installed a ROM before. I have been following Cyanogen for awhile though and would love to be involved in this beta. 
Have a camera, and I have mako, flo, and grouper (Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013)

I'm big into the flashing scene and would love to report and give feedback! Let me know!
I have N7100 UK carrier. Never rooted or flashed cm but was planning too. Now just waiting for cm installer on play store. Would love to beta when available. 
I would like to volunteer. I have a Manguro , Grouper ,and A Hercules all running cm 10.2. Fascinatemtd and a tf101 running unofficial 10.2 as well. Wife has a stock unrooted mako and this might convince her to let me root and ROM it.
I want try it o my maguro.. Or my mako or gruper !! And have use CyanogenMod from CyanogenMod 7 !! Please !! +Koushik Dutta 
I've run cyanogenmod on a bunch of my devices over the past few years. Currently I own both the nexus 4 (mako) and new nexus 7 (flo) and would love to help you guys test the beta installer =) 
As a lone quincytmo viewer of this post, I'm here to represent all 8 of us owners. :-P
But seriously though, I'm both surprised and glad quincytmo is one of the test bed. So I won't miss this opportunity to help out.
i9305 volunteer here. Currently on nightlies. 
Rooted vanilla maguro here. Had cm on all prior devices (g1, n1) and some devices of friends.
I have mako and currently running CM 10.2 Nightly
i tested all CM for my s3 and all sucks . if u using camera little bit longer phone gets so hot 
Grouper here and willing. Been running CM since it was first available for the OG Droid.....
I'm up for that, I have a spare nexus s (crespo) it is already running cm9... I think it's been a while
I can be of help. Currently I am running CM 10.2 nightly on HTC one X from AT&T.
I have a gs4 with CM and want to beta test with my galaxy tab 10.1 with CM. Let me know if I can help.
i9100, it has 2.2, never used CyanogenMod. Have Windows 8 64-bit. Would really love to be a tester! 
I have a nexus 7 2012 grouper and tried cm as well as others currently running pacman nightly
Nope haven't run CyanogenMod...on my Nexus 4... I want it on my Nexus 4
jfltexx I've had CyanogenMod since the G1 days it's learnt me a lot in these few years and made me the developer that I today.
I am interested. i9100 and using cm 10.1.3 and have a camera. Could try and get my wife install in on her i9100.
I can test for mako, flo and grouper.
+Koushik Dutta maguro user here, had experience with CM, now on Slim Bean, wouldn't mind testing installing from current state (bl unlocked, custom recovery installed) and setting back to factory image (bl lo ked, stock recovery) as well
I'm keen to help :) I have crespo, grouper, maguro, mako and flo. Used cm since v6 on my x10 and i have a camera.
I'm in have galaxy S2 tried CM but didn't get it to work correctly so am back on touchwiz and PC is windows 7
I would like to help the team out i have a d2att and e980
Hugh B
Mako , not flashed a custom ROM in about a year.
I have toro and grouper, and I have a Nikon D5100 to film it.
Interested with d2spr 10.2 current. Been using since cm 7 (obviously not same device) can test with any vm, also have macs. Have camera and screen recording. 
MAKO, using the device mainly for testing ROM versions, i. e. It is not my daily driver, now having
cm-10.2-20130926-NIGHTLY on it. 
GT N7100. I am in for the beta testing. Least I could do being from a non developer community. 
If the d710 was included I would be more than willing to test it out.
I have used cyano on galaxy nexus nexus 7 And now on my nexus 4.

I'd love to have a reason to install something on my Flo! Sign me up if possible!
I got 550D, Mako (running CM10.2) and I usually report bugs.
I want in! 
I'm using Cyanogenmod 10.2 on my m7ul. I'll help with testing the process
I'm interested. Rolling with a stock Verizon S3. Used cm on a thunderbolt and galaxy nexus previously. 
I have both manta and m7ul. I have used many ROMs including CM in the past. 
Yes, I'm running cm10.1 on I9100. Rgds 
Requirements 1, 2, & 3 met, but unfortunately the current CM installer is windows-only AFAIK, so put me on your future Linux beta list
I have the toro, m7ul, and grouper. I'm willing to assist. 
I'm currently running 10. 2 nightlies on my mako. I'd be interested in joining the beta test. 
Run cm 10.2 nightlies on grouper and xt926. Have a never flashed flo for testing the installer :-) .
koush, i am interested in maguro, mako, grouper.
Having a Samsung galaxy s2 and a HTC one both running latest nightly. Besides that there is a tablet hp touchpad running cyanogenmod and the Sony xperia s running cyanogenmod. The HTC one is on repair and woensdag back in think it is stock back again zo i Will root and flash right away. I have a Windows 7 installation where from i do al the flashing. So i like to test and help. 
I'm in for flo, mako and manta. Both already run CyanogenMod. Just got a LG D802 too, if someday you want to support it :)
Sign me up. i9300 - Location India. I'm an UX/UI enthusiast so can definitely excited about this project. 
Rooted but stock-tw jflteatt ROM. Have installed and used CM on several devices before (both stable and nightlies). Been itching for CM again...perfect opportunity! Camera: check.
Currently have an international S4 (jfltexx) and have been too lazy to move to CM.  I would like to beta test.

Ran CM on my old Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S.
I have the S3, HTC One X, Moto X, Nexus, Nexus 4, Note, Note 2. I have a camera and can screen capture various desktop environments including, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. I have experience in making video tutorials on how to install custom ROM's. +Koushik Dutta 
d2spr and crespo4g. Used CM 10.2... Rocked!!!
I can help. t0ltetmo right now I've been running cm since the g1..that and jesusfreke lol and the dudes rom. 
I have a toro, first thing when I got it was to flash CM. I have a camera, more than happy to take a video and provide feedback/ bug reports
I have: Galaxy SII (i9100) with CM 10.1 Stable -- Galaxy TAB (p1000) with CM 10.1 Unofficial -- Galaxy ACE (cooper) with CM 10.1 Unofficial.
I have a camera for record video.
1) yes i have got a jfltexx (orange uk branded with full of bloasted apps by default so far! ) so it still a virgin flasher plus a Note 8.0 (n5110 model mh3 stock 4.2.2 running when cyanmodgen is made stable i put that on as well!)
2) did do a few flashes on my olde lost ie i9100 model 
i9300 with win 7 & 8.1prev OS's at home. Put CM on monr & several friends phones.
Depends on how many stock options I get. I'm strictly a "for profit" member of the open source community.
I can test it on an i9300 int.
I'm here, i'm a blogger so i can help you :) Smartphone: Galaxy S4 Intl jlftexx. Nikon d3100 
I have a Grouper in stock condition ready to flash. Use a Toshiba ultra book running Windows 7 and would love to help out. 
I'm interested, add me too. I have Samsung S2 - i9100 and Samsung Galaxy Apollo3 - i5800 Official devices, Ubuntu 13.04  and Windows 7
I have try CyanogenMod and i use mako.
I have a nexus one... can I help? I meet all criterion... 
my dream is finally here i am in it
Beta testing request
I have been using CyanogenMod since 6.x on an HTC Wildfire and I always installed it in all my devices since.
I can test the installer on maguro, i9100 (and eventually on a Galaxy Tab 2 3G and a p990, even if it's a Tegra 2 device, not shown in the list).
Hope I can really help the project becouse I really love CM and the incredible work every dev made.
Mako and grouper here, used CM from like forever.
I'm probably not who you're looking for if you want people new to CM, but I have a skyrocket and have used CM for a couple of years and I'd love to help test the installer!
I'm interested.
Device: MAGURO.
I use CM since 2011
your all root way is fake for karbonn titanium s5
would love to test it on my kindle fire
If galaxysmtd becomes available, I could do it. Currently running CM10.1.3, so would have to flash back to stock first
My device is m7ul & never used CyanogenMod before. Pls add me. Thanks
I have an i9100 and have not used +CyanogenMod before but im very interested and ready to make the leap. Im upgrading my phone and intend on using my S2 to learn about roms.
+Koushik Dutta i have verizon droid razr cdma and hp dv6500 runing windows 8 and ubuntu, i have experience rooting and installing roms also i been using cyanogenmod since my og droid, will be nice if we can install cyanogenmod on my motoactv too.
Maguro here, have tried many roms before but Cyanogen seems the best so far. Would like to test an easy install for my clients and friends who have bought some of the devices that are already compatible with Cyanogen. Location: Switzerland
GT-I9250, running cm nightlies 
Here I am with my trust mako! Obviously i used cyano... 
I volunteer for the I9300. I was running CM10 on my I9300 ran butter smooth I've also ran CM back when I had my HTC G2.
GT-i9505 Galaxy S4 LTE (international) Here. I used cyano...
Mako; I used CyanogenMod to Motorola Milestone, Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy S Advance.
I can do it for maguro if you also do a Mac version... Dont have access to a windows pc
i volunteer. Mako running CM 10.2 nightly. Cyanogenmod user since Nexus One. i have camera. 
i want to try .. Never used cyano .. Mako and camera ok !
I have GTab2 P3100 with CyanogenMod 10.2 and a Nexus 7 2013 stock 
Never run CyanogenMod before. Nexus 4 (mako I believe) and I've got a camera to record.

Would love to help beta test CM installer.
Happy to help. I've got mako, manta and a 2012 Nexus 7. Haven't ran +CyanogenMod lately, think I might have used it on my old Desire HD. I have access to a Windows machine and also an iMac. I also have camera facilities to film with
I will volunteer. I have a i9100 and A i9300. A windows 7 and 8 PC. And a camera. The S3 is currently running CM 10.2 and the s2 stock.
Im the tester sir!Mako,cam,and yes more cyano since xperia x8!!
I'm here, i have a samsung i9300 and i have a cyanogen mod rom ;)
I would like to try CM. I have Samsung GS 3 from Verizon. I have not rooted our flashed a phone before. Would like to try the CM mod, though. I believe I meet the requirements, please consider me as a potential beta tester. 
I want to do it. quincyatt. Running 10.1.2
I would like to try the installer. I have used Cyanogenmod on my HTC G1. I would like to attempt the installer with the T-mobile Nexus S, T-Mobile GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and both Nexus 7's. If the Transformer Series becomes compatible, I would like to try that also.
Hi, great idea, I'd like to participate , I own i9100 GT, i have never ran +CyanogenMod
PC: Toshiba Satellite P755 Intel i7, 8 Gb 1333 Mhz Corsair Value Select with Dual channel, SSD Samsung 840 EVO Ubuntu Linux OS. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 (maguro) with Cyanogenmod 11. More than 10 years of direct experience under Debian and Ubuntu Linux OS. I'd like to became a Cyanogenmod tester for the linux client ;-)
I'm using Cyanogenmod 11 Nightly for Maguro. It's wonderful!! Thank you for Korean translate.^^
Tip: Magruo=Galaxy Nexus
I have a i9100, tried to install CM mod once before, failed and returned to Manufacturer's version. Now own a YU-Yureka. So would like to try out CM mod on i9100... Happy to help make this whole thing easy...
I have a Samsung Galaxy SII and would like to come a beta tester, or am I to Late?
I have a samsung galaxy SII i9100 & currently have cynogenmod installed in it. Have tried various ROMs on my phone
How do I download the installer

Sent from my iPad
I would be interested I have one smarthfone Hawei stepped g7
i have a Samsung galaxy s6 edge , lg g2 and moto x2
What about use sgs3 d2spr like usb disk drive at Win7? & his ext sdcard.
George Redfearn
I have Android 4.4 Galaxy Nexus (Toro); have flashed CM Recovery only; have camera to record installation.
Installo sempre ROM, sia sul mio che su altri dispositivi
Yes, I know
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