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Dropbox streaming to Chromecast

I wrote an app that allows you to share files from the standard Dropbox app to Chromecast. Browse, cast, watch.

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Are you planning to keep them as separate apps?
I love watching your videos. :)
Awesome +Koushik Dutta These are what are making me most interested in Chromecast. What happens with pdf files or something else non video? 
Five hours 26 minutes.  Bravo
So Awesome. Are you able to get Google Drive to work as well?
+Koushik Dutta that's the same smart tv as the one I have, do you have any program to suggest for direct share from the phone? No chrome cast here and setting up dlna is a little bitch some times
What about Box to Chromecast as well? 
I'm not able to watch the video yet. Is the data coming directly from the cloud or from the phone itself?
+Cole Mickens Eventually, I'm going to release some open source, free, and paid Play apps. I haven't decided on what each will be, what they will include, pricing, or anything like that.

I'm just playing with various ideas for the time being to gather my thoughts. Prototyping is the most fun part.
+Michael Harries The video stream itself is direct from dropbox to Chromecast, but the phone does a small amount of negotiation and massaging to make that happen.
funny i always pronounced your name kush in my head. amazon instant please
+Koushik Dutta you're working crazy fast on these Chromecast apps! Wondering if you'll be able to create something to share Spotify to Chromecast? 
Nice, can't wait to pick mine up tomorrow. 
I was hoping for XBMC support but I think you just made XBMC irrelevant to the equation. 
I'll just upload my media to a cloud service and Chromecast from there.

+Koushik Dutta any plans for NAS support? There's a lot of Synology owners out there, I'm sure most would be happy to chip in, we understand that it takes money to maintain those yachts.
Went to buy one today. Sold out EVERYWERE :( BTW Koush you are THE MAN You have made my Android experience more than a pleasure since day 1.
+Søren Siim Nielsen Yeah, I'm not sure XBMC/Plex is relevant in the context of Chromecast.

The phone is the user interface. The data source can be whatever you want it to be... Netflix, Hulu, Dropbox, local files, a torrent client, etc..
If it is not possible to stream directly from NFS, what would be an ideal solution to stream from a local fileserver/nas to chromecast to get something like dlna?
Setting up a local apache server?
Great! Definitely gonna use it when I buy a chromecast!
+Koushik Dutta it'd be great if you had a blog that described how you made this. Imagine if everyone implemented new features for sharing to Chromecast! Does it take 1337 skills or just a quick read of the api?
I've a serious problem. I have a 720p Display (which can't deal with 1080p signal at all) and an AV Receiver in between. 
Unfortunately, Chromecast delivers 1080p out of its HDMI port and I'm unable to configure it or force it to deliver a 720p signal out of  HDMI. So I have just a screen image during boot (I see the Chrome logo) but then everything is gone...
Has anyone an idea how to force Chromecast to display 720p??? 
Can to combine your Chromecast apps eventually. I would suck to need a different app for each different service 
Bravo, again! And, yes. I'll pay for this app at least 3 times (family phones) and, possibly for 2 tablets.
+Koushik Dutta are you more appreciative of the Android's flexible share functionality now than sometime back? I remember reading your comments a while back, essentially about the lack of such a functionality in iOS as NOT being a big deal and that you would prefer the iOS way than Android way.
dammit google, let Koush unleash the beast .. +Koushik Dutta you should name it "Cast Manager" ... and dump everything in same app ... 
+Brandt Hambrick thanks for the comment. The problem is that the av receiver tells the chromecast that it can handle 1080p, but the screen can't. So I need to force the chromecast to output 720p....
+Koushik Dutta NAS proxy could get ugly if it had to go through the phone. You could make this proxy happen on a local PC ala web server. No more proxy and full NAS support provided the webserver could see the NAS.

The next step would be media scrapping. Then there would be no need for Plex.

Without some sort of interface, descriptions, art work etc, streaming a large media collection would not be kind with a clunky directory view of 100 TV shows and movies. 
Also. How is 5.1 work with your apks? Netflix chromecast supports 5.1. I am wondering how well your implementation works with 5.1 audio codecs and different containers. 
Looking forward to giving you more of my money, +Koushik Dutta.  Dropbox and Drive support were exactly what I was hoping would happen.
KoushKast. Unfortunately, the name just conjures up that evil span of the devil Kars4kids commercial.
Do you ever sleep? You're starting to show signs that you might be a robot.
That's slick, can't wait for the app to drop. 
Better release it before Sept. 30, that's when some people's wallet balance expires. :-P 
+Koushik Dutta this is revolutionary! 1 question...while streaming, does DB limit of 15 minutes still apply for large video files?
Mike L
Koush is epic. Chromecast may be epic for some of you all, but without Linux support, I'm dodging it. My TVs are so old they are boob tubes that don't know what HDMI is. No point on upgrading to see reality garbage in HD. I do watch some older shows, sports, the weather, and American Pickers though. PS American Pickers is real. Have proof too. Unlike everything else of on History which is fake.
Chromecast just keeps getting better thanks to open nature of android
ServiiGo developer is looking into it for Serviio as soon as he can get a Chromecast in the UK. Thanks Koush for blazing the trail. 
How about tab casting from android chrome? also dlna server as a source?
+Søren Siim Nielsen I have 3TB of video served to 4 rooms of my house via DLNA, I don't see where this takes plex out of the equation? Most people using Plex or another dlna server would have a video library too large for serving from the phone or cloud. +Koushik Dutta has, however, added much needed functionality and versatility to chromecast. 
+Søren Siim Nielsen I'm still confused on your perspective. I would think if DLNA support was added, Plex, or other DLNA server, would be essential. 
+Florian Müller try plugging it right into the TV set first, configuring it for 720p, then back to your normal setup.  Alternatively try an HDMI monitor.
+Shawn Robinson I can count to potato.

Sorry for all the brain farts. It's been a long day and while I have some grasp of English, it is still my second language. When I claimed that Plex was out of the equation, I accidentally left out two important words: "For me". See, my NAS does DLNA, but doesn't support Plex. My current setup at home is the NAS for storage, a PS3 for Netflix and a Zotac for OpenELEC/XBMC. I've experimented with Plex, but the need for a dedicated server kinda killed it for me. Plus, OpenELEC nfs-mounting shares from my NAS just worked better.

For me, Chromecast with Netflix and DLNA support would be a slice of sheer awsomesauce, letting me kill off my Zotac HTPC and reduce the PS3 to being, well, a game console for the kids.

Sorry again for derping. 
Will the Cloud streaming (Drive, DBox,etc.) and also local streaming (like your last Proof Of Concept Video) be handled by the same app when finished?
+Koushik Dutta how about being able to launch videos /music stored on a laptop on the same network from your phone? With a companion web server app installed on the laptop, it shouldn't be difficult.
+Alex Richards I second the spotify request. We can currently stream spotify to the chromecast via casting a tab from However, it would be nice to have direct connection for album art. I believe the sound quality is great already, not sure if there's room for improved bitrate, but would be interested to know that as well.
Alex it should work. But it would need to be Dropbox expanding their product to become a server and then push it directly inside the network to the Chromecast. Koushik did a sample of this the other day.
but thinking further to my last post... the point of a local server would only make sense if the content came from the phone itself. I do not believe dropbox stores a local copy on your device as standard part. If it is already in the cloud, might as well cast it from the cloud.
+Koushik Dutta Would an SMB/CIFs share to Chromecast be a possibility?  Just to clarify, I'm only asking if you think it would be possible, not to actually write it.
+Koushik Dutta how about a ES file Explorer plug-in / app for sharing to chromecast? Es file Explorer has lots of fun cloud sources and FTP / NAS sources and that would be the tool!!
Does this work with es file Explorer already? 
I don't get it...why should I stream from dropbox (or any other source) if I can't control the video? Like pause it...rewind...
When the SDK restrictions are lifted it will not look so special anymore. And those who are in awe now of such high deed will be bored.
+Koushik Dutta Do you know If the Chromecast support our Pal-tv system in Europe as well as your NTSC? I mean can I order one from the US? 
All newer hdtvs have support for pal and ntsc 
Chromecast is exactly the device I was talking to you  about a year ago @ local360 airplay+appleTV for android only cheaper.
+Joaquim Santos what if I started the wrong video and I want to stop it? I don't have any control over it...why should I use this when there are other option that let me control the video? ...please enlighten me
Ah...I don't know why it seemed to me that it only started the bad! Then this is awesome! :)
Koushik do you think you could do the same for Sopcast? I know lot of European users would love it. Specially if the streams goes directly from Sopcast servers to Chromecast 
+Alicia Roy Gómez sopcast is a p2p stream that's a lot more complex than the normal httpstream. But you can use vlc on a computer on the same network and convert the sopcast stream to a normal http stream using the vlc and then sending that stream to the chromecast, that should work 
+Luca Comellini why there wasn't going to be a way to control the stream on chromecast? Why wouldn't the chromecast app didn't have controls like pause / play? It's the chromecast that is controlling the stream, it's not +Koushik Dutta work that do that.. Only sends the link to the chromecast.. Together with some tweaks in the beginning for it to work (it doesn't out of the box) but after that it's the chromecast (and it's app) that controls the stream.
even if there wasn't a pause button there was utility to this. Almost all the videos I play from dropbox I don't ever use the pause function. Most videos uploaded to dropbox don't have that much play time on them.

Can't wait to have a chromecast myself! 
Great job but could not wait  until you are allow to  share the apk for personal video and picture will be ready . I'm dyeing for that one .Keep up that great work bro have a nice day .
Wow, that is so awsome. Are these apps available on Google Play?
+Koushik Dutta I know a lot of people who would love to have access to their DLNA files via chromecast. You're doing amazing things, keep it up!
I was also wondering if it was possible to add support for something like  MX player. If you did that, would be possible to cast (not mirror) any network stream you play on MX player (that is straight from the URI to chromecast)?
+1 - also looking for something that allows streaming any video from the web to chromecast..
+Koushik Dutta cool. i see now that dropbox has a js api (i should have looked first).  i assume you are using that in your chromecast receiver?
Hmm... What will happen when Google begins to license chromecast smh. The price of chromecast will drop to $5
Anish S
This is insane! Please release this and all other goodies you've been working on. Will surely pay for the package!
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