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Superuser for Android 4.4

Was a minor bug in the installation zip. Please test.
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Bug metls your chocolate and leaves only kat. Kit is gone forever. 
Is it backwards compatible with 4.3?

P.S. New Google keyboard sucks
what was the procedure switching from supersu? i remember there was something..

EDIT: never mind seems supersu has an unroot ability =]
+Thiago Vinhas brace yourself, backlash is coming!

That was a really cool story though. Can you tell us again?
Fails to flash for me in TWRP. Is CWM needed?

Nevermind, redownloaded and it flashed fine.
Flashed fine. Get an error tying to update su binary.
same as +Chris Collins, asks to update su binary, not working.. tested on tilapia running slimkat, app tested on total commander
KA Hamm
Works great on Flo (DJ8218521 AOSP KRT16M Build, 3.4.0-gdafe22c Kernel) with multiple apps.
Mike L
SuperSu may have been first, and I give credit where it's due, but this ones going on ASAP!
+Koushik Dutta are you going to fix the pin request bypass problem? I hope it's ok to ask this here. 
Oh and after a reboot.... Works fine on my I9100.... Thanks
Does this mean the I9100 will be getting cm support for 4.4 kitkat? Sorry.... I had to ask..... Suspence is killing me!
I'd love to use Superuser on my Nexus 5 but I'd also like to keep the OTA updates, so I can't use CMW...right? I've never been on stock before... How can I flash it?
no go on my N5.  Uninstalled SuperSu app (via its settings), installed SU via recovery.  Get an error that the su binary needs to be updated via recovery, but that fails, no info in the log
Uninstalled SuperSU via its settings, installed the updated file in recovery and booted. I am able to open the superuser application just fine, however it is automatically denying all requests from other apps despite it being set to prompt for permission. SELinux changed getting in the way?
Awesome superuser is on the way! Is there a cwm recovery for the n5 yet?
Pardon my ignorance, but will this mean that Superuser will not be integrated into CM 11, as it was for CM10+? Or is this strictly for the seperate product, at this point?
Amon RA
+Koushik Dutta Beta0 works fine on my N5 :-)

1. I removed previously installed su apps by flashing a clean system and boot img via fastboot, and also flashed an unofficial cwm.
2. Booted into system, and copied to /sdcard.
3. Flashed via recovery.
4. Rebooted
5. Win.

+Koushik Dutta  if you set up a pin for (minor) security reasons, then you are asked for it every time an app requests su. But i'm still able to set "automatically accept requests" in the settings without a pin request.
+Amon RA ta for the info, I'm using TWRP since I didn't see a working CWM when I got the phone. Will have another look for it and try with that.
+André Wild I really don't see how that's a bug. Do understand like it was set to pre-approve. That's if I understand you, right. 
+Matt Eskes

1. Go to SU settings and set up a pin.
2. Go to an app which uses su but hasn't the right to use it.
3. You are asked for the pin. Deny the request but make sure you don't save your decision.
4. Now go to SU settings and set the auto approval to accept requests. (No pin required!)
5. Go back to the app and try to use it again.
6. Now you have granted the su rights to the app without knowing the pin!

Hope this helps understanding the problem.
I will add that I encountered issues while trying to use ART instead of Dalvik with Superuser.

AdAway would complain about Superuser either not being there or denying root access. Superuser would show AdAway in the log as Denied. This happened even if I set the default behavior to Allow. Switched back to Dalvik and the problem went away.

Titanium Backup force closes with ART, nothing to do with Superuser. Switching to Dalvik and Superuser works with TiB as expected.

I also noted that if I adb shell into the phone and issue a su command it automatically escalated, even if I want a prompt for approval. This was the case with ART and Dalvik. Maybe I am missing something, but I didn't think that was as designed.

Overall I am very pleased Superuser (koush's) is here. Thanks for your contributions!
Amon RA
I noticed the same adb shell su auto escalation without prompt as +Dave Erickson mentioned. Using Dalvik. 
/system/etc/.has_su_daemon does exist for me
Removing .has_su_daemon fixed mine, excellent!
I'm running into issues removing. Can't get SU in Android so I can't delete though a file manager and when trying through ADB I'm getting a read-only sytem file error. tried CHMODing to 666 but cannot due to lack of root. 
I'm using CWM. Not seeing a way to do so.
flashed to TWRP. 
/etc does not exist in /system, all I show is /bin
OK. Got it figured out. We're all good now. Thanks!
+Koushik Dutta it would be nice if the superuser zip checks if  /system/etc/.has_su_daemon exists and deletes it if it does
ok +Koushik Dutta it works for me now.. apparently slimkat has /system/etc/.has_su_daemon bundled in theyre rom x.x.. solution was to use supersu to do a full unroot which cleared out the nasty file
worked fine without flashing a custom recovery: (koush's superuser app already installed)
- adb push /sdcard/ 
- fastboot boot openrecovery-twrp-
- in a new window: adb reboot bootloader
- flash koush's beta0 zip via TWRP
- reboot
- superuser app asks for permission
Thank you +Koushik Dutta, I know have a Nexus 5 with stock recovery, stock ROM and superuser
Mike L
Works perfectly here.
Using this with the port of the Nexus 5 Android 4.4 ROM out there on my Nexus 4. I flashed using CWM Touch Recovery Works flawlessly.
Doesn't work for me when using libART. Says superuser denied access despite the app not prompting me. Haven't tried reverting to dalvik.
Tried ART the other day, confirming incompatibility.
Im currently using art as well on my sgs3, this isn't compatible, im still having su issues, what does this bug fix?
It's working on my Nexus 7 2013 (flashed with TWRP).
Does not seem to work with 4.4 Factory image, but it did for a week with the update. (I.e. I encountered some bug with 4.4, and flashed the nakasi-KRT16O image.) Installed lastest  Superuser from Play Store, and it didn't like the Beta zip. Seems to work with recent update of Superuser . Both zips seem to stop reporting at "Installing su daemon..." but work fine after restart. 
Mike L
+Koushik Dutta, could you please update that beta when you have time with the security updates put into root apps like SuperSu and your Superuser recently? Maybe I'm just paranoid… They could be already in there… But nowadays paranoia in terms of privacy and security is good.
+Koushik Dutta i tried it on an HTC one.  I don't have root access and tried this.  i have .has_su_daemon but can't delete it since I don't have root access.  help
I installed stock ROM on my i9505, then TWRP, then -- but it doesn't work. Root checker reports that su is installed but "no access". Any ideas?
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