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AllCast Update: Subtitles and Dropbox

 * Subtitle support in Chromecast (requires a media server like Serviio that supports subtitles or a local srt file with the same name as your video file).
 * Dropbox browsing.
 * Chromecast letterbox is now black instead of grey
 * Roku playback fixes: now supports fast forward and rewind. Seek bar is hidden.
 * Various bug fixes.

The nice thing about Chromecast, is that as a developer you have a general purpose computing platform on the other end of the Android remote. That's why subtitles are possible on Chromecast, but not on the other platforms (yet). The other platforms require that the subtitles are embedded into the video itself. This can be done, but requires that there be on device transcoding. That's gonna be a battery killer.
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Anybody know who's side the problem is on? Allcast or Cheapcast. Allcast can't find Cheapcast but YouTube can. 
Why do we need a DLNA server? Would 'playing a folder' that contained a movie and an SRT file not be a viable option?
+chris banuelos Cheapcast is discoverable using the prerelease SDK for Chromecast, which has been deprecated.

YouTube is still using the prerelease SDK. AllCast is not. Cheapcast, for all intents and purposes, is dead. The new SDK is doing Chromecast validation... it's pinging google servers to make sure its a real Chromecast.
Is it (or will it be) possible to use Google Cast to play video on devices other than a Chromecast dongle - like to a browser tab or another Android device 
Lol. Random guy asks +Koushik Dutta a question, Koush answers, then the random guy tells him to stop speaking to him.
Seems legit.
Nice to use the new USB OTG sticks with microUSB and standard USB and then cast it. So that's a no in short +Koushik Dutta 
When you guys say DLNA server - does the PS3 Media Server Java app count? If I remember right, that does support subs.
+Koushik Dutta Could local srt come with a search option and encoding option as well? I really benefit from that in the LocalCast app as a Dane using UTF-8.
+Koushik Dutta I have a nzb client and a torrent client on my tablet. I watch a lot of shows on my tablet. I work in a group home setting. So my dlna server is at home. And I don't like lugging my nas everywhere. So since I have a tablet with an SD card slot [note 10.1 (2014)] I keep whatever show or movie, (Lots of legally bought and rip stuffed, I'm not all shady) on it for staff to enjoy.
I want to get the paid version but for some reason on the free version it can't find my chromecast???
Joe Sko
+Koushik Dutta Whenever I cast a video to my Xbox 360.. The video starts play for about 5 seconds then restarts from the beginning again. At this point it plays fine.. But why does it have to rebuffer/restart every time? Is this a known issue or a problem on my end?
Too bad there is only a limited amount of token for Dropbox browsing... 
+Koushik Dutta why is it always that Samsung devices have such problems with important 3rd party apps?
Like with Flotifications and with AllCast
+Koushik Dutta Is AllCast integrated into cyanogenmod?
I noticed that when I run AllCast from my device running the latest nightlies, I can pull down my quick settings and see a button for casting appear but when I click it, it will not find my chromecasts. I only see this button when I have AllCast (installed from playstore) running on my device. If I uninstall AllCast, I no longer get the button in my quick settings. 
I guess my question is, what is putting that quick settings shortcut there? AllCast or Cyanogenmod? Both? Ninjas? All three!?
++++++++++++1000000000000000000000000000000000 I've been asking for this since day 1 thanks +Koushik Dutta 
Awesome +Koushik Dutta !  Thank you, thank you.  What are your thought about google drive support?
+Koushik Dutta you have wrote that other devices than chromecast would need on device transcoding for embedded subtitles, but what about embedded subtitles and alternative audio tracks on chromecast?
Thats the only reason for now i prefer the rasperry pi over chromecast.
Thanks +Koushik Dutta for update. With local subtitles support I gonna buy it. I've tested it with preview (and yesterday's TWD) and it works like a charm. Thanks again 
+Koushik Dutta After this update my Chromecast is no longer discoverable... Does not appear in list of devices anymore
I don't understand the need for playing media off the phone. It is the exact opposite of the role the Chromecast is meant to provide. (Unless your media is short and sweet or your phone is a powerful server and you like to leave it plugged in and powered on the whole time.)
+Ashton Lafferty I think you're misunderstanding what AllCast does. It lets your phone act as a remote to play media from anywhere on anything. Sometimes, that media happens to be on the phone.
+Koushik Dutta I have AllCast installed. It was more directed at users, and not your app. Many users of allcast appear to have media on their phone from what I can see.
Since update allcast only finds avi files from my USB server on my TP link router. Before it detected the files as audio only, now it dosent show them at all. What am I doing wrong? Works om localcast.
+Koushik Dutta. Its a build in USB server on the tp-link router (n-750). You have mentioned some time ago in an other post, that you thought you knew what the problem was, with it only detecting MP4 files as audio.
+Koushik Dutta My setup:
I have a Samsung (UE40B7000) hooked up via LAN to a Synology NAS (DS209-II) that acts as a DLNA media server and it has a bunch of SMB shares too.

When I watch a movie with external subs (.srt), these subs have to be encoded in UTF-8, or else Danish characters such as æ/ø/å are not shown properly (? or Äã etc...), hence I have to open these .srt files manually on my PC first to encode them in UTF-8. This is needed, no matter if I use DLNA (using my TV's DLNA renderer) or SMB (using LocalCast). Veeeeery annoying.
With LocalCast I have the option under settings to set the encoding for all subtitles to UTF-8 (voila, no more turning on PC to do this every time).
Furthermore, when I cast something (locally or from an SMB share) with LocalCast, its 'cast screen' has a button that allows me to search for a subtitle (either one placed locally or on an SMB share). This is so cool, because that means I need not to worry where the subtitle is placed, AND what its file name is.

Example .srt files:
- ANSI encoded file showing æ/ø/å wrongly:

- UTF8 encoded file (from above) using Notepad++ showing æ/ø/å correctly:
+Koushik Dutta I haven't yet tried to replug the chromecast as you asked but yesterday when I used AllCast and it didn't detect the chromecast, other apps have detected it correctly. I'll try replugging it tonight and report back.
+Or Carmi  but do they stream the subtitles to Chromecast?  I haven't gotten it to work
+Ashton Lafferty It plays the media from anywhere, but I have often loaded my phone with stuff to watch when I get the chance. No one prefers to watch it on their phone, so they want to stream to a Chromecast or larger display whenever possible. When I am at home with a big screen and I get time to watch something else or when I would like to share something with a friend, I no longer have to copy it from my phone to a device connected to my TV and hope it's a compatible format. I can't just point my friends to a YouTube video for all my Blu-ray rips. Thanks, Koush!
I wanted to point out that Closed Captions and Subtitles are not the same things. Some sources actually have both! The "CC" button should probably say "SUB"
Really awesome using it with serviio. If I could make a suggestion, it would be good to have a visual cue in the app for the CC being on or off. As I notice, the icon looks the same whether it's on or off. Really great app
battery shouldn't be an issue for on device transcoding since most likely (such as in my case) people would cast from the living room and would have an outlet to plug the phone/tablet while streaming
Hi Koush... It has been a great work, this yours... I'm trying to use AllCast with my Plex Media Server, casting to Chromecast... It works great. High quality video and audio. However, since I've upgraded to premium version, subtitles don't work anymore. Any thoughts? I know this a beta feature but I'm pretty sure it worked while I was using the free version... Am I mistaken? Also, is there a beta version of the APK, different from the Play Store version? I installed both the free and premium version directly from Play Store. Is there another way to install the newer/beta version?
+Alex Gouvêa Vasconcelos subtitles have never worked with plex, plex does not expose the subtitle data. it works with serviio or subtitles files that are on the device side by side with the video (same name)
Ok Koush.... Thanks for the promptness of your answer... So, if I understood that right, AllCast will never be able to cast from Plex Media Server with subtitles, right? It's a shame, since AllCast works so more smooth than Plex Android App... Anyway, thank you... I'll think about migrate my media library to Serviio.
Yes... it does... I think I read about this new possibility... maybe something like the Plex DLNA server integrates the subtitles and then stream it... I surely can be talking some bullsh*t... I don't really understand too much of this subject. But, directly answering your question, yes. The mobile app send the instruction to Plex Media Server to casts the movie with subtiltes to Chromecast.
Luca D.
Hey Koush, can it cast videos from a cifs shares (launched from a file browser that supports cifs mounting) and would it cast .srt subtitles with the same filename of the launched video?
The icon of legend is hidden for me, trying to put legend and failing :(
Can you add support for baidu (Chinese dropbox that offers 2 terabytes for free.)
Hi, +Koushik Dutta do you know if allcast can change the encoding of the subtitles? im seeing some weird characters... thanks!
Dear +Koushik Dutta  subtitles has stopped working for me.
I have the srt file with exact name in the same folder than video (dropbox folder) but Allcast does not play subtitles.
is there a way to fix this?
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