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AllCast Update

There's a new AllCast version just now made available. Lots of updates here.

Major Features
 * New Now Playing screen (see screenshot)
 * Cover Art for music and videos
 * Lock Screen controls

Other Changes

 * Skip to next/previous track
 * Volume Control of Chromecast works with phone volume buttons
 * Tons of bug fixes
 * Fix up DLNA device discoverability
 * Better playlist management
 * Better playback controls after exiting/resuming the app
 * Relax the "trial" notices if not using premium

Grab AllCast here:
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Hope this update doesn't break the show box streaming to my Chromecast. I had to go back to a old version to get things working again.
Brilliant. Does it find Cheapcast devices now?
Nope. It still doesn't seem to find Cheapcast devices :-(
+Koushik Dutta thanks for looking into this issue. Everything was working well before last update.
Cheers man. Just installed and purchased the "premo" version.
Thanks for such a great product and all the hard work.
These new features in the update are going to be awesome.
Show box works fine for me too just so long as I don't pause the stream. To say make a coffee or a bio break upon resuming it never starts up again. Other than that it's awesome (not tried this updated all cast yet)
+David Prieto The update he speaks about might even not have rolled out to you yet; I'm still on
And the CheapCast app is kinda dying/struggling right now; with the public SDK, Google changed the protocol they were using and added "a cryptographic challenge that can not be passed by non-ChromeCast devices such as CheapCast"
More here:
No offence, but the app logo is butt ugly, any plans in updating it? 
Love the stuff!! Thanks Koush!! Would love it if you could also add .avi support for the noobs.
I hope this one works.... Mine keeps searching for connected tv. Bought Premium and will only play my content if i use imedia share first then share to allcast :(
I loved that you previously added support for Google plus photos. But is there a way to get the "highlights" only? I have too many useless photos and it's hard to navigate them unless I'm only dealing with the highlights.
Stupid question but does this work with Google Music...
Well I don't have a Chromecast for one but do have a DNLA render and would like the ability to play Google Music on my TV.. +Bryan Parks
+1 for cheap cast support, ..actually it's probably up to cheap cast to support all cast
New update works perfectly with show box. Really liking the new playing screen.
+Koushik Dutta have you taken a look at ezcast (its in play store)? Able to cast web pages in real time to Chromecast and PDFs too. Maybe you can integrate some stuff from that. :-) 
Just updated and show box still isn't working. 
This update is sweet, thanks! Are there plans for smb support? I only ask because smb would support cover art as opposed to a whole lot of black with dlna.
+Glen Shurtz Does that mean you're able to cast show box streams using AllCast? See, I'd like to cast to a DLNA renderer, not a Chromecast.. 
+Glen Shurtz Ahh; got it! It just doesn't work the way I (And probably many more, that's why I'm posting this) expected it to! Say; I expected to see a Showbox cloud option within AllCast (like for G+ and TV/media server) ; while the trick is to start movies from Showbox, but unticking the "internal player" option, THEN select AllCast. 
This latest update is really good. The dlna thumbnails load faster and it disconnects better. I'd still like a disconnect button. Could you look into fixing the scroll position? I'll be scrolling through a list of pics/videos, then all of a sudden the scroll position will jump back to the top. 
+Koushik Dutta, you've done it again....... Excellent work!!!. P.S. I've never used Google drive to stream an Mp4 movie, but I'm thinking about testing that using the share to Allcast button from the Google Drive app, will it work like that with album art?
+Hadi Afra, organize your Google+ photos into albums and they will be much much more organized. You won't regret it
+Jaime Matos That was broken in the last version. I updated hoping Drive streaming was fixed, but seems to still be broken. Just crashes Google Play Services every time I try :(

+Koushik Dutta is aware of Drive issues and is working on a fix :)
+Koushik Dutta When casting to "roku", the "now playing" progress does not work, and I'm unable to scrub across the timeline to jump to points on the playback. Have yet to test this on my chromecast.
When I try to play videos from show box all cast doesn't come up as an option. In using unrooted moto x
+Zain Ajam roku does not support progress bars. i need to finagle with the now playing screen to support roku properly. it doesn't seek. only fast forward and rewind.
Still have problem with my mp4 files from dnla server. Allcast detects it as and audio file only. Same file works fine in local cast, but I like Allcast better. H.264, aac. Can you fix this +Koushik Dutta?
Any way to stream videos downloaded from Google? I haven't been able to do that yet
+Martín Ramil That, unfortunately, is an issue with Chromecast. If there are multiple tracks of audio, Chromecast is probably not picking the right track. Specifically, I think the 5 channel tracks don't work.
+Koushik Dutta Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I'll try different files and formats. Thanks again 
+Koushik Dutta Showbox to Chromecast hasn't worked for me for about a week now, I just get an Allcast emblem on the screen. Works fine casting to my Xbox 360. I'm on Allcast version I've tried reinstalls of all software and resetting the Chromecast but nothing has worked. Any ideas?
+Gabe Gurley Please let me know what movie you are casting, and I'll take a look. 

And let me know exactly What buttons you are pushing at each step within ShowBox and allcast. I can't figure out why it works for some people and not others.
+Martín Ramil if you will use handbrake to convert the DVD rip to a MKV and choose "Auto passthru" under the audio tab that should do the trick.
+Koushik Dutta I usually just watch TV shows but it's every movie and TV show from what I can tell. I just tried the first movie listed, Anchorman 2, for a test. I choose a movie, keep it at the default of medium, make sure internal player is unchecked, and click on watch now. It launches Allcast and I choose my Chromecast that is listed. It will show the mp4 loading screen for a couple of seconds  on my TV then goes to the Allcast emblem. It never advances in the Allcast preview on my phone.
Verizon Galaxy Nexus, CM nightly 11-20140316
+Koushik Dutta I'm beginning to think it's a Chromecast issue. I tried Localcast as a suggestion from a friend and it doesn't play either. I can cast fine using Google play movies to Chromecast but using anything other than the "official app" doesn't seem to work. My Chromecast is build 16041.
Is there any way to add some kind of a notification listener into AllCast? I imagine this would be more applicable for phones...For example, when something is being casted via AllCast, and you get a call, and that would pause whatever is playing. Better yet, cast a 'toast' saying something is happening...

LoL, being an end-user, feature requests are infinite, but is it something to think about?
+Gabe Gurley same version here. your ISP may be blocking access to showbox servers? Does the video work in the showbox app itself?
I can cast showbox to my Xbox 360 via Allcast so I don't think it's my ISP. I thought maybe Google was blocking showbox links through Chromecast but if that was the case I would think more people would have this issue. Are there any router settings that would cause issues with Chromecast?
Someone needs to make an xposed module that will cause your device to find 'allcast' as if it were a Chromecast on your network. So that allcast becomes a go-between to use the built-in Chromecast support in apps to stream to any device supported by allcast. +Koushik Dutta, even if you wouldn't be interested in making such a hacked-together thing, would you support it if someone took up the project?
+Koushik Dutta it looks like the problem is with my network and Chromecast. I brought it to work and didn't have any issues casting from Showbox to the Chromecast. 
+Koushik Dutta, can you make a "last image hold" on your AllCast? Currently, when I play a short video, all I get is a black screen because by the time it streams to the Chromecast, the video is over. If you made it so the last frame of the movie holds until the next file is chosen, that would be a huge help. Thanks!
Allcast was working brilliantly until I updated to latest Xbox 360 update. Now video stutters quite badly. Anyone else having issues lately? Any ideas how to fix?
The volume controls for videos doesn't work for me. I'm on Nexus 5 4.4.4
+Koushik Dutta, Ibought All cast yesterday. I am unable to stream the latest shows to my roku with audio from show box. All movies and older TV shows work fine. Just the newer episodes won't stream the audio.
If your gonna update your app make
sure its not fucked up you idiot. You app makers are dumb fucks sometimes. Just let the app be once its fucking working. The new allcast is a shit show. Good job. 
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