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Meh. android auto is casting a screen. Noticeable latency. Apple does it better here with carplay.
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well its still a wip no?
The critical use case of when you saw a car dash off and put it on stage IS critical to optimize.
Jon Niola
Valid criticism. Needs more polish IMO.
Carplay wont work with Android phones ...
Doesn't apples version require a cable?
Hopefully it puts pressure on the ecosystem to make screen streaming faster! H264 encoding is already in hardware, & there are solutions for <10ms latency there. Wifi's + decode need not be more than another 10ms. It's a matter of pushing harder!

I do hope +David Herrmann's Miracled can help lead the way forward, give the open sourcerers a starting place to push things forward from.
Why does the smoothness of the UI really matter in a car? It seems intentional to prevent users from getting too focused on the Auto UI.
The to-tv casting latency was quite good so presumably they know what to do.
Yes I need it to run at 60 frames a second when I hit a tree head on at 60! Lol 
I just use full HDMI and touch mirroring via MHL and appradio unchained. Freedom and full control with all apps that I want to use... 
I'd be happy if they just allowed my android device to work as a normal usb mass storage device when connected to my car so I could switch songs with steering wheel controls (like I already can with a usb mass storage device or iOS device). Screen mirroring in a car is a bit overkill IMO. 
It was an unpolished mockup/alpha - it will get better when production units emerge, I'm sure of it. What I personally don't like is, that it's tied to the OS - I would much rather have a common ground open standard, that works with any mobile OS following that standard - I really don't want to choose my next car, based on which phone OS I want it to work with, it's beyond stupid!
I think the real question is if the Android Auto UI can be displayed from a simple device itself; dock your phone, and have it present the "Auto Launcher", so to speak.

Many people have vehicle docks of different kinds, and all Android Auto/CarPlay adds is another screen with another touch interface. Granted, a larger screen might be easier to view and/or navigate, but it also adds an extra dependency almost nobody has right now.

I really hope Android Auto can be a modern replacement for "Car Home."
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