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First Chromecast App - Phone to Chromecast

Pics or it didn't happen? Here's a video instead.

Fling any video or picture stored on your phone, straight to your TV.
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Are you going to share the source? The agreement doesn't forbid that does it? (Also, I can't see who liked my comment, but I can guess ._.)
Randy K
Does the video stream directly to the Chromecast, or up to the cloud and back?
How was it writing the app? (for chromecast)
Well, I haven't heard of it supporting Wifi Direct and it doesn't demand it of the phones and tablets it supports so, highly unlikely "direct direct" unless "direct magic direct". (Haha, assuming you don't mean MediaRouter of course, and an actual networking router)
Randy K
Miracast is WiFi direct. Chromecast is not.
Is this another app? Or the gallery app will do this natively?
+Koushik Dutta : is it possible to play local files on windows pc via chromecast  ? 
+Umesh Gopinath It's the native gallery app, using standard android sharing feature. Instead of sharing to youtube, or gmail, or google plus... you just share to your chromecast.
+Umesh Gopinath He's sharing to his own Android app where he's probably using the Android libs that Google put out to do things like this.
Also, someone mentioned that there is a way to use the Chrome OS File manager to cast a local file. I'm using something else I've hacked up at the moment.
+Cole Mickens The google libs do not support anything like what I'm doing. Look around the SDK. There's no magic "PLayThisFileOnPhoneBro(String file)" function.

It's heavily leveraging another project that I've been working on for the better part of 2 years.
So I see that your TV is muted. Does your app support sound aswell? Either way I don't give a shit and think this is totally awesome but, still curious ;]
Ah, my apologies, that's why my other (poor helplessly deleted) comment inquired as to how much heavy lifting you were doing yourself. Is the other project also top secret (aka not on your GitHub)?
You should make an app that streams the camera live to the chromecast. Or even be able to share the screen like miracast promised. 
Awesome.. Ur dog is really very sweet :D
Cool, didn't know you did that, I thought you were going to announce something like that as an extension to ion but I guess it's actually the other way around now that I look at the READMEs.
is it possible to control the video once is playing on tv?
+Cole Mickens Ion is just a pretty http client wrapper on top of AndroidAsync. AndroidAsync does much more than http client stuff.

It also needs a better name.
You turn the phone into a http stream?

Nevermind you already answered. Would be cool to get display mirroring too, but that would take a bit more work I would think.
This is awesome! Can't wait to get my clammy hands on one of these chromecasts!
When might we be able to try this out? :) Did you have to root your chromecast to develop this? Anyway, looks great!
+Koushik Dutta I'm trying to white list mine as well. For something staying on a local network, what did you have to put in the URL fields? Just localhost?
Cool. How is that going to be sustainable when distributing? Or does Google give you more options once you're white listed? 
You can't use localhost. Localhost will resolve to the dongle itself. But you can use local IPs (typically, 192.168.x.x). Basically, the URL you specify as a receiver is from the dongle's point of view. Local or not, makes no difference. As long as it's a valid URI and it's visible to the dongle, then you're good to go.

I'm really excited about some of the apps that we're seeing come through the whitelisting process, and I just figured I'd drop by and say nice work :)

For all of the cool hacks out there like the gameboy emulator, it's nice to see an app that could potentially get mass usage :)
Nice! Can you also connect the Chromecast to a Wifi hotspot on your phone? Thinking about going to friends and showing them photos etc. without having to connect to their Wifi. 
So do you not have to use the URL? If you're going straight to the device. Or do you have to use a Web server as a discovery service of sorts? If this is something more in the Api notes I can go take another look. Going to try to get building something next week. 
This is actually very similar to my first Chromecast application. 

I'm excited to see what other developers come up with!
This is cool. Will the Chromecast just accept an URL like while the android device uploads the file? Or will the android device need to use some video streaming instead. And is it possible to fast forward via the android device?
"You can’t send video from your phone to Chromecast." - John Gruber.
It's witchcraft! Burn him! :-P Awesome work, sir
Ok, quick summary.

You launch a receiver application. Think of it as a web page, which links in our receiver SDK which will allow you to send pause/play/seek commands to your video. Ultimately, this can almost be as simple as:
    <script src=">
    <video id="mediaElement">
      // Initialization from our samples, redirecting all commands to mediaElement which I can't remember off the top of my head right now (sorry)

That is the thing you need to host somewhere and give us the URL in the "receiver URL" field. Of course, this is strict basics, you can do a lot more stuff in your receiver.

After that, in the sdk commands, you can call an Intent.Play on media router, or call our load message in the CastSession (there are two ways to talk to Chromecast. Pure media router, which is fine for super basic media, and Cast).

The URL of the media you pass to load can be anywhere, including video from your local storage, or, as we see here, from a web server running on your phone. At that point, you can seek, pause, volume if you have the UI elements to control them.
Damn awesome !!! So the idea is to just use the share button in every app?
Is the phone actually playing the movie and streaming it's content to Chromecast, or is Chromecast reading the file as like from a cifs folder and playing (decoding) it? 
the dirty socks on the floor sell the realism for me ! ! !
+Koushik Dutta THANK YOU FOR THIS! You are the reason I am going out to buy this in a couple hours :D
Wow! Just when I thought I didn't have a reason to purchase a Chromecast. Will you sell an app for that in Play? I'll purchase it for sure! 
+Koushik Dutta "It's heavily leveraging another project that I've been working on for the better part of 2 years." Y'all fools better recognize!
Phone to Chromecast makes sense but if you use a Tablet suddenly it makes less sense ;-)
Device to ChromeCast kinda sucks in my opinion.

I have a feeling this will make my GoogleTV a little less useful suddenly... although it supports YouTube casting already... 

Good luck choosing a name - looking forward to seeing this in the play store!
Genius, how does it feel to be an Android ROCK GOD?? 
Any chance of this leading to device mirroring?
Ohhh it took so long for the first ETA request.

/me proud
Just one question. I thought you didn't need to whitelist your app if it's only an APK, not a receiver app. Did you need to create a receiver? Wasn't the default media player already in the Chromecast enough?
Google Hangout to Chromecast will be nice.
+Koushik Dutta Will your application support the audio embedded into video files when displayed via ChromeCast? 
Only watched video to find out how +Koushik Dutta is pronounced.

Was going to downvote for disappointment, but +1 anyway for dog.
David J
Nice work can't wait to see what the future holds! Always great to see another Spartan! 
Pretty cool-and it looks smooth; I hope you get it submitted through Google - now all we need is a slideshow app to chromecast.  Great Job on the app-I'd buy it.
Is there a server you are running locally on your phone?
+Koushik Dutta 1) awesome. 2) i knew this is how "from phone to cast" would have to work, just didn't think it would happen this quickly. 3) list this on the market so people (like myself) can throw money at you. 4) what kind of dog??? looks so much like mine they could be litter mates!
Can't wait to pay you for this.
OK +Koushik Dutta Enough of this! My Chromecast is waiting. Where is the Checkout? Take my money now!
Fantastic Job!
If you could get this working with local network drives then Chromecast would be complete.  Take my money.
+Koushik Dutta How will this handle showing Still Pictures on the ChromeCast? Will we have to select one at a time? Or is this mainly for video?
Does it only play file types that are natively supported by Android and it's gallery/video player, or will it also play file types that 3rd party players, like MX Player support? (BTW, MX and similar players currently aren't working with 4.3)
I guess, this app is working like Airdroid, Superbeam..these apps setup a server to transfer files through wifi if connected to a same wifi network.
awesome, i knew it was going to be somehow easy even someone on a android blog asked if it could be done and my answer was it could work just like hellium serves the backups to other devices you could do it with media, guess i was not wrong :-) 
will this cost money? Is it running through your server?
Wow this phone sucks Dik!
+Koushik Dutta is that a Brittany or a Springer?  We have a Brittany named Louis and he's very chill like that, too.  Awesome project, by the way.  I'm still waiting for my backordered unit to ship from Amazon.
+Mark Bailey  #googletv   is already practically useless.  I have one and I could not be more disappointed.  Many of the great things +Google creates find their way to the "shutdown" pile ... however, most of them were free.  I paid $250 for my Google TV and there is not a lot of use for it.
If we're giving name suggestions, maybe ""Cast to Cast" or "KoushCast" or even "Share to Cast"

Since you'll eventually be able to cast to Google TVs, I stayed away from using "Chromecast" in those titles
+Chris Holmes paid £98 for mine. Used a few vouchers so effectively £35. Use it for Plex and Netflix.
Could use a lot more if it was updated to JB instead of remaining on HC (currently)
YouTube casting works though... 
+Cole Mickens Its pretty straightforward. He probably hosts it in a local HTTP server and sends the local IP to the chromecast, which is able to access it. 
Would there be anyway to make this work between my Nexus 4 & Chromecast using an Ad-Hoc WiFi network between them?  A lot of places I work don't have WiFi access, but I would love to be able to use this?
There are already cast custom Roms. Basically just to change the release channel of chrome.
It is most certainly. or close enough. It's a hacked up Google TV.
So why change the release channel of Chrome in a custom cast ROM? /confused
No idea. That's how he was doing it. I'll link you to the instructions when I get to work.
+Koushik Dutta will this support 1080p and 5.1 audio files?  Or is it similar to the quality of the beta chrome app? (which tends to appears to be pretty choppy and have lag) 
+Nathan Tranel  The Chrome extension uses WebRTC when tab and screen casting. When it plays video like this, it's doing it "natively" on device. It's demuxing the original video stream on device.

So yes, 1080p and MKV are supported on device. (Not at you, but in general) I don't know how all these rumors got started that either only 720p is possible or the completely untrue statement that MKVs flatly don't work.
+Nathan Tranel Likewise, it replaces my cheapo Android box running Linux+XBMC as a thin client for streaming in my media setup. I need to stress test it tonight with one of my monstrous MKV files though... I keep forgetting it's on my very congested 2.4Ghz wifi :(
Lion G
I guess no ETA's. No problem I'll just circle you Sir.
+Koushik Dutta Name it "Cooper Cast" in honor of the star of the video.  That, or "GruberCast" just for the fun of it.
+Koushik Dutta If you could add gestures to actually "fling" it to another device, that would get my money! ;)
Sweeeeet!  Could have used that at work today on a Chromecast projector test!
I'm a very happy customer and frequent user of Helium, and I will be more than happy to buy this app as well, if it ever reaches the play store.
Good dev, good product.

Just kindly do keep in mind your paypal paying customers, just as you did with Helium, and I will be first one to buy it :-) 
It's not exactly magic.
When the SDK is not beta anymore and app developers can release their app freely,  there will be a deluge of apps that allow to do that and more.
Is this app available somewhere?
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