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Thinking about releasing AirCast as GPL and putting a paid application on Google Play. It's be a neat experiment.

Could disclose all sales, downloads, etc. I could maybe plug this into a session at Big Android BBQ talk about being an indie developer. Thoughts?

I imagine some scumbag would relist it on Play for a penny less.
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We would ride the scumbag out of town on ruby rails!
Jack Holt
+Koushik Dutta  I'd buy it. You're in my pocket, it was only a matter of time before you'd be in my living room. I didn't mean that in the creepy way it sounded. 
If you make it 99 cents, scumbags cant price lower :)
That would be a very interesting experiment, especially from the sales side. Would you use GPL v2, v3 or aGPL? 
+Koushik Dutta I watch TV from my bed....

But in all reality I would pay for this, it's exactly what I've been looking for to watch Dropbox on my big(ger) screen
Noob here, but is it possible for you to make true mirroring for android?
+Yusuf Islam If you mean projecting the display of your phone to your computer, take a look at BBQScreen.
Andy L
Good idea. It could be a microcosm of the Nexus program. You can keep your app fresh and show others how to do it.
Not so interesting. You could probably release an app that does nothing but show "hello world" and get dozens of buyers, GPL or not. Heck it would probably even have 4.5 stars and users would claim it made their devices score higher on antutu. :p
I would buy it. I'm a developer who apreciates other good developer's work. 
+Koushik Dutta , are you also planning to release Feedcast(RSS) on Google Play Store, I liked that app too, either way I will definitely buy these apps.
If you call if affleckast in honor of affleck being named the new batman I'd pay double! Maybe....
I'd buy without hesitation... Support further development ...yes
+Koushik Dutta love the app so far! Any way to make it work with flikr? I keep a lot of my videos there with the 1 terabyte of free storage. Thanks!
Post the link. Buy it right now. Streaming from Dropbox is amazing! :-) 
When I finally get my chromecast ill buy it!
I'd buy it. I love the all the amazing work mobile platforms and the rise of 'indie developers' has brought us. Indie developers are responsible for pretty much all the awesome, innovative design, UX and feature paradigms we love so much.

I'm practically proud to pay for well designed and well built applications, regardless of whether they are open source. I want people to keep creating incredible things for me to consume, so I try to support those people in every way.
I'd buy it I like to support developers for all their hard work 
Isn't 0.99 the lowest to can sell for?
Amazon hasnt shipped my chromecast yet but id still buy it, good luck!
You could release a free version and a paid version, with the free version randomly Rickrolling the user. :)
Def will get it either way just wish could figure out a way for XBMC streaming. Thanks Koush for your work as always
I would relist it for $5 more just to rip people off ;-)
All your apps are top notch, I'd happily pay for it
Take my money! Are you going to release the chrome extension app you wrote? 
Could you do some kind of freeum model? 
Name aside, I'd appreciate the GPL contribution.
I'd buy that for a dollar..... or two.... or whatever.
Make it free, have inapp purchases to donation, remove ads from settings or something benign?
+Koushik Dutta What about a package deal with the PC app - either way I'm in..
I'll pay whatever, really wanting the chrome extension
I'd buy it and 2 more chromecasts. It's a win-win for you and Google. 
Mind if the f-droid repo includes it? Because I'm sure it'll be added eventually.
+Mike Linhardt you're dumb. Looks like you need to look into trademark laws before making wild accusations. It just makes you look stupid.
+Patrick Morris I'm pretty sure +Mike Linhardt was just trolling. Otherwise you'd expect him to take a more professional route. Either way, I'm pretty sure he lost this one.
+Koushik Dutta May I suggest... make 3 versions: The regular paid version, available only in the Google Play store, a free GPL version, available for side-load only, and a "premium" or "donate" version of the GPL, that can only be bought through in-app purchase from the GPL version, or (if that is not possible) that will only work with the GPL version installed (kind of like Rom Manager Premium, that only contains an unlock key and removes itself from the app drawer after validation). That way, you can test the open-source love, and help prove that us "freetards" are not "freeloaders." Or prove that we are, if that's the way the data goes.
   And that makes me wonder, as an aside: Is there a way to make an app that initiates the refund process if certain conditions, not measurable from the play store, aren't met after install?
As others, I would buy your app just to support (future) development. However, I don't like it when one has to pay for an app before he can try it out - it forces people to download it elsewhere.. and never buy it. You can call that a shitty mentality, but that is just how it goes with younger people with less financial power.
You're guaranteed some 1* "wtf, this is a scam, paid app but you can get it free elsewhere" reviews
+Koushik Dutta Imo, GPL it, and put it on for a buck. People will buy it just to support you. I know I would.

Developers and artists need to stop being afraid of releasing their stuff for free. For example, as a musician, I release tracks under a CC license and sell them on play and itunes with a voluntary donate button on the site.

If people want to support me that's fine, if not, I'm not going to get butthurt about it.

You, on the other hand, have tons of extremely loyal follower. We are here to do your bidding, My master. :-D
GPL it on github for source and 99¢ for the apk in the store.

If you want to compile it yourself go for it. :-)
+Koushik Dutta love the talk idea <3
I tend to buy your apps for myself and Heather regardless

On a side note.  While I don't agree with the method +Mike Linhardt used or the tone, I admittedly applied myself, of his post. I think his request that Koush reconsider his name is a fair one.  He has obviously attempted to build a brand around the Aircast Mobile name 

Since there is obviously another business operating under a very similar name it is probably in Koush's apps best interests to change the name anyways.  I know I wouldn't want to mistakenly drive traffic to another business, because I had a very similar name.

I don't think it will hurt the app Koush made to rename it before launch.  Anyone remeber carbon helium?  I kind of like #koushcast  personally.

I don't want to point out a problem without offering some solutions. Here are several names I thought of and did a quick search on.  
CyCast (a hosting company uses this one),
Flimflam (I've been wanting to use this name on a project for years) 
ZipCast (there is an advertising company using this name),
PlayCast (cloud gaming service),
Flowplay (another gaming company),
FlowCast (I kind of like this one)
ThrowCast (not bad either)
AirStream ( I like this one too but there is always the camper company to watch out for)

Just tossing my .02 out there for the sharks to feed on.
I think you're going to have a lot of folks that are going to buy yours anyway because, well, you're you and are recognized for what you've done for the community as a whole.  I'd buy.
Going the open source route isn't bad.  You can still give it away to those that want development versions for testing, and release official versions and bug fixes to the play store for a nominal fee to help recuperate development costs.   The only question being will Google take it down for the reverse engineering of the protocols and by passing their white listed sites?  Only Google knows that.

I use the above approach with +Serenity for Android and it seems do alright.  But it isn't as widely know or as popular a concept as what you are doing with AirCast.   As a side note if you did release, I'd make sure that Serenity worked with it for fling Plex content that could be played natively on the chromecast work with it.
A lot of people (me) with nexus 7 play store credit that needs to be used before end of September. Get it out quickly
I would if it worked with transcoding. The bit rate of all my recordings are too high.  THe only thing i really can do with the app is play tv shows as the bit rate is not as high.. Would pay $10 if transcoding is implemented smoothly on PC side. 
If I were you I would sell it on google play untill somone else makes a simular app. Then I would go GPL. I think it should end up GPL cause thats the only way it can end up with all the functionality that every comercial developer avoids due to fear of video industry. Its amazing that its soo complicated to watch your own videos on your own tv using your own phone. Without some company trying to stick you into the cloud for residual income. Kouch you are Da Man"!!! Keep on being the awesome developer that you are!!! As far as names just call it "Kast", or "KouchCast", or "DoingGooglesJobCast"
Ps I also like the paid .99 google play release idea.. With GPL Release.
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