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I could release this right now; just waiting for Google to let me...
Any word on when you can start publishing apps? 
I will throw money at the app that lets me hook Chromecast up to my DLNA server.
+Søren Siim Nielsen I suspect most DLNA apps will build in Chromecast support. I'm not too interested in entering that space, as it is highly saturated.

I am considering writing a torrent client that streams to my Chromecast while the torrent is still downloading. That would be pretty handy.

Also looking at doing a RSS Video Feed app, but that is fairly saturated as well (for local playback).
+Koushik Dutta I would buy an app like this, even if I think it would be better on a computer. Heavy downloading on a phone or tablet will have an impact on the device's life. When is google gonna let you release apps with chromecast api?
Really nice. This app will make me buy a chromecast. I like your work Koush.
+Koushik Dutta I wouldn't imagine it would be too hard to have it send the streamed video URL from XBMC addons to the Chromecast. As for local content that would be a bit harder but could probably be done on a localized media server.
There's no point in approving these apps if there's no Chromecasts to sell, so it all depends on when they start shopping volume.
+Koushik Dutta the latency issue when mirror and streaming... do you think that's a hardware limitation or can a software update fix it? It's at about a second when doing 720p
Chromecast doesn't mirror. The OS within the chromecast takes over and streams
Do you think local media stored in a NAS could be displayed. Was going to buy a Android TV stick but holding off to see if the Chromecast has the ability to do it...
+Koushik Dutta there's probably another million on a container ship in the Pacific (none coming here to the UK though)
I sort of want to write a Chrome extension that lets you shoot movies on your PC over to your Chromecast (or let you use your Android as a remote to do it). Not sure if there's much of a use for that; well, at least I'd use it.
You better reserve the name in the play store 
So wait, when is it when we can get our hands on this alien sent app? 
Yep casting a tab looks terrible.. and doesn't work great either. (Don't say it's my Internet or my PC)
Have Google ever tried to snap you up and employ you?
MyCast a MyGlass clone for different devices!
I'm ready to buy it also. I want an easy way to watch videos of my kids on my TV without the mhl cable. Google needs to approve this asap, it will only boost Chromecast sales even higher.
What do you mean "soon?" You're asking us?
A universal pause button would be helpful.
I cannot wait for both. You apps to show up and for chromecast to be back in stock. Also what's the odds of integration in ROMs, CyanogenMod perhaps? Like CM's file manager and is it possible to have that's same manager have Google drive integration? If so I would stop using RootExplorer for ever! 
MX Player (or any other similar players) should follow this, so we can watch our local media with subtitles on the big screen without paying hundreds of dollars to media players.
MX Player or something similar being able to integrate with Chromecast and +Google have an absolute winner on their hands. Game changer...!!
This would be damn awesome... Cmn chromecast, come to Belgium ! Europeans need you. :-)
+Koushik Dutta If my phone plays .avi files on stock player, will I be able to play them to chromecast?
Why wouldn't Google approve this? Are they hoping to add this functionality themselves? 
Add box to the mix and I would be set! 
+Koushik Dutta let google know you just want to display your fisa court numbers to be transparent with your customers. 
Kaushik, do you think streaming locally stored content from my laptop will be feasible? I'd like to try and tinker with it when I get mine. Thanks and keep up the good work :)
+Koushik Dutta This is what I want to do with my Chromecast. I also would REALLY like to see your rss video app incorporated into this. A separate rss app would be ok too. Ok, streaming from SMB shares would be great also. :-D Just tell me when and how much! 
Would a local mass storage device be a plausible option as well if all are connected to the same network +Koushik Dutta ?

I'm sure I'm not the only one with a lot of stuff on a large hard drive 
+Jeff Leger I think Google is being cautious. I'm pretty sure they want to make sure a lot of basic bugs have been identified and fixed before they allow a lot of apps and potentially ruin the user experience. Also allow time for content partners to catch up and release their own apps with cast ability. That being said, they should white list +Koushik Dutta ASAP cause he's killing it. 
Randy K
Gotta fix that Google Drive icon.
+Koushik Dutta Would this be limited to the default gallery app? Or would it work with third party gallery apps as well?
What's the listview's header font? I've never been able to recreate that. 
Have you tried contacting them and asking for approval for mass release?
If the Chromecast can turn a TV on, can it be used to control other functions of a TV from a phone without an IR blaster? Can I use my Chromecast to turn my phone into a universal remote for all things that go to my TV?
+Koushik Dutta, are you at all worried Google will block or otherwise disallow an app like this? I certainly hope not, but I have to assume something like this has content providers and rights holders shaking in their little booties. I've got my fingers crossed and wallet open for you, though. Keep up the great work.
+Koushik Dutta Add the ability to add a shortcut to the list ( for netflix, youtube, podcast app, etc.) and you will have the go to app on my phone for "casting".
+Koushik Dutta the wording of the SDK agreement says they strongly discourage sharing the code, as the api may change. There's nothing saying you can't share code with other whitelisted device devs.
It's one thing to have a saturated market And another having a person like you with a big cult following make an app.. I would invest in a product you make because you make things just work!
Feature request: Use Chromecast with yachts
+Kayvon Khaledi That app is using preexisting globally whitelisted app ids... Netflix, Google Play Music/Movies, and Youtube.

It's not playing content from anything new. To play local/cloud content that is not covered by those other apps, a new app id needs to be used.
+Koushik Dutta   Ahh, OK. Just cant understand why Google would not allow you guys to show off how great this product is. Honestly, if half the apps you and others were out already, I would buy 4 more for the rest of my TVs in the house. But now I just bring it from room to room. 
You can stream practically anything to the Chromacast over a Infrastructure based WiFi - DLNA, local content, web based content, etc. Problems solved.
However, here's my question: if I am in a hotel room (or auditorium, whatever) and am lucky enough to have a TV with HDMI, can I stream directly to the Chromecast from my phone WITHOUT having to join a pre-existing wi-fi network? Can I connect to the CC via ad-hoc wi-fi (set up by my phone and how do I do that part) or directly using WiDi (which I think is how the CC is initially configured, so I don't see why not)? While many public spaces have free wifi, most of them require additional authentication through a web page, which I don't think the CC can do.
This is an awesome addition to the chromecast.... +Google should hire you and release this immediately!
+Chris Preston I think you can use your chromecast very easily if you are able to wifi-tether your primary phone AND have a second device. The wifi-tether must remain static and the second device will connect to chromecast and configure it to connect to the tether. 

I have my old android phone that works great for this. 
Please please please add MEGA support... Its the only place I can store videos for free!
+Koushik Dutta"I sort of want to write a Chrome extension that lets you shoot movies on your PC over to your Chromecast (or let you use your Android as a remote to do it). Not sure if there's much of a use for that; well, at least I'd use it."
This would be the first usability client I would aim for, and if you suceed, I would gladly toss my hard earned money for it. I understand your concern reagrding this "chrome extention + android app" platform not making it to market/play. I'm not clear on goog's terms, but I assume they discourage the practice of hosting a platform to asist in playback of drm-free media. Not to say that there is not already apps that do just this on their platform. But with the introduction of chromecast, I'm sure they are not wanting it to be labeled as the device that can enable the average user to utilize drm-free media.
I 100% support the creative nature of developers and tinkerers alike, as I am one myself (more tinkerer at this point). You have encouraged me directly to further persue development.Keep up the encouraging work, and don't let anyone bring you down!
Please be aware that MyCast is a registered Trademark of RawVoice. With very similar use cases. Please contact
Classy +Todd Cochrane why do you deserve email correspondence but Koush doesn't merit the same respect? Is this some sort of public shaming tactic?
+Todd Cochrane so what? Company's like yours ruin it for hard working developers like us. I think if Koush doesn't use the name "MyCast' I'll write an app for it and use the name. Thanks and have a lousy weekend.
+Todd Cochrane You seriously think that Koush will email you? Get real douche! Don't be such a greedy bastard. I'm sure you know that your behaviour is not even close to professional.
Bryan Parks
+Todd Cochrane is a douche, and I've signed his email up for every porn spam service I can find! 
Don't mind me... Just trolling along
+Todd Cochrane you should have just sent him a private note if you had legitimate concerns about TM infringement.   
I am comfortable with both trademarks and trademark law.  Regardless of opinion, Mr. Cochrane has a valid issue supported by U.S. law.  However, I am in total agreement that Mr. Cochrane should have voiced his argument in a private forum.  It is not a professional move and sadly reflects upon his company.
This is fun: "Under U.S. trademark law, being the first to file an application to register a trademark1 does not guaranty priority to the applicant. In general, under U.S. common law it is the date on which a mark was first used by its owner in the United States that decides the right of priority, irrespective of whether the mark is ever registered in the U.S. Trademark Office." I would bet Koush used it first.
+Jason T. Smith to your point, I believe Outback Steak House has to pay a little steak house in MO for permission to use that name. And here in Chicago, Trump has to pay a local pottery store for every "You're Fired" piece of merchandise he sells. Basically, you automatically get a local or regional trademark even if you never register it.
Hey +Koushik Dutta why do you have to ask for permission? I didn't know that you would need permission. 
This is a great add to the Chromecast. Just got mine this week and so far impressed with what it can do. The video quality looks good! We just need more apps, this one looks promising! 
Are you beta testing this? I'd love to be a part of the testing.
C'mon Google!
Break this poor guy off a few million for his app! ;)
You can  also watch your local files on Chromecast by typing the file path directly into Chrome and using  Google Cast extension! ;)
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