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Ray Wells
Holy shit!! +Artem Russakovskii actually really exists. I don't think I've 'EVER' seen a photo of that bloke before. Good to finally put an actual face to that blue freaking avatar! :D
Ha ha! Artem looks like a geek!

... well, can't say I'm surprised... 
So he's brown instead of blue 
Wasn't it Artem that slammed a pie in his face as part of a wager? 
Red eyes are red. Because yes
Guys, relax. +Artem Russakovskii does have a face, but beneath it is a foundation of cold, unforgiving metal. Yes, he's a robot. C'mon, that's less shocking than a humanoid Artem. Admit it. 
I guess camera was unable to take a picture of blue ball of energy, and this fella was just standing around.
I'm still wondering where his other half is. Oh, he must be a DT then.
You just broke one of the biggest internet taboos.
I thought he was like Santa. Or unicorns. Y'know.
Artem is a ginger!!!? I thought they didn't show up in pictures because of them having no soul.
 I guess Koush forgot to pack his leather jacket
Somebody's promoting breast cancer awareness..
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