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Android Mirroring to Chromecast
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ahm mirrormirrormirror
How does it look in landscape?
Or Carmi
OMG!!!! You have a copy of flappy birds!!!! How much for the phone?!
yea, not for gaming, but oh-so-sweet for everything else. +Koushik Dutta, can that all be achieved with an app, or do you need system mods or a ROM?
Would this be integrated into all cast?
damn, nice work. but you gotta learn how to flap the bird dude :)
I don't think the lag was that bad. 
+Koushik Dutta Nice. Can think of a few practical uses I'd have for this. I'd use it for showing photos on the TV I think. Find all methods for casting of photos so far takes too long to load.
That does it, I'm getting the Chromecast tomorrow, even if it costs me $80 here in Norway! Kudos for helping me make up my mind.
Nice work. Would definitely pay for this if it was a premium feature of Allcast.
+Koushik Dutta Has singlehandedly continued to give what customers truly wanted out of the Chromecast. Amazing. 
I am stoked to give this a try. You should call it "rorriM".
Amazing work. Anything able to help combat the lag - which could be worse?
I downloaded allcast. Didnt do it. I have a beer for you young man when can I mirror my screen ?
Take my money plz
Now we'll all need to mount our TVs sideways!
Try coding a little less and flappy birding a little more. I want to see that high score of 12 go way up.
AllCast won't play my mp4 video, just the audio. Also it turns all my photos 90° to the left. Very annoying. 
Jens V
How long do we have to wait?
I hope tablets are full screen 
I, I, I, I, I love you! ;-) Keep up all the hard word. I can't wait to be able to mirror my phone. 
+Koushik Dutta will this be taking advantage of the actual MiraCast feature or will the ChromeCast have to be on a Wi-Fi network in order to use the mirroring feature? I travel a lot for work so I recently invested in the Belkin Miracast dongle because it does not have to be on a Wi-Fi network. Chromecast does not connect to a hotel wifi as you know. 
+Koushik Dutta have u tried this on miracast? Well I like the feature of the multitasking in the android device when using chromecast and the TV dongle does not switch off
Pretty steady video, the seas are content this day
Nice video capture. I just had a moment where a mirror was looking into a mirror, ad infinitum. But seriously, hasn't it been said that video relay over chromecast for games would never be resolute enoug. :-) to work? I guess you just proved that wrong.
+Lee Woods how come no one ever told me that? I must have spent a couple of hours trying to get that damn thing to work in my hotel room the first time I got it. Sheesh.
If you can play Flappy Bird on it, get ready to buy a new yacht. 
Very curious about the sound. I'd really want to use this to play videos not normally supported by Chromecast. 
+Derek Perrin The Chromecast is simply playing the H264 video stream.  There is no reason I shouldn't be able to connect to the stream url from another device.  Web browser streaming should work as well.
I bought an LG smart TV when I bought my nexus 5... And oddly enough the first thing I tried was flappy bird too :-) landscape with SkyGo app is amazing :-) 
The latency is good, but can't you do landscape? It'd look much better on a television. 
Wow, very nice. I was expecting more lag!
+Koushik Dutta great job!
1) Is possible to make is lag free, do you see any ways?
2) Also with synced audio?
3) Is a router needed?
Thanx for the great job
A little laggy, but still cool. You couldn't use it to game with. 
So you can suck at flappy birds on big screen, nice.
Any word on requirements to do so or are you planning on releasing this as a component of allcast?
+Koushik Dutta is this a fork of the previous android transporter that seems to have ceased all development? 
How did you use icon packs in the Google now launcher 
Can't wait for this to be released to the Allcast app. 
+Haaris Rahman Trebuchet launcher is based on Launcher3 code so it looks a lot like the GEL - but has icon pack support. #cm
Does it also stream audio +Koushik Dutta?
Is it possible to make this for Windows and Linux PC's? 
Stoked. Anxiously awaiting. How does connectivity/bandwidth factor?
Mike T.
How do you use Allcast with the Share menu? Everytime I want to start a cast from my album it just says no media playback in progress.
Casting from the App itself works great though.
I use an HTC One
Can I stream videos from vlc or to see the screen from a game? Or just whatever you look at chrome? 
Hans F.
With chromecast for chrome you can stream a tab or the fullscreen... but its not made for gaming. If you want to stream games you need a 2nd small pc or laptop as a steamclient... but I think thats another topic :P
If I have for example word opened and have text on it, then will chromecast will show the word document? 
Please tell us when you will release this.... I am more than excited for this....
Landscape mode works fine too? Why is this not in the playstore yet?
windows and linux already do this Paris Koutsioukis. and koush your a codeing god! been wanting this feature since i bot my Chromecast
im gona guess its going to be intagrated into the mirror app not allcast. i mean that only makes sense
This looks nice! Minimum lag, too! I patiently await its release. Also: to everyone asking, it looks like it will be a CM feature because he is in the "Cast Screen" portion of the settings menu.
yes but he problebly enabled it from his mirror app. since the app takes you to the cast screen settings because it installes a few things to system to add device compatibilty to that menue for it to find apple tvs and such
Awesomest dude on Google+.... Highest score on Flappy B's is 12... I feel so much better now
Alec G
Got myself a chromecast today for this reason 
Gary Ng
Just got myself a chromecast also woohoo!
will this feature be disabled by Googl e... again? cited...chromcast does not support mirroring 
+Keith Galenzoski If ever there were a reason to get a Chromecast, now is it.

If this feature keeps working and Google doesn't break it, this would be awesome. Not for playing games (lag is impossible), but for showing things off on the phone. My biggest problem right now is I can't play the AutoAwesome videos without saving them to my Picasa first.

This feature will make Chromecast work for me (and maybe finally +Shannon Larson will agree!)
Genius! There will obviously be some latency.
yheaaa  full hd movie in mkv is posivol ???¡¡¡¡
+Or Carmi My son has a Galaxy Nexus with flappy birds on it.  Send me email with an offer if you were being serious :P
Last time I checked, his high score was 51.
Psyched. Will finally root and flash CM on my nexus 7 when this is a go
Everybody repeat after me.  Release!   Release!   Release!  :)
Waiting for you to release this before I buy your app ;)
I would play my FullHd video...from my N5 but any program for casting is so unhappy...
Awesome work! Always amazed at what this guy does.
Does this work on android 4.2? Or will it be available later? Is this the Mirror app or the Allcast app?
+Koushik Dutta I don't if it has already been asked because there are just too many comments, but what icon pack are you using?
also guys did you know you could be cheating your own luck ? for real just go and search for this video "Andrew B Cloverfield" and see how easy he does it now xD
I have tried Mirror but it connects only with his own, and not with chromecast :( 
And the hint from June I don't understand :(
nice video guys "Andrew B Cloverfield" really works xD
I can't wait to that app comes out that's very cool I hope to try it out on my Comcast device
Still drooling waiting on the non-root app. Will this be part of AllCast or a new Application?
when can we start mirroring?!?!
PLZ make the non root App.
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